W3C Community and Business Groups - Introduction

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September 2011

Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>

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Now Have Variety of Inputs to Standards Track

There are several ways to provide input to a W3C standards working group, including through new business groups and community groups

Community Groups (CGs) Are …

What do you get with Community Groups?

See the Community Group FAQ for useful information.


Tools by default:

Available on request: Mercurial repository

We expect the toolkit to grow (e.g., more social features)

Light Process

Light process:

Lightweight IPR Goals

Patent Policy Structure

Benefits of this approach

The Community Group FAQ discusses differences between W3C Patent Policy and CG Policy.

Key Elements of CG Patent Policy


Business Groups

Business Groups are a premium forum to:

Business Groups (CGs) Are …

Comparison of Community and Business Groups



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