Vocabulary Discussion Summary

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Standard Vocabularies for Government Linked Data

Interested in this area:

  • Richard Cyganiak (DERI) - Statistical "cube" data, SDMX
  • Simon Wall (AU Gov't) - statistical data, geographic data, data catalogs
  • Martin Alvarez (CTIC) - especially dcat
  • Raphael Troncy (EURECOM) - statistical and geographic data
  • Benedikt Kämpgen (FZI Karlsruhe) - Statistical Data
  • Chris Musialek (US General Services Administration) - Interested in vocabs related to people.
  • Tina Gheen (National Science Foundation)
  • David G. Smith (US EPA) - Organizational Structures, Geography and Spatial Information
  • Rick Murphy (US GSA) - Semiotics for Linked Data


  • Dan Gilman chairing US Government Open Vocabularies Interest Group.
    • Concern: The OGV whitepaper Dan referenced doesn't make a direct contribution to the WG deliverables.