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Template for Issue Response

ISSUE-611 (comments on prov-o)

PAUL TODO (refer to 612)

ISSUE-611 (comments on prov-constraints)


ISSUE-611 (normative test cases)


ISSUE-611 (feedback on individual test cases)

  • Original email:
  • Tracker: ISSUE-611
  • Group Response
    • Following the reviewer's identification of bugs in the test cases, we have corrected the following test cases:
      • ordering-association2-PASS-c47.ttl: entity(ex:ag) replaced by activity(ex:ag)
      • prov-o-class-Invalidation-PASS.ttl: the extra ; removed
      • prov-o-class-Collection-PASS.ttl and prov-o-property-hadMember-PASS.ttl: invalid xsd:timeDate literals corrected
      • prov-o-property-qualifiedCommunication-PASS: wasAttributedTo replaced by wasAssociatedWith
      • prov-o-property-qualifiedRevision-PASS: wasAssociatedWith replaced by wasAttributedTo
    • The PROV-N and PROV-XML representations of some test cases cannot be faithfully converted into the RDF representation since it collapse statements with the same identifier into one. We removed those from the list of RDF test files and provided explanatory notes in the test case table: unification-association-f4-FAIL-c23.ttl, unification-association-f5-FAIL-c23.ttl, unification-derivation-f1-FAIL-c23.ttl, unification-derivation-f2-FAIL-c23.ttl, unification-derivation-f3-FAIL-c23.ttl, unification-derivation-f4-FAIL-c23.ttl
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ISSUE-612 (Transitivity of Derivation)


ISSUE-612 (Encoding of Constraints in OWL)

ISSUE-612 (Test cases for other specifications)


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  • Group Response
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