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(DRAFT) Disaster Prevention and ResponseTask Force (DPRTF)/HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions3dweb
4WS Gap ListAgenda Telco 6/2/2012Agenda and Minutes
Agenda and Minutes/Agenda Telco 16th April 2014Agenda and Minutes/Agenda Telco 30th April 2014Alternatives
CharterDevMeetupTokyoDevMeetupTokyo/Standards for TV
DevMeetupTokyo/TrackTwoNoteDraft chater of EITF
F2F Hollywood 2011Face-to-face meeting during TPAC 2014Face-to-face meeting during TPAC 2015
GGIE TF/UseCases/Content CaptureGGIE TF/UseCases/Content IdentificationGGIE TF/UseCases/Source Access
GGIE TF/UseCases/StreamingGGIE TF/UseCases/User DiscoveryGGIE participants
Gaps for the Wrap up sessionHNTFHNTF/Agenda Telco 16 May 2011
HNTF/Agenda Telco 24th May 2011HNTF/Agenda Telco 3rd May 2011HNTF/Discussions
HNTF/HN TF ParticipantsHNTF/Home Network TF CharterHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/3-box-modelHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/AlternativesHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/CEA-2014 Overview
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/DiscoveredContentHostHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/DiscoveringAServiceHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/DocumentMigration
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/DocumentUCHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ExposingAServiceHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/FaceToFaceSchedule 2011
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/HomeNetworkUA DeviceControllerHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/HomeNetworkUA MediaControllerHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/HomeNetworkUA MediaPlayer
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/HomeNetworkUA MediaServerHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/HomeNetworkUA RecordControllerHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/LipSyncTimeSynchronisation
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/LocalLinkHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/MediaIdentificationHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/PullMigration
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/RespondToRequestsHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/RevisedAPIHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/Security
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceDistributionHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceDistribution/comments gp1HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceMigration
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceMigration/comments gp1HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceProviderHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceProvider/comment gp1
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceProvider gp1HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/ServiceUIHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/TVControl
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/TimeSynchronisationHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/UPnPHomeNetworkUAHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/UPnPRefs
HNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/UseCasesDualScreenHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/VideoTagSupportMpeg2-tsHNTF/Home Network TF Discussions/WebDeviceInterworking
HNTF/Home Network TF RequirementsHNTF/Related ResourcesHNTF/Telco
HNTF/Use Cases TemplateHNTF/hntftest123
Home discovery alternatives
Http:// APIs/uc-tablet joins home networkHttp:/ APIs/uc-tablet joins home networkInterim report (editor's draft)
MPTFMPTF/ADR Error CodesMPTF/ADR Minimal Control Model Proposal
MPTF/Agenda Telco 10th May 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 11th August 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 12th April 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 12th January 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 13th October 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 14th July 2011
MPTF/Agenda Telco 15th December 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 15th March 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 15th September 2011
MPTF/Agenda Telco 16th February 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 17th May 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 17th November 2011
MPTF/Agenda Telco 18th August 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 19th April 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 19th January 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 19th July 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 1st December 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 1st March 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 1st September 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 20th June 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 20th October 2011
MPTF/Agenda Telco 21th June 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 22nd February 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 23rd February 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 25th August 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 26th January 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 27th October 2011
MPTF/Agenda Telco 28th July 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 28th June 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 29th March 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 29th September 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 2nd February 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 2nd May 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 31st May 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 4th August 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 5th April 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 5th January 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 6th October 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 7th July 2011
MPTF/Agenda Telco 7th June 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 8th December 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 8th March 2012
MPTF/Agenda Telco 8th September 2011MPTF/Agenda Telco 9th February 2012MPTF/Agenda Telco 9th May 2012
MPTF/Content Protection Error CodesMPTF/HTML Content Protection RequirementsMPTF/HTML Error codes
MPTF/HTML adaptive callsMPTF/MPTF CharterMPTF/MPTF Discussions
MPTF/MPTF Discussions//Adaptive Bit Rate DeliveryMPTF/MPTF Discussions//Client Ad InsertionMPTF/MPTF Discussions//Continuous Streaming
MPTF/MPTF Discussions//Continuous Streaming 2MPTF/MPTF Discussions//Media Synchronous Web ContentMPTF/MPTF Discussions//Parental Controls
MPTF/MPTF Discussions//Program BoundaryMPTF/MPTF Discussions//Time SynchronizationMPTF/MPTF Discussions//Timed Text
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Adaptive Bit Rate DeliveryMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Client Ad InsertionMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Content owner rights
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Content protection proposalsMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Continuous StreamingMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Continuous Streaming 2
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Delivery in Distribution WindowsMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Delivery in distribution windowsMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Delivery in distribution windows/Common content secuirty requirements
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Delivery to ceMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Delivery to ipMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Delivery to pc
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Media Synchronous Web ContentMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Parental ControlsMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Program Boundary
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Stereo Video supportMPTF/MPTF Discussions/TV services transport mappingMPTF/MPTF Discussions/Time Synchronization
MPTF/MPTF Discussions/Timed TextMPTF/MPTF Discussions/ViewPort-SupportMPTF/MPTF Discussions/mpeg2ts mapping
MPTF/MPTF ParticipantsMPTF/MPTF RequirementsMPTF/Netflix Content Protection
MPTF/TelcoMPTF/Use Cases TemplateMain Page
Main Page/Agenda Telco 16th April 2014Main Page/Cloud Browsing TF
Main Page/TPAC 2012Main Page/TPAC 2013Media APIs
Media APIs/Agenda Telco 10th July 2013Media APIs/Agenda Telco 19th Feb 2014Media APIs/Agenda Telco 22nd Jan 2014
Media APIs/Agenda Telco 26th June 2013Media APIs/Agenda Telco 2nd Apr 2014Media APIs/Agenda Telco 5nd Feb 2014
Media APIs/HNReq ComparisonMedia APIs/Metadata FormatsMedia APIs/Record and Download Use Cases
Media APIs/RequirementsMedia APIs/TelcoMedia APIs/Terminal Use Cases
Media APIs/Tuner APIMedia APIs/UseCasesMedia APIs/Use Cases
Media APIs/uc-tablet joins home network
New IdeasPrev newsProfile
Profile/Agenda Telco 12/3/2012Profile/Agenda Telco 6/2/2012Profile/CSS
Profile/CharterProfile/TVProfile ParticipantsProfile/Telco
ReportTF charter templateTF handling rule
TPAC2011TV-related groups
TV Services and Media Transport Mapping
TV Workshop Mar 2014TV Workshop Mar 2014/AgendaTV Workshop Mar 2014/Next steps
TV Workshop Mar 2014/ReportTV Workshop Mar 2014/VolunteersTV Workshop Mar 2014/demo
TestingTesting/Agenda Telco 10th April 2013
Testing/Agenda Telco 11th September 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 14th August 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 17th April 2013
Testing/Agenda Telco 19th June 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 1st May 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 23rd October 2013
Testing/Agenda Telco 24th April 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 27th March 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 28th August 2013
Testing/Agenda Telco 31st July 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 3rd April 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 5th June 2013
Testing/Agenda Telco 6th March 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 6th November 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 8th May 2013
Testing/Agenda Telco 8th October 2013Testing/Agenda Telco 9th October 2013Testing/Feature Coverage Table
Testing/TelcoTesting/Use Cases TemplateTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions
Testing/Web & TV Testing Discussions//Improve Web Platform ConsistencyTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions//Support external testing & certification organizationsTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions//performance testing
Testing/Web & TV Testing Discussions/Browser SwitchingTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions/Browser SynchronizationTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions/EME Testing
Testing/Web & TV Testing Discussions/Improve Web Platform ConsistencyTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions/MSE TestingTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions/NSD Testing
Testing/Web & TV Testing Discussions/Support external testing & certification organizationsTesting/Web & TV Testing Discussions/performance testingTesting/Web & TV Testing Requirements
Timed Text Meeting 3 Output
Tt/TTWG Consensus InputTt/Timed Text EffortsTt/Timed Text Kick-Off Meeting Agenda
Tt/Timed Text Meeting 3Tt/Timed Text Meeting 4Tt/Timed Text Meeting 5
Tt/Timed Text Meeting 6Tt/Timed Text Second Meeting AgendaTt/Timed Text Use Cases
Tt/ecosystemUse Case VideoBroadcast
Use Case XML ChannellistUse Case template
Web and TV Interest Group ReportWeb and TV Interest Group Report 201104Web and TV Interest Group Report 201109
Web and TV Interest Group Report SeptemberZakim Slots