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Wednesdays at 11am US Eastern time for 75 minutes
  17:00 Paris/Berlin/A'dam; 16:00 London)
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
 Zakim code: 73394
IRC channel: #rdf-wg on on port 6665
Zakim instructions:
RRSAgent instructions:
Scribe list:


  • Chair: Guus Schreiber
  • Scribe: Alex Hall
  • Alternate: Andy Seaborne

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 21 Nov telecon:

Review of action items


Test preparations:


  • status LC comments
  • planning LC decision

RDF Concepts

Issue 107: Blank node definition

See proposal + thread:

WD Publication

New ED:

Status message:

Review actions by Peter and Antoine (,

Planning publication revised WD


Agenda last telecon:

  • Status report