ISSUE-17: CSP should take into account extensions which modify content

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CSP should take into account extensions which modify content

CSP Level 1
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Brad Hill
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Last Call comment by Fred Andrews:

The approach the proposal takes fails to take into account extensions run on the client that modify and manipulate the application document. Until there is a comprehensive solution that takes this reality into account this proposal is applicable only to a subset of locked down clients and thus it does not appear worthy of standardization at this stage.
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The specification currently states: Enforcing a CSP policy should not interfere with the operation of user-supplied scripts such as third-party user-agent add-ons and JavaScript bookmarklets.

Any more specific guidance would be non-normative as extension mechanisms are highly specific to user agents. Future versions may add additional guidance as best practices emerge in the implementer community.

Brad Hill, 11 Sep 2012, 21:18:35

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Brad Hill, 26 Oct 2012, 20:39:16

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