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: Alex Hall
: Alex Hall
: Zhe Wu  
: Zhe Wu  
: Olivier Corby
; Regrets
; Regrets
: Andy Seaborne
: Andy Seaborne

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13-14 April 2011
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (a guide)
Zakim access
a Zakim bridge will be available for the meeting. The zakim code for those two days will be a bit different: 733941, for "RDFWG1" (Note the extra "1" at the end.)
CWI; See separate page for directions, or the pages on Amsterdam done by Steven Pemberton
Hotel Recommendations
Hotel info
Intent to attend (you must sign up to get internet access, food, ...)
David Wood
Ivan Herman
Richard Cyganiak
Matteo Brunati
Sandro Hawke
Steve Harris
Guus Schreiber
Jean-Francois Baget
Mischa Tuffield
Nicholas Humfrey
Yves Raimond
Thomas Steiner
Dieter Fensel (trying to reschulde another meeting; will know soon)
Fabien Gandon
Chris Matheus
Peter F. Patel-Schneider
Pierre-Antoine Champin
Intent to attend remotely
Antoine Zimmermann
Axel Polleres
Gavin Carothers (Time zones likely to be challenging)
Lee Feigenbaum
Manu Sporny
Scott Bauer
Nathan Rixham
Pat Hayes
Alex Hall
Zhe Wu
Olivier Corby
Andy Seaborne