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This page lists the documents that the WG expects to update or create.

RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax

RDF 1.1 Semantics

  • No Editor's Draft yet
  • Update to: RDF Semantics
  • hg short name: rdf-mt
  • Editors: Peter Patel-Schneider, Pat Hayes

RDF 1.1 Vocabulary

NB: See ISSUE-36 re name change to “RDF Schema”

RDF 1.1 Primer

  • No Editor's Draft yet
  • Update to: RDF Primer
  • hg short name: rdf-primer?
  • Editors: Guus Schreiber, Fabien Gandon
  • Contributors: multiple, including Pierre-Antoine Champin, Christopher Matheus

NB: The old Primer used short name rdf-syntax, which is weird



  • No Editor's Draft yet
  • Based on: Various RDF-in-JSON proposals
  • hg short name: TBD
  • Editors: Thomas Steiner, Ian Davis

JSON Recipes Note

  • No Editor's Draft yet
  • hg short name: TBD
  • Editors/contributors: Mischa Tuffield, Nick Humfrey, Matteo Brunati, Yves Raimond, one of Guus' postdocs (TBD)
  • This document will refer to the Linked Data API and provide some common recipes for it.


NB: The group expects to only (?) address errata.

TriG/N-Quads Syntax

  • Contributor: Richard Cyganiak

NB: It is not yet clear whether this will result in a separate document or will be covered in sections of Turtle/N-Triples.