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Implementer's note: The WG is considering a change to the normalization algorithm to improve the coverage of the integrity checking rules. Please see [1] for details and respond if this would cause problems.

A summary of known implementations of Data Cube is given below.

Data implementations
Reporter Description Link (if public) Conformance
Dave Reynolds Environment Agency, Bathing water quality. Data Cubes are used to represent but current and history weekly and annual assessments of quality of water at bathing locations in England and Wales
Dave Reynolds COINS. The UK treasury Combined Online Information System dataset for 2010 was released as Linked Data using the Data Cube vocabulary.
Dave Reynolds Local government payments. A number of UK Local Authorities have published Linked Data describing payments made to suppliers. This was achieved via the payments ontology, an extension of the Data Cube vocabulary.
Dave Reynolds Weather forecasts. The UK MetOffice has develop a beta service to publish site-specific weather forecasts, using the Data Cube vocabulary to represent the forecast values.
Peter Winstanley [2] Consumption data. Scottish Government have made use of the RDF Data Cube vocabulary for the publication of utilities consumption data.
Leigh Dodds [3] NHS performance statistics
Leigh Dodds [4] DOPA project. Used DataCube to define how to surface Linked Data from a

statistical data platform.

Bill Roberts Over 50 datasets from the UK Department of Communities and Local Government including housing, well-being and deprivation.
Ørnulf Risnes [5] Nesstar visualization. Under development by Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD),
Sarven Capadisli [6] Linked SDMX Data. Linked data publication of statistical data from OECD, FAO, BFS, ECB, World Bank, Transparency International.
Benedikt Kämpgen [7] Eurostat Linked Data Wrapper. Linked data publication of statistical SDMX data from Eurostat using the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary.
Benedikt Kämpgen [8] SEC Edgar Linked Data Wrapper. Data Cubes are used to represent XBRL data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. For example, those cubes are used in the Financial Information Observation System (FIOS) [9].
Benedikt Kämpgen [10] Global Health Observatory Dataset. Data Cubes are used to represent WHO's Global Health Observatory ( dataset (
Benedikt Kämpgen [11] ISTAT Immigration. This dataset collects official statistical data about immigration in Italy, provided by the Italian National Institute of Statistics ( Data is represented by means of the Data Cube vocabulary.
Michael Martin [12] CubeViz - the RDF DataCube browser is a tool dealing with statistics represented with the RDF DataCube vocabulary. N/A (viewer)
Jose Emilio Labra Gayo [13] Computex. This implementation is called Computex (Computational Statistical Indexes). It can be seen as an extension of RDF Data Cube to represent statistical indexes that can be automatically computed using SPARQL queries. All IC pass [14]
Jose Emilio Labra Gayo [15] Computex validator. Validator, which will also validate RDF Data Cube data, is in development. N/A