F2F1 Access and Query Proposal

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Access and Query Proposal for the F2F1

This page concerns provenance access and query in preparation for the first F2F meeting, focusing on a limited range of aims, proposing solutions and presenting open issues regarding those aims. The wider objectives of the access and query task force will be clarified in discussion after the meeting.


To meet time constraints before the F2F meeting, this document will concern two questions only: 1. Given the URI of a document downloaded via HTTP, how can I retrieve its provenance? 2. What must be embedded in an HTML document to allow me to retrieve its provenance?

Obtaining the provenance of an HTTP-downloaded document

_Proposals to meet the first aim_

Obtaining the provenance of an HTML document

_Proposals to meet the second aim_

Issues regarding the above

_Open discussions, informative notes, criticisms, etc. regarding the proposals above. These would ideally be articulated as short specific questions which can be discussed individually at the F2F meeting._

Issues beyond scope

_Issues about provenance access and query that go beyond the two specific aims above. These will either be discussed at the F2F meeting if there is time, or else postponed until after._