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Last Call Comments Disposition: ORG

Comments and draft responses for ORG Last Call ending 2012-11-25


From PROV feedback [1]

Suggestion that prov:wasDerivedFrom should be explicitly or implicitly asserted to link a the org:resultedFrom organization to the org:originalOrganization

Check PROV semantic constraints

From PROV feedback [2]

There are additional semantic constraints on use of PROV that should be checked before proceeding with its use in ORG.

Consider use of "invalidation"

From PROV feedback [3]

Suggestion to use PROV invalidation vocabulary to state when a changed organization ceases to exist.

Request for more complete illustrative diagram

The non-normative pictorial representation of the vocabulary is not complete, and clearly stated as such in the LC document.

Comment from João Paulo requesting that the relation between org:Organization and foaf:Agent and between org:Post and org:Organization should be made explicit. [4]

Relationship to foaf:Organization

Off list comment from Dan Brickley.

The ORG vocabulary itself states that org:Organization is owl:equivalentClass foaf:Organization but this isn't reflected in the HTML description.

Recorded as Issue-42

Align treatment of registered addresses with RegOrg

Comment from Richard Cyganiak recorded as Issue-45

Domain/range of org:reportsTo

Comment from João Paulo.

State the domain and range of org:reportsTo as being foaf:Agent as opposed to unionOf(foaf:Agent, org:Post) and add clarifying text pointing out that someone can reportTo an org:Post. This is not a change in semantics, just a clarification.

Recorded as Issue-48

org:reportsTo is not acyclic

Comment from João Paulo.

There is currently a comment in informative text mentioning reportsTo as acyclic that should be removed or clarified. This would be a minor change, not affecting semantics.

Recorded as Issue-49

Should org:Organization be sub-class of foaf:Agent

Comment from João Paulo.

Recorded as Issue-50

(consider birthday property as a test case)

Should org:Post be a sub class of org:Organzation

Comment from João Paulo.

Recorded as Issue-51