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Recorded Decisions on Model

Pre-F2F1 decisions

  • To define provenance-related concepts independently of the web architecture in a first instance, and review it in two weeks (recorded at Teleconference 2011-06-02).
  • The subject of provenance may be anything, whether physical, digital, conceptual or otherwise (recorded at Teleconference 2011-06-02)
  • In a first instance, to define the necessary concepts that allow us to express the provenance of an invariant view or perspective on a thing (email vote 2011-06-7)
  1. there is a distinction between process execution and process specification/definition
  2. process specification/definition is referred to as recipe in the charter and is out of sope for this WG
  3. terminology (for process specification/definition, process execution, recipe) needs to be agreed on, if appropriate
  • A process execution has a duration, i.e. it spans a time interval. Statements denoting this duration are optional. (email vote)
  • A process execution has either completed (occurred in the past) or is occurring in present (partially complete). In other words, the start of a process execution is always in the past, from the instant referred to by any assertion made about it. (Teleconference 2011-06-16)
  • PIL is an assertion language, which allows asserters to make assertions about stuffs and activities in the real world (as they view it) and how they influence each other. (Teleconference 2011-06-30)
  • Derivation expresses that some stuff is transformed from, created from, or affected by other stuff. A thing B is derived from a thing A if the values of some invariant properties of B are at least partially determined by the values of some invariant properties of A. (Teleconference 2011-06-30)
  • We use the set of constraints as a starting point for building an understanding of PIL (Teleconference 2011-06-30)
    • In PIL, there are different kinds of events: beginning of process execution, end of process execution, generation of thing, use of thing, which satisfy some ordering, according to relation "precede":
      • Ordering Property: Thing
        • Creation of a thing precedes any of its use
      • Ordering Property: Process Execution
        • Beginning of a process execution precedes its end
      • Ordering Property: Generation
        • Generation of a thing by process execution P is preceded by beginning of P and precedes end of P
      • Ordering Property: Use
        • Use of a thing by process execution P is preceded by beginning of P and precedes end of P
      • Ordering Property: Derivation
        • If a thing B is derived from a thing A, then the use of A precedes the generation of B.
      • Ordering holds irrespective of time annotations to events, which may be provided by different clocks.

F2F1 decisions

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