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Meeting: Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 08 February 2012
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see +1.602.824.aaaa, Shadi, ??P12
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zakim, aaaa is Don
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zakim, ??p12 is philipA
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zakim, ??p13 is samuelm
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scribe: philipA
13:38:48 [shadi]
Topic: New ERT WG Participant
13:38:51 [shadi]
Don Raikes
13:39:46 [shadi]
13:40:15 [shadi]
Topic: Causality and EARL
13:40:56 [shadi]
13:42:14 [philipA]
Shadi: any thoughts?
13:42:40 [shadi]
13:42:58 [philipA]
Shadi: Proposal is, to have a property called "cause", describing the cause of an error
13:43:09 [Zakim]
13:43:43 [shadi]
13:43:45 [Zakim]
13:44:02 [shadi]
13:44:02 [shadi]
13:44:02 [shadi]
13:44:34 [philipA]
Shadi: "cause" could be a kind of an "info"
13:44:46 [shadi]
my:cause is sub-property of earl:info
13:46:12 [philipA]
Shadi: ok to propose this?
13:46:27 [philipA]
PhilipA: Can a sub-property extend the range?
13:46:50 [philipA]
PhilipA: Or must it use a literal as in "earl:info"?
13:46:57 [shadi]
13:47:03 [Zakim]
13:47:26 [Zakim]
13:48:14 [shadi]
13:49:41 [philipA]
Shadi: I think it would keep the range and cannot extend it, but not quite sure. Will look into it.
13:51:37 [philipA]
SamuelM: I'm think it mixes application logic (cause of error) with the report
13:54:26 [philipA]
Shadi: Do we need to have more structure?
13:55:09 [philipA]
SamuelM: from the perspective of webid it could be useful, agreed
13:55:40 [philipA]
Shadi: Are there other use cases than for for webid?
13:56:05 [Zakim]
13:56:49 [Zakim]
13:57:16 [philipA]
Shadi: first question / action: check if sub-property inherits range or if it can change the range
13:57:37 [philipA]
Shadi: maybe another approach is to drop the range for "earl:info"
13:58:04 [shadi]
action: shadi to check if domain and range of a property are transposed to a sub-property
13:58:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-136 - Check if domain and range of a property are transposed to a sub-property [on Shadi Abou-Zahra - due 2012-02-15].
13:59:32 [philipA]
Shadi: second question: think about other use cases for this
13:59:44 [Zakim]
14:00:13 [shadi]
Topics: Close open issues
14:00:31 [shadi]
14:00:55 [shadi]
[[Drop rdfs:Domain and rdfs:Range for OWL constraints to increase reusability of the terms]]
14:01:12 [Zakim]
14:01:34 [philipA]
Shadi: 1.) drop rdfs:Domain and rdfs:Range
14:01:54 [philipA]
Shadi: 2.) use OWL constraints
14:02:14 [philipA]
Shadi: I did ask a semantic web colleague about this
14:02:33 [philipA]
Shadi: conflicting comments from the semantic web people
14:02:52 [philipA]
Shadi: there isn't any reason to change it
14:04:27 [philipA]
Shadi: my proposal to close this item without dropping rdf:Domain and rdfs:Range and withoud using OWL constraints
14:04:46 [philipA]
Shadi: any objections?
14:04:49 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: close issue "Drop rdfs:Domain and rdfs:Range for OWL constraints to increase reusability of the terms"
14:05:14 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: close issue "Use OWL constraints to express conformance requirements"
14:05:47 [shadi]
[[Use of prefix "dc" vs "dct"]]
14:06:40 [philipA]
SamuelM: we have two different namespaces, one pointing to dc terms and to dc elements
14:07:14 [philipA]
SamuelM: in case of dc terms we use the prefix "dct", in case of dc elements we use "dc"
14:08:33 [philipA]
SamuelM: but we will align to the community
14:08:46 [shadi]
14:08:58 [samuelm]
14:09:08 [philipA]
SamuelM: but we need to be consistent in the EARL specification
14:09:16 [shadi]
14:10:56 [philipA]
Shadi: "dc" seems to be more widely used as "dct"
14:10:56 [shadi]
"dc" usually more than "dct" or "dc-terms"
14:11:11 [philipA]
SamuelM: but "dc" refers to the older specification
14:11:26 [shadi]
14:11:56 [shadi]
[[suggestion "dct" or "dc-terms"]]
14:12:09 [philipA]
SamuelM: suggestion would be to use "dct" or "dc-terms"
14:12:27 [philipA]
SamuelM: in no case use "dc", because it points to the older specification
14:13:39 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: use prefix "dc" with namespace
14:13:49 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: use prefix "dct" with namespace
14:15:07 [shadi]
14:15:50 [philipA]
Shadi: EARL can represent TAP and xUnit
14:16:45 [philipA]
Shadi: TAP seems to be more line-based with sequentially output
14:17:43 [philipA]
Shadi: mabe put in a paragraph in the EARL guide
14:18:01 [philipA]
Shadi: clarifying the relationship from EARL to TAP an xUnit
14:19:06 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: no overlapping use cases even though all three specifications allow the representation of test results; could mention that EARL results can be serialized as TAP and/or xUnit, and vice-versa, in the corresponding section
14:20:35 [shadi]
Topic: Upcoming Meetings
14:21:03 [shadi]
22 February 2012
14:21:23 [shadi]
7 March 2012
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