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Scott Bauer

I'm a developer in a terminology informatics group at the Mayo Foundation in the Department of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics. I've lead a developer study group for Web Semantics. We produce the LexEVS terminology service which extends the LexGrid model. We support transformations of OWL and other sources into the LexGrid data model. Our group has done a mapping for and implemented a prototype of, LexRDF, an RDF based version of a common terminology service. We have just release a implementation of the draft CTS2 model in LexEVS 6.0


  • I'm interested in the overall usability of the RDF Standard.
  • Able to act as a conduit for issues raised by researchers in Web Semantics at Mayo.
  • Interested in namespace names and identifiers and the mappings to and from URI's and in particular the development of a canonical transform for the same.
  • Also interested in Named Graphs and updates to set notation.