ORG validator

This is a beta-release, please notify the GLD working group of any problems.

This site is provided by the GLD Working Group to assist with collecting implementation reports for the ORG ontology.

It runs a set of queries over uploaded data, allowing you to see what a consumer of your data might see if they tried to query it. If you run these queries on (a representative sample of) your data then you can see if the organizations and associated sub-organizations, sites, membership, posts and change events are found. Of course, if your data doesn't include any information on some of these aspects (e.g. change events) then none will be found, that's fine - the point is to check that the information you do expect to be there is found.

The steps are:

  1. upload data or a data sample,
  2. browse the data via this viewer to confirm that the information you expect to be there is visible,
  3. if all is as you expect then tell us about your implementation.

1. Upload data

Please select one or more test files to upload.

If your data uses some ORG terms via an extension ontology then please include the ontology in the uploaded files in order for the tool to perform the inferences necessary.

Uploads are limited to 5Mb. If your full data is larger than this choose a representative sample.
If this is problematic please contact the Working Group.