ISSUE-31: (Bugzilla 17329) AudioContext.activeSourceCount


(Bugzilla 17329) AudioContext.activeSourceCount

Web Audio API
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Philip J├Ągenstedt
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"currently playing" is not sufficiently defined.

Possibly, is it the number of AudioBufferSourceNodes with playbackState == PLAYING_STATE. However, which AudioBufferSourceNodes? After creating them, the spec doesn't define any association with the AudioContext, so it's not clear how to count them.

Seemingly, only AudioBufferSourceNodes are included in the count, but given the name including Oscillator and MediaElementAudioSourceNode ought to also be included, given that they also have playing states (directly or indirectly).

Finally, what is the use case for activeSourceCount? If it can be dropped, the above issues become moot.
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Agreed, we can probably create a more elegant solution to include Oscillator, etc.

Chris Rogers, 18 May 2012, 23:07:37

Editor acks. OPEN.

Olivier Thereaux, 30 May 2012, 20:27:40


5 Jun 2012, 13:56:44

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