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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-219 (edit) pending review Send yosuke use cases for mse and eme Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-223 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] DOM Cloud Browser description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-229 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Accessibility Shadow DOM Tree for Cloud Browser Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-233 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] lifecycle Cloud Browser: Capturing Transaction Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-228 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] F2F Meeting Planning Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-15
ACTION-236 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Add to descriptions to the architecture pics Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-17
ACTION-238 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] MSE/EME Use Case description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-23
ACTION-242 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Communication US --> align with our UC Template Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-243 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture 4 approaches --> add small description per each Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-244 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Control channel UC description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-245 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture --> Terminology Section ("TV UI zero client approach” and the “Cloud browser”)) Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-13
ACTION-246 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Rewise the Evolution of the TV UI Section Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-13
ACTION-249 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture chapter --> highlight 2 approaches Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-16
ACTION-250 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] architecture terminology Cloud/ Local Player approach Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-16

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