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Members view of GLD WG participants

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Teleconference Scribe Alternate Chair
7 Jul 2011 Raphael George Bernadette
14 Jul 2011 No Meeting
21 Jul 2011 Allemang, Dean Álvarez, Martín George
28 Jul 2011 Atemezing, Ghislain Auguste Casanave, Cory Bernadette
4 Aug 2011 Álvarez, Martín Hausenblas, Michael George
18 Aug 2011 Reck, Ronald (Cory N/A) Bernadette
1 Sept 2011 Cyganiak, Richard Fernandez Ruiz, Maria Jesus Bernadette
8 Sept 2011 Fernandez Ruiz, Maria Jesus Gómez Pérez, Asunción George
15 Sept 2011 Gómez Pérez, Asunción Atemezing, Ghislain Auguste George
22 Sept 2011 Villazón-Terrazas, Boris TBD Bernadette
29 Sept 2011 Capadisli, Sarven Erickson, John Bernadette
06 Oct 2011 Erickson, John TBD George
13 Oct 2011 Gheen, Tina Steeman, Gerald George
20 Oct 2011 No Meeting
27 Oct 2011 Steeman, Gerald TBD Bernadette
3 Nov 2011 Zachery Whitley TBD George
10 Nov 2011 Yigal Arens TBD Bernadette
17 Nov 2011 Phil Archer Anne Washington George
24 Nov 2011 No Meeting
1 Dec 2011 No Meeting
8 Dec 2011 Fadi Maali TBD George
15 Dec 2011 Benedikt Kämpgen Ghislain Atemezing Bernadette
22 Dec 2011 No meeting - holiday
29 Dec 2011 No meeting - holiday
05 Jan 2012 John Sheridan Michael Pendleton Bernadette
12 Jan 2012 Bernadette Hyland TBD George
19 Jan 2012 Atemezing, Ghislain Auguste Reck, Ron Bernadette
25-26 Jan 2012 - 2F2F TBD TBD George, Bernadette
02-Feb 2012 Michael Hausenblas TBD George
09-Feb 2012 Daniel Vila TBD Bernadette
16-Feb 2012 TBD TBD George
22-Feb 2012 Ghislain TBD Bernadette
01-Mar 2012 No Meeting
08-Mar 2012 Phil Archer TBD Bernadette
15-Mar 2012 DaveReynolds Ghislain George
22-Mar 2012 Ghislain TBD George
29-Mar 2012 Gerald Steeman TBD Bernadette
05-Apr 2012 John Erickson TBD George
12-Apr 2012 No Meeting - cancelled due to lack of availability
19-Apr 2012 Luis Bermudez TBD George
26-Apr 2012 (Focus: BP, CD) Ghislain TBD Bernadette
03-May 2012 (Focus: Vocabs/DCAT) TBD Ghislain George
10-May 2012 No Meeting - cancelled due to both chairs on business travel
17-May 2012 (Focus: Vocab-Cube/XBRL UC/Benedikt) TBD TBD George
24-May 2012 (Focus: Community - LOD in 2012, ISA Programme vocabs ) Tina Gheen Boris Villazón-Terrazas Bernadette
31-May 2012 (Focus: BP; John Barker, guest) Michael Pendleton Richard Cyganiak Bernadette
7-June 2012 No Meeting - cancelled due to both chairs on business travel
14-June 2012 (Focus: Vocabs) Fadi Maali TBD George
21-June 2012 (Focus: BP, CD) TBD TBD Bernadette
28-June 2012 (Focus: Vocabs) TBD TBD George
05-July 2012 NO MEETING n/a n/a n/a
12-July 2012 (meeting was cancelled) n/a n/a
19-July 2012 NO MEETING (summer schedule) n/a n/a
26-July 2012 (Focus: DCAT) TBD TBD George
02-August 2012 NO MEETING (summer schedule) n/a n/a
09-August 2012 NO MEETING (summer schedule) n/a n/a
16-August 2012 (Focus: Vocabs) Benedikt Kämpgen TBD George
23-August 2012 (Focus: Best Practices) Ghislain Atemezing TBD Bernadette
30-August 2012 (Focus: Community Directory) Ghislain Atemezing TBD Bernadette
06-September 2012 (Focus: Community Directory, ISA Programme Vocab) Phil Archer TBD Bernadette
13-September 2012 (Focus: Vocabs) John Erickson TBD George
20-September 2012 (Focus: ORG, DCAT vocabs) Ghislain Atemezing TBD George
27-September 2012 (Focus: ORG & DCAT prep for LC, schedule) Deirdre TBD Bernadette
04-October 2012 (Focus: ORG & DCAT prep for LC, People, ISA Programme Vocabs) TBD TBD George
11-October 2012 (Focus: ADMS & Legal Entity (ISA Programme Vocabs) and ORG update Ghislain TBD PhilA for Bernadette
18-October 2012 (Focus: ORG to LC) Mhausenblas TBD George
25-October 2012 (Focus: ADMS, DCAT, Prep for TPAC workshop) TBD TBD Bernadette
01-November 2012 NO MEETING (TPAC Lyon) n/a n/a
08-November 2012 (Focus: Report back from TPAC ) TBD TBD Bernadette
15-November 2012 NO MEETING (ISWC Boston) n/a n/a
22-November 2012 NO MEETING (US holiday) n/a n/a
29-November 2012 (Focus: Registered Organization (RegOrg) to FPWD discussion; Overview of W3C LC to CR Procedure) TBD TBD Bernadette
06-Dec 2012 (Focus: ORG from LC to CR; ADMS Vocab to FPWD discussion; April 2013 F2F3 planning; Issue Tracker cleanup) TBD TBD Phil & Sandro
13-Dec 2012 (Focus: Best Practices) TBD TBD Bernadette
20-Dec 2012 (Focus: Wrap up for 2012) TBD TBD Bernadette
10-Jan 2013 (Focus: RegOrg goes FPWD) TBD TBD Bernadette
17-Jan 2013 (Focus: Tracker cleanup, Regorg) Sandro TBD Bernadette
24-Jan 2013 (Focus: BP, DCAT, EDC/F2F3) TBD TBD Bernadette
31-Jan 2013 (No Meeting)
07-Feb 2013 (No Meeting)