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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Ask fd and mcf about press release review by the co-Chairs Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-03-11 Chairs
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Check with FD and the Comm Team about the press release date Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-03-11 Chairs
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Generate a simple page w/ chairs permission based on Giuseppe and Yosuke's discussion Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-03-11 Chairs
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Ask the Systeam about possible chairs' wiki Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-03-11 Chairs
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Write Chairs decision rule on chairs Wiki Giuseppe Pascale 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Create a product on Tracker for chairs actions François Daoust 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Add a bullet point to TF rules on report to the IG François Daoust 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Explain moderator's freedom on chairs wiki François Daoust 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Write down explanation on following HN TF in the wiki Yosuke Funahashi 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Change text in rules based on two above comments François Daoust 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Prepare template charter for TF on the Wiki. Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-04-01 Chairs
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Create the HNTF charter wiki Giuseppe Pascale 2011-04-08 Chairs
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Put the draft IG report on the public wiki Yosuke Funahashi 2011-04-15 Chairs
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Update the chairs wiki based on Yosuke's clarification Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-04-15 Chairs
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Update the wiki pages to use "co-chair" everywhere. François Daoust 2011-04-15 Chairs
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Add two updates and publish the draft IG report on the public wiki Yosuke Funahashi 2011-04-22 Chairs
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Contact Jean-Pierre and ask him to join the TV panel Yosuke Funahashi 2011-04-22 Chairs
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Generate a wiki page on the possible use case template based on Russell's idea and VB tempalte Giuseppe Pascale 2011-04-22
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Provide initial classification about simple topics that don't need any detailed discussion Yosuke Funahashi 2011-05-06 Chairs
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Send out an announcement on our plan for the next report Yosuke Funahashi 2011-05-06 Chairs
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Talk with Jeff about BBC's participation in the Web&TV panel again Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-05-06 Chairs
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Generate and publish the initial draft agenda by May 3 Yosuke Funahashi 2011-05-06 Chairs
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Generate a draft charter for broadcasting related TF Yosuke Funahashi 2011-05-06 Chairs
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Work with yosuke to generate a draft charter for streaming TF Masahito Kawamori 2011-05-06 Chairs
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Propose an extension of ISSUE-4 by 2011-05-17 Russell Berkoff 2011-05-10 UC Service UI
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Clarify in the text of ISSUE-6 that the document is acting as a device and split in more atomic use cases Jean-Claude Dufourd 2011-05-10 UC Service Provider
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Split ISSUE-7 into document migration and service migration Jean-Claude Dufourd 2011-05-10 UC Service Migration
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Clarify dependencies and differences on ISSUE-8 Jean-Claude Dufourd 2011-05-10 UC Service Distribution
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Check the co-Chair tracker and close actions that are already done Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-05-13 Chairs
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Send a reminder to Yosuke about IG report announcement Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-05-13 Chairs
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Generate a draft CfP for the US workshop Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-05-13 Chairs
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Remind IG participants of TF creation rules François Daoust 2011-05-13 Chairs
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Check with Mark Vickers if he is willing to join the OC Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-06-10
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Merge use case of ISSUE-4 in requirements document Giuseppe Pascale 2011-06-14 UC Service UI
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add clarify dependency on discovery mechanism for ISSUE-7 Jean-Claude Dufourd 2011-06-14
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Merge use case of ISSUE-8 in requirements document Giuseppe Pascale 2011-06-14 UC Service Distribution
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Merge use case of ISSUE-12 in requirements document Giuseppe Pascale 2011-06-14 UCExposeService
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Merge use case of ISSUE-14 in requirements document Giuseppe Pascale 2011-06-14 UCDiscoverService
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Extend use case of ISSUE-15 by creating a new use case for pull scenario Jean-Claude Dufourd 2011-06-14 UCDocumentMigration
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Move ISSUE-18 to MPTF Giuseppe Pascale 2011-06-28
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Check ISSUE-20 in relation with ISSUE-4 and propose re-phrasing if needed. Matt Hammond 2011-06-28 MattH
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Continue discussion about issue-24 on mailing list François Daoust 2011-07-05 igarashi
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Also continue issue-16 on mailing list François Daoust 2011-07-05 JanL
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-7, ISSUE-15 and ISSUE-25 in use cases and requirements document Giuseppe Pascale 2011-07-05 HOME_NETWORK_TF
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Provide initial draft report for HNTF. Giuseppe Pascale 2011-07-08 Chairs
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Provide initial draft report structure by 2011-07-08 Yosuke Funahashi 2011-07-08 Chairs
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Start discussion about schedule for the report Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-07-08
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Add clarification to the second point "content splicing" Clarke Stevens 2011-07-14 MPTF
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Mention russell's point Clarke Stevens 2011-07-14 MPTF
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add clarification on media format for the first bullet Clarke Stevens 2011-07-14 MPTF
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Generate use case on tuner Hiroyuki Aizu 2011-07-14 MPTF
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Synchronize with HNTF for the use case template Clarke Stevens 2011-07-14 MPTF
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Add ML address to the logistics page as well Clarke Stevens 2011-07-14 MPTF
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Send out a message on HTML5 LC comments from the Web and TV IG Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-07-21
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Send a message to the IG list and start discussion about possible joint meeting with WAI-PF group during TPAC 2011 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-07-21
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Update issue-20 Matt Hammond 2011-08-02
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Look at use cases and see if synchronization could be a stand-alone proposal Clarke Stevens 2011-08-04 MPTF
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-20 in requirements spec Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 MattH
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-21 in requirements spec Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 MattH
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-22 in requirements spec. Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 MattH
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-23 in requirements spec. Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 UPnP/DLNA Support
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-26 in requirements spec Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 HomeNetworkUA_MediaPlayer
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-27 in requirements spec Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 HomeNetworkUA_MediaServer
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-28 in requirements spec Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 HomeNetworkUA_MediaController
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Integrate ISSUE-29 in requirements spec Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-09 HomeNetworkUA_RecordController
ACTION-66 (edit) closed See if ISSUE-14 and ISSUE-30 can be merged Russell Berkoff 2011-08-09
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Review whether ISSUE-37 can already be done using existing techniques Duncan Rowden 2011-08-11
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Summarize ISSUE-18 as new issue Jan Lindquist 2011-08-11
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Propose text to expand ISSUE-26 and ISSUE-28 to address Jan's comment Russell Berkoff 2011-08-16 HOME_NETWORK_TF
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Check on exact procedure to submit comments to HTML5 LC bugs Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-08-18
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Update text of ISSUE-26 and ISSUE-28 based with text proposed by Russell in ACTION-69 Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-23 HOME_NETWORK_TF
ACTION-72 (edit) closed replace "client" with "application" Giuseppe Pascale 2011-08-30 HOME_NETWORK_TF
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Change the title of issue-44 from "continuous streaming 2" to "playlist" Clarke Stevens 2011-09-01 MPTF
ACTION-74 (edit) closed See how much more specific issue-41 description could be Bob Lund 2011-09-08
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Send a message to HTML WG public list and talk with the group about how to deal with the closed bugs, e.g., 13333 Jan Lindquist 2011-09-15
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Generate a wiki page on examples of common encryption mechanism Bob Lund 2011-09-15
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Let Mark Vickers know about the f2f registration results Kazuyuki Ashimura 2011-09-20
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Work with bob on general language for issue 44 continuous update of "infinite" playlist Clarke Stevens 2011-09-22
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Modify the text on what needs to be standardized item 2 Clarke Stevens 2011-09-29
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Modify ISSUE-37 Duncan Rowden 2011-09-29
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Take task for finding good place for commonly referenced mapping document - asking Microsoft colleages John Simmons 2011-10-06
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Create wiki pages for adaptive streaming and content protection Clarke Stevens 2011-11-24
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Look at IP issues with referencing OIPF documents Philipp Hoschka 2011-12-15 MPTF
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Work with Jan to get guidance and clarify what will be included Philipp Hoschka 2011-12-15 MPTF
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Group UCs David Mays 2011-12-22
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Provide input on practices with flash Jason Lewis 2011-12-22 MPTF
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Provide input on practices with silverlight David Mays 2011-12-22
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Forward info on which bugs need more work Clarke Stevens 2012-01-26
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Provide proposed text for adaptive bitrate deliverable Duncan Rowden 2012-01-26
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Check support for CT2 on mailing list Clarke Stevens 2012-01-26
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Drop CT2 and CT3 Clarke Stevens 2012-02-02
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Create a diagram Clarke Stevens 2012-02-02
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Ask PLH about testing work Mark Vickers 2012-02-10
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Restart MPEG liaison discussion with Clarke Giuseppe Pascale 2012-02-10
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Ask Yosuke about opinions on bug 12544 and 13257 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2012-02-17
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Work with Bob and modify the text om content protection requirement under consideration #9 based on today's discussion Clarke Stevens 2012-03-22
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Ping D. Singer on requirement 5 Clarke Stevens 2012-04-05
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Send details of RTC WG Clarke Stevens 2012-05-24
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Review and implement changes to terminology related to ABR in reqs document Clarke Stevens 2012-07-05
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Send feedback on these review comments Clarke Stevens 2012-07-05
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Publish documents as interest group notes Clarke Stevens 2012-07-26
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Check issue tracker configuration for the web&tv ig Kazuyuki Ashimura 2013-03-13 testing
ACTION-103 (edit) closed And Mark_Vickers to work on liaison table and language. Clarke Stevens 2013-03-13 testing
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Liaison letter draft Clarke Stevens 2013-03-13 testing
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Add new groups to liaison Clarke Stevens 2013-03-13 testing
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Ask people from the WebTV IG whether we should continue the work the way we started, or refocus on gathering inputs from other existing groups Jean-Charles Verdie 2013-03-18
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Work with kaz to create an online poll Giuseppe Pascale 2013-04-10
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Add clarification on what use cases for testing tf focus on Clarke Stevens 2013-04-10 testing
ACTION-109 (edit) closed coordinate with Mark on possible modification about the three use cases Bin Hu 2013-04-10 testing
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Update the IG wiki with his use cases Sheau Ng 2013-04-24 testing
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Check with Sheau on whether the two use cases are testing the same HTML5 features. Rajan Mehta 2013-05-01 testing
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Update the requirements doc with new requirements and place in repository. Clarke Stevens 2013-05-01 testing
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Create members-only wiki area. Kazuyuki Ashimura 2013-05-01 testing
ACTION-114 (edit) closed draft position statement and post to email - see Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2013-05-28 tt
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Propose process for use cases, based on the one for testing TF Olivier Thereaux 2013-06-05
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Carle & Giuseppe to coordinate on sending out deadline communications Clarke Stevens 2013-06-12 testing
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Send a reminder to liaisons to talk about what they could do (full submission?, involvement?, etc.) Clarke Stevens 2013-06-26 testing
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Share summary of the work of HNTF to APIs TF, suggest which current use cases have already been covered by past TFs and passed on to WGs Giuseppe Pascale 2013-07-17 Media APIs
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Ask the sys team to extend the time slot (of Media APIs TF telcon) to 90 minutes Kazuyuki Ashimura 2013-07-03 Media APIs
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Share summary of the work of HNTF, suggest which current use cases have already been covered by past TFs and passed on to WGs Giuseppe Pascale 2013-07-17 Media APIs
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Post the Consensus Input to the Interest Group reflector Pierre-Anthony Lemieux 2013-07-18 tt
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Outline a requirement for offline content protection requirement based on UC8 and UC9 Olivier Thereaux 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Propose change to UC6/7 to make it more generic Giuseppe Pascale 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Hei Kim to confirm whether Terminal Use Case on TV Applications are already covered in current UC document Sung Hei Kim 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Draft use cases related to metadata Giuseppe Pascale 2013-11-21 Media APIs
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Edit media apis wiki, change intro to the metadata reference list Olivier Thereaux 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Review use cases and requirements document, see whether there is any need for more use cases related to content sync Sheau Ng 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Draft table cross-referencing use cases and requirements Sheau Ng 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Migrate requirements from UC 8 and 9 into requirements document Bin Hu 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Suggest timeline for Media APIs next step Giuseppe Pascale 2013-07-31 Media APIs
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Move the requirements document to google docs Clarke Stevens 2013-08-21 testing
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Finish the table display/columns. Giuseppe Pascale 2013-08-21 testing
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Copy the timeline on the wiki Olivier Thereaux 2013-08-28 Media APIs
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Split requirement 1.5 into 3, update the uc/req table accordingly Bin Hu 2013-08-28 Media APIs
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Fill uc/req table for the columns of uc 10 and 11 Olivier Thereaux 2013-08-28 Media APIs
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Add "playback" to use case 9 Mark Vickers 2013-08-28 Media APIs
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Add a graph for discussion Kazuyuki Ashimura 2013-09-04 testing
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Ask giuseppe to point out the changes of the requirement document Clarke Stevens 2013-09-04
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Work with giuseppe, kaz and daniel to convert the table to html format Clarke Stevens 2013-09-04 testing
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Split the first requirement to be "service discovery" and "device discovery" in the requirements document and cross-ref table Sheau Ng 2013-09-11 Media APIs
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Add requirement for network selection (relevant to uc8) Giridhar Mandyam 2013-09-11 Media APIs
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Ask tobie about how/where to publish testing coverage list Daniel Davis 2013-09-18 testing
ACTION-143 (edit) closed work with Mark and create aggregated rank and mandatory/optional columns for the survey table Clarke Stevens 2013-09-18 testing
ACTION-144 (edit) closed edit introductory paragraph to include description of audience polled and add correct group name Clarke Stevens 2013-09-18 testing
ACTION-145 (edit) closed work with Kaz and consider joint meeting(s) with general testing group (Tobie) and make recommendations Clarke Stevens 2013-09-18 testing
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Update use cases 6 & 7 based on comments. Sung Hei Kim 2013-10-09 Media APIs
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Edit requirements doc to remove mapping and add a link to the google spreadsheet. Olivier Thereaux 2013-10-09 Media APIs
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Check with bizdev that 18-19 or 19-20 feb work for tv workshop Daniel Davis 2013-10-14
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Fix coremob column Clarke Stevens 2013-10-16
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Add information to private excel sheet. Clarke Stevens 2013-10-16
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Get deadline from tobie Clarke Stevens 2013-10-16
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Look into what features of existing non-w3c specs can be re-used in web platform for gap analysis of req 9 Daniel Davis 2013-10-23
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Look through webrtc column in gap analysis document Giridhar Mandyam 2013-10-30 Media APIs
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Look through web storage column in the gap analysis doc Sheau Ng 2013-11-13 Media APIs
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Look through mse column in gap analysis Olivier Thereaux 2013-10-30 Media APIs
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Look through server-sent events columns in gap analysis doc Bin Hu 2013-10-23 Media APIs
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Look through push api column in gap analysis doc Bin Hu 2013-10-23 Media APIs
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Look through manifest/appcache column, to be used as input for service worker Sheau Ng 2013-11-13 Media APIs
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Look through messaging api column Sheau Ng 2013-11-13 Media APIs
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Forward slide deck of use cases to tv ig Daniel Davis 2013-10-23
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Review indexed database api for media apis gap analysis Louay Bassbouss 2013-11-13 Media APIs
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Review File API & File API: Writer for Media APIs gap analysis Sung Hei Kim 2013-11-13 Media APIs
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Review web crypto api for media apis gap analysis Yosuke Funahashi 2013-11-13 Media APIs
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Do gap analysis for websocket Giridhar Mandyam 2013-11-06 Media APIs
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Ask the mmi wg about a joint meeting with web&tv ig Kazuyuki Ashimura 2013-11-06
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Work with daniel and send a heads-up to the related groups' chairs/team contacts Kazuyuki Ashimura 2013-11-06
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Contact tobie about his speaking slot at tv session at tpac Daniel Davis 2013-11-13
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Narrow service expiry use case description Bin Hu 2013-11-19 Media APIs
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Clarify the Local Access Control requirement following mark's comment Bin Hu 2013-11-19 Media APIs
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Look at the testing spec to check if it's fit to measure things like channel switching timing Jean-Charles Verdie 2013-11-19
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Cowork w/ mark, giuseppe, yosuke and agree on a stable and sustainable way to present and maintain use cases Jean-Charles Verdie 2013-11-19 Chairs
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Check the hybridcast use cases compared to media api tf Yosuke Funahashi 2013-11-19
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Bring back f2f feedback to media apis tf,delegate action-168 and action-169 Olivier Thereaux 2013-11-19
ACTION-174 (edit) closed expand and clarify UC 1 Jean-Charles Verdie 2013-11-25 Media APIs
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Contact the tv ig chairs about whether tuner control should have its own community group or be part of an existing group, such as device apis or sysapps Jean-Charles Verdie 2013-12-04
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Contact moderators to discuss the 4 reqs which are unclear Jean-Charles Verdie 2013-12-04
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Capture giri's comment and finalize "?" in web crypto Bin Hu 2013-12-11 Media APIs
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Start editing a req. document for this tf Giuseppe Pascale 2013-12-18 Media APIs
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Prepare a strawman gap analysis Bin Hu 2013-12-18 Media APIs
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Ping giuseppe to update ai 125 Jean-Charles Verdie 2014-01-29 Media APIs
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Close 164 and 163 Bin Hu 2014-01-29
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Discuss with jc, bin about the details of how to create the cg Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-01-29 Media APIs
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Discuss with giuseppe and jc about schedule of the next iteration of the tf Bin Hu 2014-01-29 Media APIs
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Create a wiki page to gather new ideas for the next round of the tf Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-01-29 Media APIs
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Put scope of tuner api into task force wiki. Daniel Davis 2014-02-12 Media APIs
ACTION-186 (edit) open Convert the google spreadsheet of uc/req to a static file Giuseppe Pascale 2014-02-26 Media APIs
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Generate initial draft text for the "next steps" section Bin Hu 2014-02-26 Media APIs
ACTION-188 (edit) open Add links to related specs in the table Giuseppe Pascale 2014-02-26 Media APIs
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Work with marks about how to deal with accessibility guidelines in the note Bin Hu 2014-02-26 Media APIs
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Hu to add information in the wiki about submitting use cases Bin Hu 2014-04-09 Media APIs
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Hu to send mail to tv ig asking for volunteers to drive the "tuner api" initiative. Bin Hu 2014-04-09 Media APIs
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Send a reminder of the schedule and process for use cases/requirements and gap analysis Bin Hu 2014-05-07
ACTION-193 (edit) open Send details of tv control cg to mark sadecki Giuseppe Pascale 2014-05-07
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Clarify use case 1 description Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Check current ability to change playback rate for html media element. Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Split synchronisation use case (#4) Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-197 (edit) open Classify the accessibility requirements into general ones and specific ones. Yosuke Funahashi 2014-06-04
ACTION-198 (edit) open Ask timed text wg about 4k affecting captioning. Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-199 (edit) open And yosuke to create questionnaire for 4k stakeholders about web standards issues. Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Split up use case 1 into watermarking and fingerprinting. Daniel Davis 2014-06-18
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Add clean audio use case to wiki page Daniel Davis 2014-06-18
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Create draft schedule for use case gathering and gap analysis (2nd round) Yosuke Funahashi 2014-06-25
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Create draft note about the goal and scope of collaborative work with Accessibility TF Yosuke Funahashi 2014-06-24
ACTION-204 (edit) open Bring up issue of frequency-changing affecting eme Daniel Davis 2014-07-02
ACTION-205 (edit) closed And ddavis to create online docs for requirements/gap analysis Yosuke Funahashi 2014-07-02
ACTION-206 (edit) open Work with kaz/daniel and contact wartermarking/fingerprinting providers Yosuke Funahashi 2014-09-10
ACTION-207 (edit) open Talk with related w3c groups about possible architecture for watermarking/fingerprinting Yosuke Funahashi 2014-09-10
ACTION-208 (edit) open Talk with janina about the joint session slot during tpac 2014 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-10
ACTION-209 (edit) open Finalize the joint session schedule with the a11y tf Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-24
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Update the gap analysis to indicate what is at an os level. Bin Hu 2014-11-03
ACTION-211 (edit) closed look at the identification problems with respect to the id of the content as well as an offset for the content for use in second screen applications. Glenn Deen 2015-05-27
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Add a diagram on the architecture to the wiki Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-02-24
ACTION-213 (edit) open Put an issue on github about import/export identifier requirements to the id requirement document Glenn Deen 2016-03-02
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Add text to id req doc on identifying 3rd party issuer William Rose 2016-03-02
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Put use input into the architecture diagram Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-09
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Update the numbering of the github doc Glenn Deen 2016-03-16
ACTION-217 (edit) closed send out an initial idea to the GGIE reflector on future web standard Glenn Deen 2016-03-16
ACTION-218 (edit) open (Bill and Glenn) flesh out the Processor/Workflow requirements section William Rose 2016-03-16
ACTION-219 (edit) pending review Send yosuke use cases for mse and eme Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Add a table clarifying which function belong to the client and which to the cloud browser Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Clarify description by adding information on drm and ca deployments in SSDP Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-222 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Think on standardization of the Cloud Browser and its client Oliver Friedrich 2016-03-23
ACTION-223 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] DOM Cloud Browser description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-224 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Cloud 360 Use Case description Louay Bassbouss 2016-03-30
ACTION-225 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Out-of-band Media ip/http/udp/tcp Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-226 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Cloud CA Use case description Calin Ciordas 2016-03-30
ACTION-227 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Out-of-band media picture presentation (out-of-band media2, no in-band?) Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-30
ACTION-228 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] F2F Meeting Planning Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-15
ACTION-229 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Accessibility Shadow DOM Tree for Cloud Browser Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-230 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Lifecycle of the Cloud Browser Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-231 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Add a Cloud Browser Server description to the Arch Pics Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-232 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] elevator pitch description high-level view Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-233 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] lifecycle Cloud Browser: Capturing Transaction Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-234 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] add description of CB functions Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-235 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] add description of ad-insertion use case Stefan Pham 2016-05-04
ACTION-236 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Add to descriptions to the architecture pics Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-17
ACTION-237 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Tuner Use Case / bridge to the TV Control API Group Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-18
ACTION-238 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] MSE/EME Use Case description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-23
ACTION-239 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Accessibility Uce Case User Stories description John Foliot 2016-05-18
ACTION-240 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Add a descriptions of the Multi-device Use Case Louay Bassbouss 2016-05-31
ACTION-241 (edit) closed [Cloud Browser] Tuner Use Case update Colin Meerveld 2016-06-03
ACTION-242 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Communication US --> align with our UC Template Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-243 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture 4 approaches --> add small description per each Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-244 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Control channel UC description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-245 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture --> Terminology Section ("TV UI zero client approach” and the “Cloud browser”)) Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-13
ACTION-246 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Rewise the Evolution of the TV UI Section Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-13
ACTION-247 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Multi-device Use Case Louay Bassbouss 2016-06-14
ACTION-248 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] check on CB functions Colin Meerveld 2016-06-16
ACTION-249 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture chapter --> highlight 2 approaches Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-16
ACTION-250 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] architecture terminology Cloud/ Local Player approach Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-16
ACTION-251 (edit) open Create a github repo for the cloud browser notes Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-03-01
ACTION-252 (edit) open Send the proposed charter to the ig Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-17
ACTION-253 (edit) open Ask igarashi-san about his availability for the entertainment panel at ac meeting and the time slot for the co-chairs call Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-17
ACTION-254 (edit) open Talk within the w3c team about the bg/cg style again Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-06-26
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Generate initial agenda for tpac 2017 Chris Needham 2017-06-26
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Generate a preliminary doodle poll for the first call with the co-chairs Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-06-26
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Generate draft agenda for the first ig call Chris Needham 2017-06-26
ACTION-258 (edit) open Update the ig call reservation and resend the invitation Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-18
ACTION-259 (edit) open Start a wiki page for the f2f meeting during tpac2017 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-18
ACTION-260 (edit) open Look into the possible email forwarding configuration Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-10-30
ACTION-261 (edit) open draft a proposal for the IG to confirm a desire for HTML and CSS to support TTML playback Nigel Megitt 2017-11-16 tt

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