Geography and Spatial Information

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Deliverables: Standard Vocabularies 2.3.5 of the GLD WG Charter addresses the use of standard vocabularies for handling geographic concepts and geospatial data.

Geographic terminologies

  • Political Boundaries
  • Hydrography
  • and other terminologies, e.g. along lines of efforts by UK Ordinance Survey and US FGDC A-16 Framework Data Themes

Notable efforts in government to develop ontologies for geographic features include:

Geospatial Features

  • Simple Features, e.g. WGS84 lat/long
  • Complex Geodata, e.g. polygonal data
  • Spatial reference systems, e.g. EPSG and other designators for spatial reference systems

Action Item: support 2.3.5 - Standard Vocabularies - (optional) Geography, Spatial Information - Chris Musialek (GSA), Dave G. Smith (EPA), Todd Pehle (Orbis). Retrieved from ""