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Content Metadata Exposure and Content Synchronization Task Force


This task force aims to

  • Investigate how to expose TV metadata to web applications
  • Investigate mapping between Media Element API and in- band metadata
  • Enable synchronization scenarios up to frame accurate

Our Approach

  • We will be gathering (and authoring) use cases related to TV Synchronisation and applications
  • We will derive requirements from our use cases. Some will be relevant to Metadata/Sync, others will be contributed to other task forces such as the Terminal TF
  • We do not expect to specify or choose any broadcast/content metadata format. Our requirements are likely to be limited to a bridge between the TV/broadcast system and the web stack, allowing discovery and access to this metadata through a standard API.


  • Olivier Thereaux, BBC
  • Pablo Cesar, CWI
  • Paul Gausmsan, ATT
  • Bob Lund, CableLabs
  • Jean-Claude Dufourd, Telecom ParisTech
  • Raphaël Troncy & José Luis Redondo, EURECOM
  • Mark Vickers, Comcast
  • Sheau Ng, NBCUniversal
  • Yosuke Funahashi, Tomo-digi
  • Giuseppe Pascale (Opera)
  • Graham Clift (Sony)
  • Pierre Lemieux (supported by MovieLabs)
  • Jean-Pierre Evain, EBU
  • David Corvoysier, Orange
  • Geun-Hyung Kim, (Mobile Web Forum)

[add your name to the list if you wish to participate in this task force]


Current Work

Metadata Formats / Vocabularies

On the mailing-list, a few participants have mentioned existing work on media metadata. References will be listed here.


The following documents can be a basis for our work:

TPAC 2012

The Web and TV IG met at the 2012 TPAC. Several presentations were given on topics relevant to this task force: