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Face To Face Meeting 4

Objectives and Agenda



  • 9 November 2012 (8am EST - 6pm EST)
  • 10 November 2012 (8am EST - 6pm EST)


The meeting will be held in the Stata Center at MIT, at 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA, across the river from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The meeting is close to the "Kendall" stop on the MBTA Red Line subway.

Within the Stata Center, find the Gates tower elevators (near the giant white question mark), and go to the 8th floor. Out of the elevators, turn left, and ahead of you is our meeting room, 32-G882.

There is a Starbucks and cafe in the first floor lobby, but there will also be coffee and some fruit and pastries in the meeting room. The room will be open by 8:30am, for people to get settled.


The Kendall and Marriott Cambridge are both an easy walk from the meeting site and currently have open rooms. There is an MIT hotels page, but a proximity search on the meeting site address will work as well. Do ask for an MIT rate, which is often about 10% cheaper. You can also get there by metro from the ISWC conference hotel it takes about 25 minutes.


Please, write your name down if you plan to attend the meeting

  • Paul Groth
  • Luc Moreau
  • Sam Coppens
  • Tom De Nies
  • Curt Tilmes
  • Paolo Missier [pending confirmation]
  • Ivan Herman
  • Craig Trim [pending confirmation]
  • Graham Klyne


  • Daniel Garijo (Not completely sure)
  • Jun Zhao (if the phone line quality is good)
  • Simon Miles