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Table of Triplestore and Supported RDF formats

This table lists the RDF serialisations which the various triplestore can take as an import format, and as an output format in terms of output generated via the SPARQL CONSTRUCT verb.

Triplestore Import Format Output Format
4store/5store rdfxml ntriples nquads trig rdfa turtle grddl turtle ntriples rdfxml json-triples(?) json (?)
ARC2  ???  ???
BigData  ???  ???
Jena rdfxml ntriples turtle n3 rdfa/grrdl/nquads/trig (3rd party) turtle rdfxml ntriples
Mulgara  ??? (uses Joseki same as Jena)  ??? (uses Joseki same as Jena)
Oracle  ??? (uses Joseki and Sesame)  ??? (uses Joseki and Sesame)
OWLIM  ??? (uses Joseki)  ??? (uses Joseki)
RDF::Trine nquads ntriples rdfjson(?) rdfxml nt rdfa trig turtle ntriples rdfjson(?) rdfxml turtle
Sesame rdfxml ntriples turtle trix turtle rdfxml ntriples turtle
Virtuoso rdfxml ntriples nquads trig rdfa turtle n3 json(talis?) rdfa rdfxml n3 json(rdf+json)