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13:57:28 <trackbot> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
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14:01:38 <HadleyBeeman> agenda:
14:01:55 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
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14:04:02 <PhilA> PhilA has changed the topic to: Gov't Linked Data WG -- --
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14:04:25 <bhyland> Scribe: Fadi
14:04:29 <bhyland> Chair: bhyland
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14:05:07 <HadleyBeeman> Last week's minutes:
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14:05:21 <bhyland> Proposal to accept minutes from last week:
14:05:40 <fadmaa> bhyland: PROPOSAL: accept last week minutes
14:05:55 <fadmaa> bhyland: we discussed attribution during last week telco
14:07:09 <bhyland> +1
14:07:12 <BartvanLeeuwen> +1
14:07:15 <HadleyBeeman> +1
14:07:17 <DaveReynolds> +1
14:07:18 <gatemezi> +1
14:07:19 <PhilA> +1
14:07:37 <fadmaa> bhyland: RESOLUTION: accept the minutes
14:08:13 <fadmaa> bhyland: I thank you all for the great outreach last week with regards to the vocabularies
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14:08:47 <HadleyBeeman>
14:09:02 <fadmaa> bhyland: there was a great discussion particularly about DCAT and thanks to cygri for addressing most of them
14:09:23 <fadmaa> RESOLUTION: accept last week minutes
14:09:43 <fadmaa> TOPIC: F2F meeting in Dublin
14:09:48 <bhyland> Agenda:
14:09:57 <fadmaa> bhyland: we have 10 confirmed people
14:10:17 <Zakim> +MakxDekkers
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14:10:24 <fadmaa> bhyland: any thoughts regarding remote joining?
14:10:26 <Zakim> +[LC]
14:10:29 <bhyland> q?
14:10:35 <tinagheen> Zakim, [LC] is me
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14:10:38 <DaveReynolds> q+
14:11:08 <fadmaa> DaveReynolds: normally there is no remote option in the W3C F2F meeting
14:11:20 <DaveReynolds> s/no/always a/
14:12:08 <DaveReynolds> ack me
14:12:13 <olyerickson> yes I am...
14:12:19 <olyerickson> not going to Dublin
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14:12:46 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:12:46 <Zakim> On the phone I see james, HadleyBeeman, bhyland, fadmaa (muted), cygri, PhilA, Sandro, BartvanLeeuwen, Biplav, olyerickson, DaveReynolds, Mike_Pendleton, MakxDekkers, tinagheen
14:13:03 <fadmaa> sandro: It'd help if we get a good Web cam for people joining remotely
14:13:18 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
14:13:24 <fadmaa> bhyland: we need someone to operate it though
14:13:26 <MariosMeimaris> zakim, IPcaller is me
14:13:26 <Zakim> +MariosMeimaris; got it
14:13:37 <MakxDekkers> I can bring my MiFi, but don't have an Irish SIM
14:13:52 <fadmaa> bhyland: we have no meal sponsor... you are encouraged to do so
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14:13:59 <bhyland> q?
14:14:04 <fadmaa> bhyland: otherwise, we have to pay for our meals
14:15:00 <fadmaa> cygri: the most important thing is to have time for discussing comments related to last call
14:15:29 <fadmaa> cygri: we have an hour slot reserved for each of the vocabulary
14:15:43 <bhyland> +1
14:15:44 <HadleyBeeman> +1 to being flexible about the agenda.
14:16:01 <fadmaa> cygri: I'd encourage being flexible with the agenda to accomodate for potential comments we might get
14:16:02 <HadleyBeeman> Especially because we don't know how many last call comments we will have, who will be able to participate.
14:16:10 <olyerickson> I can dial-in to the DCAT discussion
14:16:16 <fadmaa> bhyland: totally agree
14:16:55 <olyerickson> I did not realize I was on the agenda (looking at URI section)
14:16:58 <gatemezi> +1 to cygri point related to agenda flexibility and have more time for vocabs discussions
14:17:05 <PhilA> q+
14:17:10 <fadmaa> bhyland: we might cancel the session dedicated to discussing licenses
14:17:38 <bhyland> q?
14:17:43 <bhyland> ack PhilA
14:17:49 <fadmaa> bhyland: PhilA will be our W3C contact during the meeting
14:18:32 <PhilA>
14:18:56 <fadmaa> PhilA: regarding F2F agenda, there is an hour dedicated to the open data on the web workshop
14:19:25 <fadmaa> PhilA: all people on this call is welcomed to join even if he/she has no paper there
14:19:39 <HadleyBeeman> PhilA, would you rather put a different title on the F2F session?
14:20:43 <DaveReynolds> q+
14:20:49 <fadmaa> bhyland: we might use this slot to also discuss the potential of a follow-up of this group
14:20:54 <BartvanLeeuwen> Sorry PhilA ;)
14:21:09 <bhyland> q?
14:21:41 <Biplav> q+
14:21:51 <HadleyBeeman> ack dave
14:22:26 <DaveReynolds> ack me
14:22:41 <HadleyBeeman> ack biplav
14:22:43 <bhyland> q?
14:23:37 <fadmaa> Biplav: a possible agenda topic, reserving a slot to reach-out for people other than the attendants
14:23:50 <HadleyBeeman> q+
14:23:50 <bhyland> Biplav: Suggested we have a considered, thoughtful outreach effort post-GLD WG ...
14:23:54 <fadmaa> Biplav: I mean people working on open governemtn catalogues
14:23:58 <bhyland> … .e.g, Greece, Kenya, etc.
14:24:16 <fadmaa> s/governemtn/government/
14:24:37 <BartvanLeeuwen> q+
14:25:07 <bhyland> q?
14:25:50 <cygri> q+
14:26:02 <fadmaa> Biplav: a half-time slot that people from outside the working group might join remotely (online)
14:26:09 <bhyland> +1 to Biplav's idea but not sure how we'd do it logistically
14:26:32 <fadmaa> HadleyBeeman: very good idea I am a bit concerned that we might don't have time for that
14:26:48 <fadmaa> HadleyBeeman: also we need their comments to arrive before the F2F
14:27:33 <gatemezi> For the comments, we can also try to send them a mail via their public address
14:27:40 <gatemezi> from their portal
14:28:01 <HadleyBeeman> +1 to bhyland to explore this… and possibly wrap into EDF presentation?
14:28:03 <bhyland> Biplav: There are risks, but there there benefits to present a polished presentation on the deliverables, to promote usage.
14:28:07 <fadmaa> bhyland: we have a speaking slot at EDF I can use a couple of minutes of the slot there
14:28:12 <HadleyBeeman> q-
14:28:53 <HadleyBeeman> Should we find some way to include the eGov IG in this outreach?
14:29:01 <fadmaa> BartvanLeeuwen: Biplav idea sounds good to me. I'd suggest to have some ready presentation that we can use to reach-out about the working group activities and products
14:29:24 <fadmaa> BartvanLeeuwen: we might work on that during the F2F meeting
14:29:36 <bhyland> +1 to Bart's idea for a short deck that all members could use for future presentations.
14:30:25 <bhyland> Does anyone want to take this as an action item?  We have lots of content …. anyone feeling their inner marketing creativity?
14:30:27 <danbri> danbri has joined #gld
14:30:35 <fadmaa> cygri: outreach is definitely important. I am, though, concerned about taking time out of the F2F meeting for this
14:31:41 <fadmaa> cygri: The F2F meeting is not necessarily the best time to work on preparing a presentation... using the time for discussing   and planning outreach activities sound better to me
14:32:21 <bhyland> q?
14:32:26 <bhyland> ack Bart
14:32:32 <bhyland> ack cygri
14:32:38 <fadmaa> bhyland: I updated the agenda and dedicated a skot for the outreach
14:32:48 <fadmaa> TOPIC: Linked Data Glossary
14:33:01 <fadmaa> bhyland: we have a short name approved.
14:33:16 <fadmaa> bhyland: we seeked the feedback of a number of relevant experts
14:33:57 <fadmaa> bhyland: we are ready to getting it published as a note
14:35:07 <olyerickson> Yes, jahendler is out for Passover
14:35:19 <bhyland> q?
14:35:24 <fadmaa> PhilA: we need to keep the upcoming holidays in mind with regards to the publication dates
14:35:35 <fadmaa> TOPIC: DCAT
14:35:38 <bhyland>
14:35:54 <fadmaa> Zakim, unmute me
14:35:54 <Zakim> fadmaa should no longer be muted
14:36:31 <fadmaa>
14:37:15 <olyerickson> How are we tracking and vetting these DCAT issues?
14:37:45 <sandro> has a much more strict process than  (at the moment)
14:38:24 <bhyland>
14:38:46 <olyerickson> Wait, are "we" editing the LCWD?
14:39:00 <fadmaa>
14:39:01 <Zakim> -Biplav
14:39:07 <olyerickson> ie making changes during LC?
14:39:44 <fadmaa> Zakim, mute me
14:39:44 <Zakim> fadmaa should now be muted
14:40:01 <fadmaa> Zakim, unmute me
14:40:01 <Zakim> fadmaa should no longer be muted
14:40:02 <olyerickson> Q+
14:40:21 <bhyland> q?
14:40:27 <fadmaa> Zakim, mute me
14:40:27 <Zakim> fadmaa should now be muted
14:40:42 <cygri> q+
14:40:58 <fadmaa> olyerickson: are we editing the last call working draft as we are getting the comments?
14:41:05 <DaveReynolds> q+
14:41:31 <PhilA> q+ to answer John
14:41:39 <fadmaa> olyerickson: that might confuse people as they are asked to review the specification
14:41:40 <olyerickson> ack
14:41:50 <sandro> olyerickson, the WORKING DRAFT is NOT being changed.    I imagine the EDITORS DRAFT is being changed.
14:41:54 <fadmaa> bhyland: we need to respond to all the comments we are getting
14:42:08 <olyerickson> sandro: okay...
14:42:19 <cygri> q-
14:42:20 <fadmaa> bhyland: and we need to edit the document when we have corrections to make
14:42:28 <DaveReynolds> q-
14:42:36 <fadmaa> sandro: the editor draft can be edited but not the working draft
14:42:52 <sandro> PhilA: The changes made need to be within a very limited bound.   Substantial changes will require another Last Call.
14:42:56 <fadmaa> sandro: editing the working draft needs group agreement
14:43:16 <sandro> PhilA: The changes can be editorial, no more.
14:43:27 <fadmaa> PhilA: we can only make editorial changes to the last call working draft. major changes require re-going through the process
14:43:54 <PhilA> q-
14:43:56 <sandro> PhilA: A subtantive change is something that would break an implementation.   A substantive change would require a second last call.
14:43:58 <bhyland> Topic: Data Cube
14:44:00 <olyerickson> q-
14:44:04 <bhyland>
14:44:22 <sandro> fadmaa, where/how are comments being tracked?
14:44:28 <sandro> fadmaa, (if they are)
14:44:35 <fadmaa> cygri: we are waiting for last call feedback
14:44:42 <bhyland> They should be tracked via public comments mailing list
14:44:50 <fadmaa> cygri: so far there has been no comments received
14:45:03 <fadmaa> bhyland: how are we tracking the comments we get?
14:45:05 <danbri> danbri has joined #gld
14:45:15 <bhyland> Sandro: Disposition of comments
14:45:39 <fadmaa> sandro: we need to create a page that list the coments we get and how we address them
14:45:39 <HadleyBeeman> Example disposition of comments
14:46:40 <bhyland> Sandro: Some groups use a simple wiki or LC tracker.
14:46:42 <fadmaa> sandro: groups can use a Wiki page or the LC comments tracker
14:47:01 <cygri> q+
14:47:17 <fadmaa> bhyland: editors should be responsible of maintaining this?
14:47:22 <bhyland> … Advise doing it along the way.
14:47:27 <fadmaa> sandro: either editors or the chairs can do this
14:47:55 <DaveReynolds> For example see for ORG. That will need cleaning up and checking before asking for a CR transition.
14:48:37 <bhyland> @Dave, thank you, good example.
14:48:53 <fadmaa> cygri: we have a number of spec in the last call currently. Creating a list from the mailing archive we have is some manual work that needs to be done but I don't think it will be a lot of work
14:48:59 <fadmaa> ... if we do it per spec.
14:49:06 <sandro> Here's a pretty wiki page:   or another
14:49:27 <fadmaa> cygri: I think having the editors keeping track of that is a good idea
14:49:58 <sandro> "disposition of comments"
14:50:24 <fadmaa> HadleyBeeman: I will add a column "disposition of comments" to the summary table we have
14:50:47 <fadmaa> sandro: will we use WIKI or LC tracker?
14:50:48 <DaveReynolds> q+
14:50:53 <fadmaa> bhyland:
14:51:07 <fadmaa> bhyland: let's leave it to the decision of the editors
14:51:14 <gatemezi> @hadleyBeeman: with a link to each comment section per spec?
14:51:24 <fadmaa> bhyland: this is only for the recommendation track
14:51:51 <HadleyBeeman> @gatemezi: yes, a with a link to each comment. I'll create a holding page for comment tracking of each spec.
14:51:55 <bhyland> q?
14:52:09 <bhyland> Topic: Org Vocab
14:52:10 <bhyland>
14:52:33 <fadmaa> DaveReynolds: we have only one comment which is not specifically related to ORG
14:53:11 <fadmaa> DaveReynolds: I responded to it but don't consider that a direct comment to ORG
14:53:52 <fadmaa> PhilA: we need to respond to comments until the commentor is happy
14:53:56 <bhyland> Definition of what goes on the Disposition wiki page or tracker = Proof that comments were received, evaluated and replied to.  Replies don't always have to be in the affirmative.
14:54:10 <fadmaa> PhilA: or we get no response. still good to send a reminder
14:54:23 <fadmaa> ... in case of no response
14:55:05 <fadmaa> DaveReynolds: we have to respond to any comment that is clearly addressed at some last call draft
14:55:49 <sandro> yay!
14:55:52 <HadleyBeeman> :)
14:56:08 <fadmaa> DaveReynolds: the provenance group informed us that they are happy with the reply we provided
14:56:12 <sandro> DaveReynolds: PROV WG is happy with our responses with their reviews.
14:56:13 <bhyland> Issue-55, issue-56, issue-57 can all be closed.
14:56:19 <sandro> issue-55?
14:56:19 <trackbot> ISSUE-55 -- Use of prov:wasDerivedFrom -- pending review
14:56:19 <trackbot>
14:56:23 <sandro> issue-56?
14:56:23 <trackbot> ISSUE-56 -- Check PROV semantic constraints -- pending review
14:56:23 <trackbot>
14:56:26 <sandro> issue-57?
14:56:26 <trackbot> ISSUE-57 -- PROV use of invalidation -- pending review
14:56:26 <trackbot>
14:56:33 <fadmaa> DaveReynolds: we can now close the issues 55, 56 and 57
14:56:35 <Zakim> -olyerickson
14:56:43 <bhyland> Topic: Community Directory
14:56:44 <bhyland>
14:56:46 <DaveReynolds> q-
14:57:26 <fadmaa> bhyland: we worked on streamlining the workflow re. community directory
14:57:40 <fadmaa> bhyland: have a look at the updated document
14:58:13 <fadmaa> bhyland: creating an entry now is an asynchronous process
14:58:36 <fadmaa> bhyland: in response to registering an entry we provide RDF (we used the ORG ontology also)
14:59:00 <fadmaa> ... the web master can then paste the resulting RDF
14:59:37 <fadmaa> ... after that, the location of the published RDF needs to be provided to our system
14:59:38 <sandro> I wonder about using a .well-known location, so one just needs the domain name?     Or about embedding it in the / document
14:59:57 <fadmaa> ... the user interface of the directory has been significantly improved
15:00:37 <sandro> +1 willing to try
15:00:42 <fadmaa> bhyland: people on this call are encouraged to test it
15:00:54 <bhyland> q?
15:01:13 <fadmaa> ... they need to be able to put a turtle file one the Web
15:01:25 <PhilA> I can give it a whirl although I don't think I'm really the target for the Dir but yes, I have write access to
15:01:32 <sandro> q+
15:01:38 <bhyland> ack cygri
15:01:42 <olyerickson> olyerickson has left #gld
15:02:02 <DaveReynolds> q+
15:02:42 <sandro> Is it okay too put the w3c one at ... ?
15:02:43 <bhyland> Sandro: The dir.ttl Turtle file can be put in your staff or personal area.
15:02:49 <sandro> bhyland: yes
15:04:15 <HadleyBeeman> If we have personal information, might there be Data Protection issues in moving data from one databases to another?
15:04:31 <bhyland> q?
15:04:34 <sandro> q-
15:04:36 <DaveReynolds> q-
15:04:37 <bhyland> ack sandro
15:05:03 <gatemezi> I guess we have info that are public
15:05:19 <BartvanLeeuwen> cya
15:05:26 <gatemezi> office tel, address, etc..
15:05:26 <fadmaa> RRSAgent: make minutes public
15:05:26 <RRSAgent> I'm logging. I don't understand 'make minutes public', fadmaa.  Try /msg RRSAgent help
15:05:27 <Zakim> -BartvanLeeuwen
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15:05:31 <Zakim> -MakxDekkers
15:05:32 <Zakim> -bhyland
15:05:33 <Zakim> -tinagheen
15:05:33 <Zakim> -cygri
15:05:33 <Zakim> -Sandro
15:05:35 <Zakim> -DaveReynolds
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15:05:36 <Zakim> -PhilA
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15:05:37 <Zakim> -james
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15:05:53 <fadmaa> rrsagent, generate minutes
15:05:53 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate fadmaa
15:05:58 <bhyland> Thanks everyone, sorry for the moving that telecon so fast, we had a lot to cover.
15:05:59 <Zakim> -fadmaa
15:05:59 <Zakim> T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has ended
15:05:59 <Zakim> Attendees were james, HadleyBeeman, +3539149aaaa, fadmaa, cygri, PhilA, Sandro, bhyland, BartvanLeeuwen, +, Biplav, olyerickson, DaveReynolds, Mike_Pendleton,
15:06:00 <Zakim> ... MakxDekkers, tinagheen, MariosMeimaris
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15:06:04 <bhyland> Thanks Fadi for scribing!!