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Web and TV Interest Group

This is the Wiki for the W3C Web and TV Interest Group (Web&TV IG), used to organize work in the IG. Higher-level information about the Web&TV IG is available on the main home page of the group. The Interest Group reviews existing work and identifies requirements and potential solutions for the Web and TV. The development of Web standards, when required, takes place in other working groups.


Charter (Draft)

TPAC 2012 Minutes and Presentations

  • 29 October 2012: The IG held its F2F meeting at TPAC 2012 in Lyon, and discussed what should be done for the next Charter period. As the result, the group agreed to launch Task Forces for Testing, Recording/Downloading Media, Terminal APIs, Content Metadata/Synchronization, Stereoscopic 3D and TTML/WebVTT coexistence. See Task Forces below for the details on the Task Forces.

Task Forces

NOTE: the tag indicated near the Task Force name MUST be used when sending email to the IG list for topics related to that TF.


  • Testing TF [testing]
    • Identify Requirements for testing from a “Web and TV” perspective
    • act as a bridge between ongoing activities in W3C and other organizations interested in testing W3C specifications
  • Media APIs TF [apis]
  • Timed Text [tt]
    • Develop recommendations to facilitate the use of TTML and WebVTT content on the Web, including interoperability with other timed text formats.

Closed or Dormant

  • (Closed) Media Pipeline TF [mptf] — discuss requirements placed on the HTML5 video, audio and media interface by media formats that will be used for Web and TV
    • The TF published a requirement document: <ADD LINK>
    • Follow-up ongoing in the HTML WG/Media TF: <ADD LINK>
  • (Closed) Home Network TF[hntf] identify gaps to enable discovery and control of devices and services in the local area IP network.
  • (On hold) Web Media Profile TF [profile] — discuss a profile to be used in TV deployments.


Teleconferences / Meetings

Two phone slots have been allocated for the IG that can be shared among TF

Note that no IG-wide teleconferences or meetings are scheduled as of today, but task forces may organize regular calls and F2F meetings as needed. Please check task forces pages for more information (or contact the TF moderators)

The Interest Group uses the #webtv IRC channel on, port 6665 to take minutes and record issues, actions and resolutions during meetings.


Template for Use Cases

This is a generic template for proposing use cases that should be discussed by the IG TFs. Note that TFs may extend the template if/as needed, so check with your TF moderator if you are not sure.

Submitter(s): company (name), ...

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-NN

How would you categorize this issue?:
1. gap in existing specifications (=> IG to draft a proposal for an existing WG)
2. require new specification/WG (=> IG to draft a proposal for W3C Director)
3. can be addressed as part of a guidelines document to be produced by the IG
(=> proponent to draft some text for such document)

* high level description/overview of the goals of the use case
* Schematic Illustration (devices involved, work flows, etc) (Optional)
* Implementation Examples (e.g. JS code snippets) (Optional)

* Explanation of benefit to ecosystem
* Why were you not able to use only existing standards to accomplish this?

* other use cases, proposals or other ongoing standardization activities which this use case is dependant on or related to

What needs to be standardized:
* What are the new requirements, i.e. functions that don't exist, generated by this use case?

* any relevant comment that is good to track related to this use case

IG Specific Processes

  • TF handling rule to propose the creation of a task force
  • TF charter template to precise the scope of a potential new task force
  • Use Case template to be used as base for drafting a use case input document. Note that TFs may have their own further refined template (check TF page)


  • Tracker is used to track issues and actions within the group. For help on how to use Tracker see the related web site. For a really quick intro see here

Other Useful W3C Resources

Archived Reports and Deliverables

Web and TV Interest Group Report

The Web and TV Interest Group Report categorizes topics of interest for the Web and TV in terms of standardization needs. The group is to publish a first snapshot of the report soon. Results of work items discussed in task forces will be integrated in the final report of the Interest Group.

Workshop Reports

F2F Meeting reports