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(Possible remote participation from UK)
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* Andy Seaborne
* Andy Seaborne
* Steve Harris

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Scheduled for 12-13 October 2011 at W3C offices at MIT, Stata Center.

See the (closed) poll results at: http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/46168/RDFWGFTF2/results


Intend to attend (you must sign up to get Internet access, food, ...)
David Wood
Guus Schreiber
Scott Bauer
Dan Brickley (tentative - really not sure yet, depends on timing, location, funding, ...)
Pierre-Antoine Champin (tentative - really not sure yet, depends on timing, location, funding, ...)
Ted Thibodeau (tentative. more likely if in Boston than in Murray Hill; much less likely if in CA)
Ivan Herman can attend a European site, not in the US
Steve Harris, maybe attend US East coast, definitely UK/Ireland.
Nicholas Humfrey, definitely UK, maybe Ireland
Yves Raimond, definitely UK, maybe Ireland
Zhe Wu(tentative)
Andy Seaborne, via UK or Ireland
Gavin Carothers
Intend to attend remotely
Richard Cyganiak
Matteo Brunati
Fabien Gandon
At risk
Peter F. Patel-Schneider (probable regrets)
Eric Prud'hommeaux

Possible remote participation from UK

We're looking into organizing a second location from where Europeans could jointly remote-participate. If you're interested in joining such a meeting (tentatively: London, UK), then please add your name here:

  • Andy Seaborne
  • Steve Harris