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Name Suggestions for the Standard

Enter your suggested name for the standard.

  • APL: Assertion-based Provenance Language
  • APM: Assertion-based Provenance Model
  • PAST: Provenance Assertion SchemaTa
  • PAX: Provenance Assertion eXchange
  • PIL: Provenance Interchange Language
  • PAAP: "PAAP is About Asserting Provenance"
  • PDGRE ("pedigree"): Provenance data general representation for exchange
  • TPL: The Provenance Language
  • Prov (or PROV, or prov): as in "the Prov Provenance Exchange Vocabulary" or "the Prov Provenance Framework", like "The OWL Web Ontology Language" (the name doesn't have to be an acronym).