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15:01:41 <HadleyBeeman> zakim, this is gld
15:01:41 <Zakim> ok, HadleyBeeman; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
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15:01:48 <HadleyBeeman> zakim, who is here?
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15:02:08 <olyerickson> zakim, who is on the phone?
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15:02:14 <DaveReynolds> zakim, IPcaller is me
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15:02:24 <boris> zakim,code?
15:02:25 <Zakim> the conference code is 45394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, boris
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15:02:36 <olyerickson> zakim, who is on the phone?
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15:02:51 <bhyland> dialing in, apologies...
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15:02:57 <olyerickson> zakim, I am ??P39.
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15:04:43 <HadleyBeeman> zakim, who is speaking?
15:04:53 <Zakim> HadleyBeeman, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: bhyland (89%)
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15:06:40 <bhyland> Agenda:
15:07:01 <sandro> scribe: sandro
15:07:11 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
15:07:11 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, olyerickson (muted), DaveReynolds, Sandro, bhyland, martin_ (muted), TallTed (muted)
15:07:20 <olyerickson> (says...)
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15:08:05 <sandro> (martin alvarez)
15:08:32 <sandro> bern: we could do tracker or talk about w3
15:09:03 <Zakim> + +
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15:09:18 <PhilA> zakim, ??P62 is me
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15:09:21 <sandro> sandro: I'm not willing to partiticpate in this w3 discussion
15:09:26 <olyerickson> bhyland: proposes "Discuss visibility of W3C in Open Government Data landscape"
15:09:50 <sandro> hadley: is this official thing?   or informal?
15:09:51 <Zakim> +Mike_Pendleton
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15:10:13 <HadleyBeeman> I'm just curious about whether/how this fits within our charter.
15:10:23 <HadleyBeeman> (Or if this is an off-the-record chat)
15:10:34 <sandro> bern: I could air my concern and people can tell me it's not a problem
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15:10:43 <sandro> sandro: is this the same as at tpac?
#15:10:46 <HadleyBeeman> scribe: Hadleybeeman
#15:10:50 <sandro> HadleyBeeman, I'll keep scribing, it's fine.
#15:10:58 <sandro> scribe: sandro
15:10:58 <HadleyBeeman> Go for it, sandro. Thanks!!
15:11:32 <sandro> bern: GLD was set up with an expectation of participation from and John Sheridan
15:12:18 <sandro> bern: I went to a conference at US NIST -- which is the org responsible for broadly data stewardship related to measurement -- and there wasn't any presence of the W3 there.    Audience of 400-500 people.
15:12:20 <PhilA> q+ to interrupt this
15:12:28 <sandro> bern: we're not so visible, from what I can tell.
15:12:40 <sandro> bern: are we visible in the UK, in Spain, etc?
15:12:45 <PhilA> q-
15:13:08 <sandro> PhilA: +1 sandro I don't think this an appropriate use of the group's time.  we have open issues, vocabs, etc.
15:13:18 <bhyland> PhilA
15:13:27 <sandro> PhilA: I'm happy to talk about what's going on, but it's not for this meeting.
15:13:59 <sandro> bern: I'll take this to elsewhere, then.
15:14:09 <bhyland> q?
15:14:10 <olyerickson> Was this the NIST conference?
15:14:14 <sandro> bern: anyone else?
15:14:29 <sandro> bern: yes, olyerickson that was it.
15:14:34 <bhyland> Proposal to accept minutes from last week:
15:14:56 <sandro> topic: Admin
15:15:07 <bhyland> Minutes from last week:
15:15:25 <DaveReynolds> +1
15:15:37 <Mike_Pendleton> +1
15:15:44 <sandro> RESOLVED: accept minutes from last week
15:15:49 <HadleyBeeman> +1
15:15:55 <sandro> Zakim, who is on the call?
15:15:55 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, olyerickson (muted), DaveReynolds, Sandro, bhyland, martin_ (muted), TallTed (muted), +, james, PhilA, Mike_Pendleton
15:16:05 <sandro> topic: next F2F
15:16:14 <sandro> bern: no update on dublin meeting
15:16:59 <sandro> action: bhyland set up f2f wiki page
15:16:59 <trackbot> Created ACTION-85 - Set up f2f wiki page [on Bernadette Hyland - due 2013-01-24].
15:17:06 <bhyland> Action: Tracker Review
15:17:06 <trackbot> Error finding 'Tracker'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
15:17:06 <bhyland> 	1.	Open items, see
15:18:04 <sandro> zakim, aadd is biplav
15:18:04 <Zakim> +biplav; got it
15:18:39 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
15:18:39 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, olyerickson (muted), DaveReynolds, Sandro, bhyland, martin_ (muted), TallTed (muted), biplav, james, PhilA, Mike_Pendleton
15:18:49 <sandro>
15:19:10 <sandro> sandro: let's sort by the Product column, so they are grouped that way.
15:19:19 <sandro> issue-28?
15:19:19 <trackbot> ISSUE-28 -- Is a vocabulary 5-star? -- raised
15:19:19 <trackbot>
15:19:44 <sandro> bern: Any guesses what Michael was thinking?
15:20:35 <sandro> sandro: I see it's coming from a Vatant post.
15:21:01 <sandro> sandro: Is this stuff in the current best practices doc?
15:21:06 <sandro> bern: it's not now, but it would be good to add.
15:21:28 <sandro> bern: examples would be good.
15:21:48 <DaveReynolds> q+
15:22:18 <sandro> sandro: maybe close this and action bern to add a draft to bp
15:22:35 <sandro> DaveReynolds: bernard's post covers stuff we're already doing in our vocabs
15:23:08 <sandro> action: bhyland to pub guidance in bp checklist guided by
15:23:08 <trackbot> Created ACTION-86 - Pub guidance in bp checklist guided by [on Bernadette Hyland - due 2013-01-24].
15:23:30 <sandro> PROPOSED: close issue-28 given action-86
15:23:33 <Yigal> Yigal has joined #gld
15:23:34 <TallTed> +1
15:23:34 <DaveReynolds> +1
15:23:39 <sandro> RESOLVED: close issue-28 given action-86
15:23:39 <bhyland>  Next:
15:23:55 <sandro> close issue-28
15:23:56 <trackbot> Closed ISSUE-28 Is a vocabulary 5-star?.
15:24:31 <sandro> issue-15?
15:24:31 <trackbot> ISSUE-15 -- GLD life cycle -- raised
15:24:31 <trackbot>
15:24:36 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
15:24:37 <TallTed> trackbot, associate action-86 with issue-28
15:24:37 <trackbot> ACTION-86 (Pub guidance in bp checklist guided by associated with ISSUE-28.
15:24:50 <Yigal> zakim, IPcaller is me
15:24:50 <Zakim> +Yigal; got it
15:24:54 <sandro> bern: Boris and I can still work on this.
15:25:44 <bhyland>  Next:
15:25:46 <sandro> action: bhyland to include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15)
15:25:46 <trackbot> Created ACTION-87 - Include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15) [on Bernadette Hyland - due 2013-01-24].
15:25:53 <sandro> action: boris to include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15)
15:25:53 <trackbot> Created ACTION-88 - Include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15) [on Boris Villazón-Terrazas - due 2013-01-24].
15:26:17 <sandro> RESOLVED: close issue-15 based on action-87 and action-88
15:26:22 <sandro> close issue-15
15:26:22 <trackbot> Closed ISSUE-15 GLD life cycle.
15:26:37 <TallTed> trackbot, associate action-87 with issue-15
15:26:37 <trackbot> ACTION-87 (Include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15)) associated with ISSUE-15.
15:26:39 <sandro> topic: issue-16
15:26:41 <TallTed> trackbot, associate action-88 with issue-15
15:26:41 <trackbot> ACTION-88 (Include life cycle information into bp (from issue-15)) associated with ISSUE-15.
15:26:47 <sandro> issue-16?
15:26:47 <trackbot> ISSUE-16 -- Re-usable sections or other GLD documents -- raised
15:26:47 <trackbot>
15:27:26 <sandro> bern: I'd call this a topical mapping of the various things in vocab docs and best practices.   we need consistent review of deliverbales so they don't contradict each other.
15:27:46 <sandro> bern: much of bp was initially a cut-and-paste, and we don't want to the same info in two locations.
15:28:02 <sandro> bern: I think we can just close this -- the review cycle will already take care of this.
15:28:10 <HadleyBeeman> +1 to this being a part of the editorial process
15:28:17 <sandro> proposed: close issue-16 it's part of normal process
15:28:22 <bhyland>  Next:
15:28:30 <sandro> RESOLVED: close issue-16 it's part of normal process
15:28:35 <sandro> close issue-16
15:28:35 <trackbot> Closed ISSUE-16 Re-usable sections or other GLD documents.
15:29:04 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me.
15:29:04 <Zakim> olyerickson should no longer be muted
15:29:21 <sandro> topic: issue-12
15:29:23 <sandro> issue=12?
15:29:26 <sandro> issue-12?
15:29:26 <trackbot> ISSUE-12 -- What values to use to describe formats of dcat:Distribution? -- raised
15:29:26 <trackbot>
15:29:32 <olyerickson> Most recent update from Fadi was
15:29:49 <sandro> DaveReynolds?
15:30:04 <sandro> DaveReynolds: not involved in dcat enough to comment
15:30:43 <sandro> olyerickson: This is about whether there should be some suggested formats.   There was much back-and-forth in email.   Most recent was a set of examples that fadi put into wiki.
15:31:28 <sandro> olyerickson: I don't have a problem with this, but I don't see clear consensus yet.
15:31:32 <PhilA> q+
15:31:55 <DaveReynolds> +1 to move to Open
15:31:59 <sandro> bern: shall we mark it OPEN and action someone to review the status
15:32:01 <sandro> +1
15:32:06 <bhyland> +1
15:32:10 <TallTed> yes -- mark issue open, push proposed resolution through email, schedule vote on proposal for future calll...
15:32:11 <DaveReynolds> -0 to creating action since we need someone to take the action :)
15:32:22 <sandro> heh
15:32:29 <bhyland> @DaveR, we'll get to that … ;-)
15:32:39 <sandro> olyerickson: ISSUE doesn't have a proposal, it's just a question.
15:32:52 <sandro> bern: olyerickson do you understand what Fadi was looking for?
15:33:20 <sandro> open issue-12
15:34:43 <sandro> bern: I'll talk to Fadi about dcat issues, for a future meeting
15:35:46 <bhyland>  Next:
15:36:00 <sandro> okay, all DCAT RAISED issues now OPEN.
15:36:12 <sandro> topic: data cube RAISED issues
15:37:01 <sandro> DaveReynolds: let's scan them one by one, so we only open the ones we're going to put time into.
15:37:04 <PhilA> q-
15:37:16 <sandro> issue-30?
15:37:16 <trackbot> ISSUE-30 -- Declaring relations between cubes -- raised
15:37:16 <trackbot>
15:38:13 <sandro> DaveReynolds: discussed in email this past week.         one cube might be a summary of another cube.
15:38:41 <sandro> ... benedikt said something, ...      I'm concerned this may be too complex for this WG.   Let's leave this RAISED for now.
15:38:55 <bhyland> issue-31?
15:38:55 <trackbot> ISSUE-31 -- Supporting aggregation for other than SKOS hierarchies -- raised
15:38:55 <trackbot>
15:38:58 <sandro> ... it may be beyond the bandwidth of this WG
15:39:24 <sandro> bhyland: so leaving it as RAISED means it's kind of on our to-do list if we have time.
15:39:48 <sandro> DaveReynolds: let's open issue-31 and take care of it.
15:40:09 <sandro> DaveReynolds: eg goegraphic relationships
15:40:27 <sandro> open issue-31
15:41:00 <TallTed> "by ..."?
15:41:22 <sandro> action: DaveReynolds to propose solutions for issue-31 - due 4 weeks
15:41:22 <trackbot> Error finding 'DaveReynolds'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
15:41:33 <sandro> action: Dave to propose solutions for issue-31 - due 4 weeks
15:41:33 <trackbot> Created ACTION-89 - propose solutions for issue-31 [on Dave Reynolds - due 2013-02-14].
15:41:37 <bhyland> issue-39?
15:41:37 <trackbot> ISSUE-39 -- Data Cube: Allow skos:Collections as value of qb:codeList -- raised
15:41:37 <trackbot>
15:42:41 <sandro> DaveReynolds: This has also been discussed recently.   Probably not out of scope.     But I think it has to be richard moving this forward.
15:43:19 <bhyland> issue-37?
15:43:19 <trackbot> ISSUE-37 -- Align Data Cube with SDMX 2.1 -- raised
15:43:19 <trackbot>
15:44:09 <sandro> DaveReynolds: Richard is also better placed to comment on this.  I'm not familiar with the changes in SDMX 2.1.     Someone needs to review and figure out if this is a feasible amount of work.
15:44:26 <sandro> bern: I'd like to put it on the nice-to-have someday list.
15:45:01 <sandro> bern: there's more low-hanging-fruit.
15:45:01 <BenediktKaempgen> BenediktKaempgen has joined #gld
15:45:18 <bhyland> issue-34?
15:45:18 <trackbot> ISSUE-34 -- Clarify or drop qb:subslice ? -- raised
15:45:18 <trackbot>
15:45:35 <Zakim> +??P33
15:45:37 <sandro> DaveReynolds: The question is whether SDMX has changed in ways that make it simpler, better -- and maybe that would make our job easier.
15:45:51 <BenediktKaempgen> zakim, who is here?
15:45:51 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, olyerickson, DaveReynolds, Sandro, bhyland, martin_ (muted), TallTed (muted), biplav, james, PhilA, Mike_Pendleton, Yigal, ??P33
15:45:55 <Zakim> On IRC I see BenediktKaempgen, Yigal, Biplav, Mike_Pendleton, james, DaveReynolds, Zakim, RRSAgent, PhilA, martin_, HadleyBeeman, olyerickson, bhyland, TallTed, danbri, trackbot,
15:45:55 <Zakim> ... sandro
15:46:07 <BenediktKaempgen> zakim, ??P33 is BenediktKaempgen
15:46:07 <Zakim> +BenediktKaempgen; got it
15:46:24 <sandro> sandro: maybe we should use POSTPONED status instead of leaving it RAISED?
15:46:41 <sandro> DaveReynolds: Not yet -- let's have some review first.
15:47:34 <bhyland> issue-34?
15:47:34 <trackbot> ISSUE-34 -- Clarify or drop qb:subslice ? -- raised
15:47:34 <trackbot>
15:48:05 <sandro> action: Dave make a proposal on issue-34 -- due 4 weeks
15:48:05 <trackbot> Created ACTION-90 - Make a proposal on issue-34 -- due 4 weeks [on Dave Reynolds - due 2013-01-24].
15:48:07 <bhyland> issue-33?
15:48:08 <trackbot> ISSUE-33 -- Collections of observations and well-formedness of slices -- raised
15:48:08 <trackbot>
15:48:47 <sandro> action: Dave propose solution to issue-33 -- due 4 weeks
15:48:47 <trackbot> Created ACTION-91 - Propose solution to issue-33 -- due 4 weeks [on Dave Reynolds - due 2013-01-24].
15:49:33 <olyerickson> Clarify "using it?"
15:49:53 <bhyland> issue-32?
15:49:53 <trackbot> ISSUE-32 -- Relationship to ISO19156 - Observations & Measurements? -- raised
15:49:53 <trackbot>
15:49:53 <olyerickson> There are bioinformatics projects inthe US using it
15:49:58 <olyerickson> (Cube)
15:50:19 <bhyland> q?
15:50:25 <bhyland> ack DaveReynolds
15:50:45 <sandro> DaveReynolds: since the issue was raised, we now understand how to do this.   there's NOT a one-size-fits-all.
15:50:59 <sandro> DaveReynolds: so we need an informal clarifyin appendix.
15:52:21 <sandro> action: Dave draft an informal appendix to clarify Relationship to ISO19156 - Observations & Measurements? re issue-32 - due 4 weeks
15:52:21 <trackbot> Created ACTION-92 - draft an informal appendix to clarify Relationship to ISO19156 - Observations & Measurements? re issue-32 [on Dave Reynolds - due 2013-02-14].
15:52:36 <sandro> dav: this ISO std stands out with particular need here
15:52:47 <sandro> dav: don't want to have to relate to every other std
15:52:48 <bhyland> issue-29?
15:52:48 <trackbot> ISSUE-29 -- Criteria for well-formedness -- raised
15:52:48 <trackbot>
15:54:05 <BartvanLeeuwen> BartvanLeeuwen has joined #gld
15:54:20 <PhilA> Might that be a QB Profile??
15:54:32 <sandro> DaveReynolds: This is a bigger one.  The cube allows a lot of flexibility.   To make it robust and consumable, we need some device in the spec for conformance.        We have to address this somehow, but it'll be hard.
15:54:50 <sandro> action: dave come up with a proposal on issue-29 - due 6 weeks
15:54:50 <trackbot> Created ACTION-93 - come up with a proposal on issue-29 [on Dave Reynolds - due 2013-02-28].
15:54:59 <sandro> PhilA: Is this a Cube Profile?
15:55:23 <Zakim> +??P13
15:55:30 <BartvanLeeuwen> Zakim, ??p13 is me
15:55:30 <Zakim> +BartvanLeeuwen; got it
15:55:35 <sandro> DaveReynolds: Maybe.   It's diffferent in that cube has an abbreviated syntax.      That makes it more like SDMX, but requires custom inference to understand it.
15:55:47 <sandro> dav: in spirit it's a profile, but with more machinery.
15:56:05 <bhyland> Topic: ORG Vocab "Raised" tracker items
15:56:45 <sandro> Topic: RegOrg
15:56:49 <bhyland> Change of plans ...
15:56:57 <bhyland> issue-46?
15:56:57 <trackbot> ISSUE-46 -- Should GLD vocabularies define conceptual models too? -- raised
15:56:57 <trackbot>
15:57:20 <sandro> bern: this was raised by cygri...   anyone know?
15:58:10 <sandro> PhilA: ADMS and RegOrg come from a world where people use conceptual models, not just RDF.     Then the conceptual models get translated to RDF.     Richard asked if that two-stage model is necessary in this group.
15:58:26 <sandro> phil: in the fpwd this has happened.    we don't mention anything but RDF, I think.
15:58:42 <sandro> phil: So I think for regorg at least this has been resolved.
15:59:07 <sandro> phil: I think it can be closed, but we should check with richard.
15:59:24 <sandro> phil: conformance statement says you COULD use XML or something, but 'prefers' RDF.
16:00:01 <sandro> action: phil to check with richard on whether issue-46 can be closed, as already taken care of by regorg fpwd
16:00:02 <trackbot> Created ACTION-94 - Check with richard on whether issue-46 can be closed, as already taken care of by regorg fpwd [on Phil Archer - due 2013-01-24].
16:00:03 <bhyland> issue-41?
16:00:03 <trackbot> ISSUE-41 -- use of skos:altLabel or dcterms:alternative -- raised
16:00:03 <trackbot>
16:00:31 <sandro> phil: I think this is a dave question, since it comes from Org.
16:01:08 <bhyland> +1
16:01:16 <sandro> phil: regorg differs from org here.
16:01:58 <sandro> dav: you had some examples with things with multiple names in the same jurisdiction, so can't use prefLable.
16:02:03 <sandro> phil: yes.
16:02:30 <sandro> bern: given popularity of skos, I'd say use prefLabel
16:02:47 <sandro> phil: there are cases where an org has mult lables in one lang.
16:02:56 <sandro> phil: might have two names with same standing.
16:03:07 <Zakim> -biplav
16:04:05 <sandro> down to 18 raised issues.      good job folks
16:04:10 <bhyland> q?
16:04:20 <sandro> bern: thanks everyone, sorry for going overtime.
16:04:32 <Zakim> -DaveReynolds
16:04:39 <BartvanLeeuwen> thx
16:04:40 <BenediktKaempgen> bye, thanks
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16:04:44 <Zakim> -james
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16:04:45 <Zakim> -bhyland
16:04:45 <Zakim> -HadleyBeeman
16:04:46 <Zakim> -BenediktKaempgen
16:04:51 <bhyland> Thank you all, very productive call re: deliverables
16:04:53 <Zakim> -PhilA
16:04:53 <Zakim> -Yigal
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16:35:01 <Zakim> disconnecting the lone participant, martin_, in T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
16:35:02 <Zakim> T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has ended
16:35:02 <Zakim> Attendees were HadleyBeeman, +, DaveReynolds, Sandro, +34.91.334.aabb, olyerickson, biplav, bhyland, +34.91.334.aacc, boris, martin_, TallTed, +,
16:35:02 <Zakim> ... PhilA, Mike_Pendleton, james, Yigal, BenediktKaempgen, BartvanLeeuwen
16:42:47 <PhilA> rrsagent, make logs public
16:42:55 <PhilA> rrsagent, generate minutes
16:42:55 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate PhilA
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