ORG Implementations

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A summary of known implementations of ORG is given below.

No formal implementation reports have yet been requested. As reports become available this page will be updated, including a summary of ORG terms that have been used.

ORG implementations
Reporter Description Link (if public) Aspects used
Dave Reynolds Publication and visualization of organograms of UK government departments and agencies Core, Structure, Posts, Membership
James McKinney [1] Description? Core, Structure, Posts, Membership
Leigh Dodds [2] Describe structure of the NHS, including hierarchical structure of the organisation and the various sites associated with the health care providers Core, Structure, Sites
Bernadette Hyland W3C Community Directory Core, Sites
Bart van Leeuwen Representation of chain of command for use in emergency response Core, Posts
Phil Archer [3] reporting work by Giorgia Lodi Italian government organograms
Phil Archer [4] Pilot test of Organogram for the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernance
George Thomas [5] Representation of Hospital sites and address information on E.g. Sites
Dominique Guardiola Details unknown (provided French translation of ontology)  ?