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Face To Face Meeting 1

Objectives and Agenda

The following objectives were approved [1]:

1. Model Task Force

  -  Get the terminology we use resolved
  -  An example of the use of that terminology in a scenario
  -  A series of draft definitions (and comments from the WG) for each terminology term

2. Provenance Access and Query Task Force

  - a proposal of how provenance fits in the Web architecture
  - a number of issues raised against that draft related
  - aim to resolve some issues at the F2F1

3. Connection Task Force

  - identify a set of standards and initiatives that are relevant to
    the Provenance WG, the reasons why they are relevant for the
    Provenance WG, the potential connection points

4. Implementation and Test Cases Task Force
  - identify people, some implementation and their use of provenance

The agenda will be circulated during the week preceding the meeting.


  • Jul 6, 9am-5pm
  • Jul 7: 9am-5pm


The meeting will be held in the Stata Center at MIT, at 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA, across the river from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The meeting is close to the "Kendall" stop on the MBTA Red Line subway.


The Kendall and Marriott Cambridge are both an easy walk from the meeting site and currently have open rooms. There is an MIT hotels page, but a proximity search on the meeting site address will work as well. Do ask for an MIT rate, which is often about 10% cheaper. Fortunately, despite the July 4th celebration, this is not peak tourist season and hotel rooms are about $200/night.

July 4th

The American Independence Day, July 4th, is a major event in Boston. If you don't mind crowds, you might consider arriving in time for the concert and fireworks. On the evening of July 4th, automobile traffic around MIT and parts of Boston will be horrific; don't plan on driving or using a taxi. The subway system (the MBTA) will be crowded but usable. By the morning of the 5th, everything will be normal again.


Please, write your name down if you plan to attend the meeting


  • Jun Zhao
  • Daniel Garijo (but will be able to attend online)
  • Jörn Hees (will try to attend online)
  • Simon Dobson (on holiday)
  • James Frew (will try to attend online, for part)
  • Kai Eckert
  • David Corsar (will be able to attend online)
  • Edoardo Pignotti (will be able to attend online)
  • Graham Klyne (will try to attend online, for part)
  • Stian Soiland-Reyes (will try to attend online Wed)
  • Helena Deus (will attend online)