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  • A user obtains an html document.
  • The client software (browser, email client etc.) offers an "Oh yeah?" feature, by which provenance of the document is accessed.
  • Provenance is accessed from the provider site of the document and from a third-party site.
  • What does the client do on the button being clicked, what information does it need in order to perform the retrieval, and where does that information come from?
  • We should consider that the html document was downloaded from the web or received by email.

Issues to consider:

  • Should consider access control over provenance
  • Should we say something on the format of provenance
  • Could we rephrased without reference to provenance, say it refers to trust
  • Should we consider getting the provenance of the whole document or part of it?
  • It is out of scope to reconcile potentially conflicting provenance
  • should we expand the document type to include non-html documents? - propose changing first sentence to *A user obtains a document.