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Welcome to the collaborative web space for the W3C Audio WG - the group chartered to work on next-generation standards for audio processing and synthesis on the web.


Nov/Dec 2012: The group is focussing its efforts on both the Web Audio API and Web MIDI API drafts - the latter was recently published as a first public working draft and reviewed positively. Meanwhile, the Use Cases and Requirements has received some feedback after its publication, and we expect to republish it as a note soon.

As several members of the group endeavour to implement the web audio specification, many issues are being raised and fixed in Bugzilla, where most of our work takes place these days. See #Issues Tracking for details.

For a detailed breakdown of deliverables and milestones, see the W3C Audio Publications and Milestones wiki page.

How we work (and how you can contribute)

The working group operates in public, mainly through discussion on the mailing-list.

Contributing to the work (everyone welcome)

Anyone is welcome to participate on the list by sending e-mail. Subscribing to the mailing-list (which can be done by sending a mail to with subject "subscribe") is strongly recommended if you want to effectively contribute to the conversation.

Here are a few ways to contribute:

Joining the Working Group (W3C members only)

The core of the work on requirements, specification and testing is done by the members of the working group, which are either W3C members or "invited experts". W3C member organisations are welcome to participate in this effort by assigning representative(s) to the group. Please get in touch with the chair (Olivier Thereaux) then join the group. Working group members are meeting weekly by phone, and once to three times a year face-to-face.

Issues Tracking

A lot of our work is related to raising, tracking and solving issues on our draft specifications.

We are using two different systems to track issues. Github for the Web MIDI API and Bugzilla for our other deliverables.

Our issues lists are currently as follows:

Spec Raised In Progress Review Closed ALL
MIDI API Open Reopened Resolved Closed N/A
Web Audio API New or Unconfirmed Assigned or Reopened Resolved Verified or Closed All
Use Cases and Requirements New or Unconfirmed Assigned or Reopened Resolved Verified or Closed All
All specs New or Unconfirmed Assigned or Reopened Resolved Verified or Closed All

If you wish to catch up with recent activity, the view of issues changed in the past week or in the past month can be useful. Or you may want the short-and-sweet list of issues recently resolved by the editors, complete with links to changesets in the specs.


Face-to-Face Meeting

The group held its latest face-to-face meeting on January 23rd and 24th 2012 at the Google offices in Venice Beach, California.

The group will be holding a face-to-face meeting on the 26th and 27th of March 2013 in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley area. Details TBC.

Telcon Times

Our next teleconference will be Thursday 24th January at Noon Boston time

From January 2013 onwards we have calls on Thursdays at Noon Boston time approximately every 2 weeks. An iCal calendar is published for group members' convenience.

  • Conference code: 28346 ("AUDIO")
  • Zakim phone Bridge: +1-617-761-6200

… or use a SIP Client to connect to the bridge.

Please remember to log in to the Audio IRC channel prior to the meeting.

  • Server:
  • Port: 6665
  • Channel: #audio

Summaries, Meeting Minutes and Resolutions

Issue Tracker

We track action items and issues on our Issue Tracker

We also track bugs in Bugzilla.