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List of Participants of The Home Network Task Force

The list is in alphabetical order (by surname). Please consider this when adding your name.

  • Giuseppe Pascale, Opera Software (moderator)
  • Kaz Ashimura, W3C (staff contact)
  • Russell Berkoff, Samsung Electronics Corporation
  • David Corvoysier, France Telecom
  • Bruce Davie, Cisco Systems
  • François Daoust, W3C (staff contact)
  • Jean-Claude Dufourd, Institut Telecom/Telecom ParisTech
  • Narm Gadiraju, Intel Corporation
  • Georgios Gardikis, NCSR "Demokritos" - Inst. Informatics & Telecommunications
  • Shunichi Gondo, Toshiba Corporation
  • Matt Hammond, British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Tatsuya Igarashi, Sony Corporation
  • DongHyun Kang, LG Electronics
  • Jan Lindquist, Ericsson
  • Bob Lund, CableLabs
  • Panu Markkanen, Nokia
  • David Mays, Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
  • Christian Nord, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
  • Youngsun Ryu, Samsung Electronics
  • Christian Söderström, Opera Software
  • Clarke Stevens, CableLabs
  • Mark Vickers, Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
  • Petri Vuorimaa, Aalto University