MPTF/Agenda Telco 15th September 2011

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  1. Update on issues from last week:
    1. How to reference to closed bug (13333) (Jan)
    2. Clarify wording on issue 40 (concern with word "enforce") (Russell)
    3. Resolution of issue-18 and issue-39? (Bob and Jan)
    4. Update on issue-40 and issue-41 and wiki page on common encryption mechanism (i.e. DECE discussion) (Bob)
    5. Merging of issue-42 and issue-43 into new issue-51 (Bob)
  2. Continuing issue acceptance review (beginning with issue 44)
    1. Proposal to accept issues 44, 45 and 46 (previously discussed, any additional comments?)
    2. Review issue-49, proposal to accept
  3. Requirements document
    1. Clarke to generate draft document for review in F2F meeting next week
  4. MPTF F2F Meeting agenda
    1. In-depth discussion of DRM issues and possible solutions - goal is to agree on an approach
    2. In-depth discussion on adaptive streaming and possible solutions - goal is to agree on an approach
    3. Begin review of draft requirements document (this will continue over next weeks)
  5. Open discussion