ISSUE-279: Model subclasses of Derivation


Model subclasses of Derivation

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Timothy Lebo
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precise vs. inprecise in
-- we have implemented Daniel's suggest in the OWL (I did not add the
mysterious prov:steps - but perhaps Tim can add this, he seems to know
how. I was hoping we could do this as a subclass of prov:Derivation)
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From Simon :

I'm not too clear how the imprecise and precise relations now differ. Can't there be different levels of precision (as the provenance becomes less scruffy)? For example, it is more precise to give an identifier for the activity that the derivation is due to, then more precise to give roles of the derivation entities in that activity, then more precise to give attributes of that activity, etc. Each amount of detail asserted allows a more precise reproduction of the activity.

If so, the above could be addressed in different ways. If you would like a concrete proposal: have only one the imprecise form of derivation assertion (wasDerivedFrom), and then a separate assertion to link a derivation to the activity it was due to (wasDerivedBy). All other "precise" information would be asserted using existing record types in the DM.

Timothy Lebo, 4 Mar 2012, 01:09:50

prov:steps and the precise-n was removed from DM.

Timothy Lebo, 14 Mar 2012, 23:11:46

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