IRC log of soap-jms on 2012-01-24

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Zakim, this will be SJMS
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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
15:14:08 [trackbot]
Date: 24 January 2012
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ok, trackbot; I see WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM scheduled to start 14 minutes ago
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WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM has now started
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15:19:43 [Zakim]
15:20:18 [mphillip]
zakim, AndtColeman is IBM-Hursley
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sorry, mphillip, I do not recognize a party named 'AndtColeman'
15:20:23 [mphillip]
zakim, AndyColeman is IBM-Hursley
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+IBM-Hursley; got it
15:20:50 [mphillip]
Regrets: Phil
15:20:55 [mphillip]
Chair: Eric
15:21:14 [mphillip]
Zakim, list
15:21:14 [Zakim]
I see T&S_XMLSEC()10:00AM, SW_(SPARQL)10:00AM, Team_(MEET)10:00AM, IA_Team()10:00AM, VB_VBWG()10:00AM, WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM active
15:21:16 [Zakim]
also scheduled at this time are Team_(egov)14:00Z, WAI_UAWG(CHAIRS)10:30AM, MWI_BPWG()9:30AM, XML_(TAG TF)10:00AM, TAG_(AWWSW)9:00AM
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15:32:54 [mphillip]
zakim, IBM-Hursley contains Mark, Matthew
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+Mark, Matthew; got it
15:33:01 [mphillip]
Topic: Scribe
15:33:08 [mphillip]
Scribe: Mark
15:33:16 [mphillip]
Topic: Approval of prior meeting minutes
15:33:21 [mphillip]
The minutes are approved
15:33:30 [mphillip]
Topic: Review the agenda
15:33:33 [mphillip]
No changes
15:33:41 [mphillip]
Topic: Review action items
15:33:47 [mphillip] - Eric
15:33:59 [mphillip]
Eric: Should be done
15:34:07 [mphillip] - Eric
15:34:13 [mphillip]
Eric: Also done
15:34:24 [mphillip]
close action-261
15:34:24 [trackbot]
ACTION-261 Investigate requirements to move to rec. closed
15:34:26 [mphillip]
close action-264
15:34:26 [trackbot]
ACTION-264 Review the Wiki on behalf of TIBCO closed
15:35:07 [mphillip]
Matthew: Agrees with the FAQ review comments regarding Basic Profile
15:35:22 [mphillip]
Matthew: We should also update the date
15:35:41 [mphillip]
action Eric to apply the changes to the wiki and FAQ
15:35:41 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-265 - Apply the changes to the wiki and FAQ [on Eric Johnson - due 2012-01-31].
15:35:58 [mphillip] - Matthew - also done
15:36:11 [mphillip]
close action-263
15:36:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-263 Review the Wiki on behalf of IBM closed
15:36:31 [mphillip]
Note that based on Matthew's comments in the meeting - we need to change the date in the FAQ
15:36:41 [mphillip] - Derek - no status
15:36:48 [mphillip]
Topic: Moving to Rec
15:37:39 [mphillip]
Eric: The call for review has been completed with no suggested changes to the spec. so we can move to Rec. as long as no-one has any last minute objections
15:37:54 [mphillip]
RESOLUTION: The specification can be moved to Rec status
15:38:08 [mphillip]
Topic: Administrative items
15:38:32 [mphillip]
Eric: Propose we skip next week's meeting
15:39:02 [mphillip]
Eric: So next meeting will be 7th Feb
15:39:50 [mphillip]
Eric: Yves will send out the status of the document text once it is ready
15:40:07 [mphillip]
Topic: AOB
15:40:56 [mphillip]
The meeting on the 7th will probably be 15:30 UTC - Eric to confim
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15:41:23 [Zakim]
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15:41:24 [Zakim]
WS_SOAP-JM()10:00AM has ended
15:41:25 [Zakim]
Attendees were alewis, [IPcaller], Mark, Matthew
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rrsagent, make minutes
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