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Meetings:Telecon20120202 +FPWD's, People, I18N  +
Meetings:Telecon20120209 +FPWD, Vocabularies & Best Practice Status  +
Meetings:Telecon20120216 +FPWD's  +
Meetings:Telecon20120223 +FPWD's  +
Meetings:Telecon20120308 +FPWD's  +
Meetings:Telecon20120315 +FPWD's ++  +
Meetings:Telecon20120322 +FPWD's ++  +
Meetings:Telecon20120329 +map4rdf, Transition Request process, LOD Glossary, FPWD status  +
Meetings:Telecon20120405 +FPWD SOTD, Geo Vocabs, HR14 Proposals  +
Meetings:Telecon20120412 +FPWDs  +
Meetings:Telecon20120419 +FPWD feedback, Breakouts, Decisions, Speakers  +
Meetings:Telecon20120426 +Consistent LOD messaging for gov't leaders, Community Directory, Speakers  +
Meetings:Telecon20120503 +DCAT  +
Meetings:Telecon20120517 +Data Cube  +
Meetings:Telecon20120524 +Noteworthy Gov Linked Data in 2012  +
Meetings:Telecon20120531 +Publishers and Linked Data  +
Meetings:Telecon20120614 +Event De-brief, DCAT spin up  +
Meetings:Telecon20120621 +Community Announce, Vocabs FPWD status, WG Meeting Planning  +
Meetings:Telecon20120628 +DCAT  +
Meetings:Telecon20120726 +DCAT  +
Meetings:Telecon20120816 +FPWD Progress, LD Glossary, ADMS  +
Meetings:Telecon20120823 +Best Practices, Linked Data Glossary Progress  +
Meetings:Telecon20120830 +Best Practices, Linked Data Glossary Progress  +
Meetings:Telecon20120906 +Community Directory  +
Meetings:Telecon20120913 +Vocabs  +
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