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Zakim, this will be GLD
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Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 19 January 2012
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15:03:41 [bhyland]
15:03:47 [cygri]
zakim, this will be GLD
15:03:56 [cygri]
zakim, who is on the phone?
15:03:56 [gatemezin]
15:03:57 [Zakim]
ok, cygri, I see T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM already started
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On the phone I see davidwood, raphael, BenediktKaempgen, [LC], ??P22, +35389466aaaa, ??P24, GeraldSteeman, rreck
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15:04:15 [bhyland]
zakim, who is on call?
15:04:17 [cygri]
zakim, aaaa is me
15:04:17 [tgheen]
Zakim, [LC] is me
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15:04:22 [rreck]
zakim, mute me
15:04:28 [bhyland]
zakim, who is on the call
15:04:31 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, bhyland.
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+cygri; got it
15:04:36 [bhyland]
zakim, who is on the call?
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+tgheen; got it
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rreck should now be muted
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can we edit zakim code?
15:04:47 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'who is on the call', bhyland
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On the phone I see davidwood, raphael, BenediktKaempgen, tgheen, ??P22, cygri, ??P24, GeraldSteeman, rreck (muted)
15:05:04 [bhyland]
15:05:04 [boris]
hi everyone
15:05:12 [Zakim]
+ +34.91.336.aabb
15:05:12 [gatemezin]
hi Boris!!
15:05:14 [Zakim]
15:05:14 [rreck]
15:05:20 [rreck]
as in make it more felxioble
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zakim, unmute me
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rreck should no longer be muted
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zakim, aabb is boris
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+boris; got it
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+ +1.202.691.aacc
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Zakim, ??P32 is me.
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see davidwood, raphael, BenediktKaempgen, tgheen, ??P22, cygri, ??P24, GeraldSteeman, rreck, boris, olyerickson, +1.202.691.aacc
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zakim, dvilasuero is with me
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15:07:30 [bhyland]
Agenda bashing for a minute:
15:07:36 [gatemezin]
bhyland: last meeting before the F2F....regrets send by George
15:07:53 [gatemezin]
bhyland: Is there any thing to add in the agenda?
15:08:39 [rreck]
i would like to comment on the URI section today.
15:08:42 [Zakim]
15:08:43 [olyerickson]
RE agenda, got it, thanks
15:08:44 [gatemezin]
John: Is this today agenda or the F2f one?
15:08:48 [sandro]
(sorry I'm late!)
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15:09:46 [gatemezin]
John: Will not be present for the F2F. sorry about that.
15:09:56 [rreck]
15:10:00 [rreck]
zakim, unmute me
15:10:00 [Zakim]
rreck was not muted, rreck
15:10:11 [gatemezin]
Zakim, who is speaking?
15:10:22 [Zakim]
gatemezin, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: davidwood (43%), rreck (9%)
15:10:48 [DaveReynolds]
I won't, I will dial in when I can
15:10:48 [bhyland]
zakim, davidwood is me
15:10:48 [Zakim]
+bhyland; got it
15:11:00 [GeraldSteeman]
I'll be dialing in.
15:11:16 [bhyland]
Minutes from last week to approve:
15:11:16 [bhyland]
15:11:18 [gatemezin]
bhyland: quick look at the last week meeting
15:11:29 [BenediktKaempgen]
+1 to minutes
15:11:50 [boris]
15:11:53 [rreck]
+1 minutes
15:11:53 [gatemezin]
bhyland: thanks Sandro for cleaning the minutes
15:12:00 [gatemezin]
15:12:17 [bhyland]
Action items:
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Sorry, bad ACTION syntax
15:12:17 [bhyland]
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15:12:32 [gatemezin]
RESOLUTION: minutes of the last meeting approved
15:13:16 [bhyland]
15:13:24 [Zakim]
15:13:41 [gatemezin]
bhyland: do you have something written for the pragmatic...
15:14:09 [Zakim]
15:14:16 [bhyland]
Topic: Pragmatic Provenance for Best Practices
15:14:20 [Zakim]
15:14:57 [gatemezin]
John: Pragmatic requires original thinking....
15:15:05 [olyerickson]
Will do : EOD tomorrow (Friday)
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15:16:07 [Zakim]
15:16:21 [gatemezin]
bhyland: For right now, put a place holder in the wiki and discussion in the F2F
15:16:31 [bhyland]
15:16:44 [olyerickson]
15:16:53 [gatemezin]
bhyland: please to say it is done!! Great!
15:16:57 [boris]
thanks bhyland
15:17:19 [gatemezin]
Good job, bhyland.
15:18:09 [sandro]
15:18:09 [trackbot]
ACTION-11 -- Bernadette Hyland to add vocab in "cookbook" to wiki -- due 2011-10-13 -- OPEN
15:18:09 [trackbot]
15:18:17 [sandro]
close action-11
15:18:17 [trackbot]
ACTION-11 Add vocab in "cookbook" to wiki closed
15:18:23 [sandro]
15:18:23 [trackbot]
ACTION-11 -- Bernadette Hyland to add vocab in "cookbook" to wiki -- due 2011-10-13 -- CLOSED
15:18:23 [trackbot]
15:18:32 [gatemezin]
Zakim, who is here?
15:18:33 [Zakim]
On the phone I see bhyland, raphael, tgheen, ??P22, cygri, ??P24, GeraldSteeman, rreck, boris, olyerickson, +1.202.691.aacc, sandro, DruidSmith, ??P44, BenediktKaempgen
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boris has boris, dvilasuero
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On IRC I see john, DruidSmith, DanG, dvilasuero, GeraldSteeman, Zakim, Spyros, RRSAgent, boris, olyerickson, tgheen, BenediktKaempgen, gatemezin, bhyland, MacTed, cygri,
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... DaveReynolds, danbri, rreck, trackbot, sandro
15:19:28 [bhyland]
close action-13
15:19:28 [trackbot]
ACTION-13 Post OGV docs as input to GLD on GLD wiki closed
15:20:05 [bhyland]
Action 18
15:20:05 [trackbot]
Sorry, bad ACTION syntax
15:20:11 [bhyland]
close action-18
15:20:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-18 Agreed to facilitate initial wiki draft on Vocab page on VCAT. closed
15:20:17 [gatemezin]
??: couple of update to do for the action 13
15:21:12 [bhyland]
close action-23
15:21:12 [trackbot]
ACTION-23 Hyland to contact Top Quadrant (David Price) closed
15:22:19 [bhyland]
close action-27
15:22:20 [trackbot]
ACTION-27 Confirm when US Bureau of Labor Stats can be open for our meeting closed
15:22:38 [bhyland]
RE: F2F in DC - we can check in as early as 6:30AM start.
15:22:50 [Zakim]
15:22:52 [Mike_Pendleton]
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15:22:54 [bhyland]
close action-28
15:22:54 [trackbot]
ACTION-28 Agree to clean up unknown references for Mike Pendleton's name in last week's minutes, see closed
15:23:21 [rreck]
I have completed my action item
15:24:18 [gatemezin]
Topic: F2F Agenda
15:24:47 [bhyland]
Review of Day #1 -
15:24:57 [gatemezin]
bhyland: Is there any specific things to add?
15:26:39 [rreck]
i think Anne (who is not here) was hoping to talk the first day. Apparently there is no time available.
15:26:40 [bhyland]
Introducing Spyros Kotoulas (IBM)
15:27:04 [bhyland]
IBM Research Dublin. Focus is on RDF Data Management
15:27:21 [BenediktKaempgen]
Hi Spyros.
15:27:22 [bhyland]
Biplav invited Spyros.
15:27:27 [olyerickson]
Trying to get edits to F2F agenda to update...
15:28:57 [gatemezin]
bhyland: Encourage people to do small presentations for the discussion, link them to the W3C site
15:29:18 [bhyland]
15:30:32 [gatemezin]
bhyland: the presentation is done by the facilitator to help people get people more involved
15:30:55 [gatemezin]
..after the presentation, have time to discussion
15:31:22 [rreck]
i cant commit Anne, but if I cant get in touch with her, I would commit to Wed
15:31:38 [gatemezin]
bhyland: welcome contribution in the agenda..
15:32:26 [gatemezin]
John: won't be able for the first session?
15:32:38 [olyerickson]
15:32:39 [gatemezin]
John: It is hard to hear you..
15:32:44 [olyerickson]
Buy the man an Internet
15:32:53 [cygri]
buy him a phone!
15:32:54 [olyerickson]
I'm confirmed for 11a leading URInp
15:32:54 [sandro]
or a telephone. :-)
15:33:02 [olyerickson]
15:33:03 [boris]
15:33:06 [olyerickson]
15:33:25 [rreck]
15:33:26 [olyerickson]
Looking forward to leading URI discussion on Thurday
15:33:55 [bhyland]
Boris said his colleagues Daniel will collaborate with John on URI construction.
15:33:58 [olyerickson]
15:34:00 [olyerickson]
15:34:42 [gatemezin]
boris: coming to Ireland...and that Daniel will collaborate preparing some slides
15:35:01 [olyerickson]
Can someone please explain why F2F Wiki isn't updating?!?!
15:36:07 [cygri]
15:36:23 [DaveReynolds]
Surely that won't be a formal W3C Rec track document will it ?
15:36:26 [bhyland]
Topic: What level of "supported" or stable does something we recommend in a W3C Recommendation?
15:36:44 [bhyland]
@DaveReynolds - are you talking generally or specifically about the LOD Cookbook
15:37:17 [DaveReynolds]
@bhyland anything that recommends say specific tools
15:37:42 [bhyland]
For example, only use stable vocabulary X, Y or Z.
15:38:16 [olyerickson]
Zakim, who is speaking?
15:38:26 [Zakim]
olyerickson, listening for 10 seconds I could not identify any sounds
15:38:44 [gatemezin]
cygri: for services, we should see the operate the tool; ask the provider before putting in the w3c recommendation
15:38:51 [bhyland]
MichaelHausenblas - would only be appropriate to mention something in a W3C Recommendation if we've asked the provider what their support plan is for a given tool.
15:38:54 [rreck]
+1 what a great idea
15:39:47 [olyerickson]
In some cases (older I think) W3C has hosted reference implementations and tools (w.g. validator, etc)
15:40:01 [cygri]
15:40:02 [DaveReynolds]
Very worried to hear that W3C is planning to recommend specific tools in a Rec track document.
15:40:19 [gatemezin]
15:40:59 [olyerickson]
Issue for Best Practices: Please advise where to insert Practical Provenance discussion
15:41:01 [sandro]
DaveReynolds, I didn't hear that said, unless you consider RDF vocabs as tools....
15:41:19 [bhyland]
15:41:26 [cygri]
ack me
15:41:45 [gatemezin]
Zakim, who is speaking?
15:41:54 [DaveReynolds]
sandro, I heard "tools" a couple of times. It if is really only stable, supported vocabs then that would be fine.
15:41:55 [Zakim]
gatemezin, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: bhyland (43%), sandro (21%), MikePendleton (4%)
15:41:57 [boris]
15:42:09 [bhyland]
15:42:09 [sandro]
ack boris
15:42:13 [bhyland]
q- boris
15:42:15 [olyerickson]
RE Best Practices "Practical Provenance" I propose adding 2.2.8 Pragmatic Provenance
15:42:28 [gatemezin]
boris: made some comments in vocab selection
15:43:09 [bhyland]
ack rreck
15:43:12 [bhyland]
15:43:22 [bhyland]
15:44:26 [bhyland]
Topic: Procurement Guidance for government procurement officials
15:45:26 [gatemezin]
??: Did an overview of categories for contract officers, procurement checklists also provided
15:45:27 [bhyland]
Mike_Pendleton is segmenting out the main sections that would make sense to a procurement officer or his/her technical officer or representative
15:45:47 [gatemezin]
15:46:58 [gatemezin]
Mike_Pendleton: security issue to be faced in the case of US...not sure is the case in Europe
15:48:17 [bhyland]
Mike_Pendleton: Questioned whether security plan is universal.
15:48:44 [bhyland]
Discussed: Reference card that has text from a Recommendation, but in a handy reference card PDF with W3C logo on it ...
15:49:45 [gatemezin]
bhyland: Need a clear description for the governments...
15:50:38 [gatemezin]
bhyland: Mike_¨Pendleton to be added in the agenda of day 2, F2F.
15:50:45 [cygri]
15:50:46 [DaveReynolds]
Structure is certainly not universal
15:51:05 [DaveReynolds]
Seems to assume broad arch appraoch
15:51:13 [rreck]
i think it is a can of worms and would warrant a long time
15:51:25 [DaveReynolds]
+1 to rreck
15:52:54 [bhyland]
RE: Security Plan - I'm just suggesting a template with some info specific to LOD that would help people get LOD projects fielded.
15:53:42 [DaveReynolds]
Different for hosted, cloud hosted, agency hosted, multi-agency collaboration - not a single template
15:56:37 [bhyland]
+1 Dave
15:56:47 [olyerickson]
Unless there is something very specific concerning LGD we can offer, we can only advise that stakeholders follow whatever they are supposed to follow
15:57:08 [olyerickson] security
15:57:12 [gatemezin]
Mike_Pendleton will just propose security plans that are already out there..
15:57:45 [gatemezin]
Zakim, who is speaking?
15:57:52 [rreck]
15:57:55 [Zakim]
gatemezin, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: bhyland (46%), MikePendleton (2%)
15:58:49 [gatemezin]
bhyland: do anything someone wants to update before the F2F?
15:59:27 [bhyland]
Ron, URI's don't need to resolve, you are correct.
15:59:38 [bhyland]
We'll fix any errors — we are in the draft stage.
16:00:47 [olyerickson]
Our job isn't into explain URIs or enter into existential URI discussions
16:01:03 [john]
can chip in a few words on GeoSparql (goodwin not sheridan)
16:01:12 [bhyland]
@RonReck - What is the page where you've seen an error?
16:01:17 [olyerickson]
I think we should only go into suggestions of syntax
16:01:19 [rreck]
i dont think they are existential
16:01:32 [bhyland]
Topic: GeoSparql at final draft stage
16:01:40 [rreck]
16:02:05 [john]
geosparql draft:
16:02:59 [gatemezin]
bhyland: send email for the presentation on monday ....
16:03:00 [BenediktKaempgen]
What is the paasword for the draft?
16:03:06 [john]
(sorry seems to be members only link). Will update when draft is public
16:03:29 [bhyland]
cygri: RE: DERI F2F & Galway activities - see
16:03:41 [bhyland]
cygri will email people with watering location.
16:03:46 [gatemezin]
cygri: will orgranize something the day before in Ireland
16:04:01 [DanG]
Bye all
16:04:03 [DaveReynolds]
bye all
16:04:08 [olyerickson]
Thanks everyone!
16:04:09 [john]
16:04:11 [BenediktKaempgen]
bye thanks
16:04:13 [dvilasuero]
bye thanks
16:04:27 [Zakim]
- +1.202.691.aacc
16:04:29 [Zakim]
16:04:32 [cygri]
looking forward to next week!
16:04:33 [Zakim]
16:04:35 [Zakim]
16:04:37 [Zakim]
16:04:38 [Zakim]
16:04:40 [Zakim]
16:04:43 [Zakim]
16:04:45 [Zakim]
16:04:45 [gatemezin]
See you then..
16:04:45 [bhyland]
@gatemazin - did you need any help publishing the minutes?
16:04:47 [Zakim]
16:04:50 [DaveReynolds]
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16:04:55 [Zakim]
16:05:01 [Zakim]
16:05:09 [bhyland]
Check the steps here …
16:05:13 [Zakim]
16:05:17 [Zakim]
16:05:25 [gatemezin]
@bhyland: thanks. I check it
16:05:44 [bhyland]
Thanks you!
16:06:21 [Zakim]
16:06:45 [Zakim]
16:06:46 [Zakim]
T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has ended
16:06:48 [Zakim]
Attendees were raphael, BenediktKaempgen, +35389466aaaa, GeraldSteeman, rreck, cygri, tgheen, +34.91.336.aabb, boris, +1.202.691.aacc, olyerickson, dvilasuero, sandro, bhyland,
16:06:51 [Zakim]
... DruidSmith, MikePendleton
16:06:57 [gatemezin]
rssagent, set logs world-visible
16:07:10 [gatemezin]
rssagent, generate minutes
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate gatemezin
16:15:14 [gatemezin]
@bhyland: to log here; is there any special credentials?
16:15:24 [bhyland]
yes, I may have to do it. Standby.
16:15:36 [gatemezin]
ok. thanks
16:17:36 [bhyland]
OK, minutes are published now. Thank you. See
16:17:55 [bhyland]
Thanks all & see many of you hopefully at the F2F next week.
16:17:58 [bhyland]
Have a nice weekend.
16:18:11 [gatemezin]
Same tou You. thanks!!
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