IRC log of RDB2RDF on 2011-11-29

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16:56:57 [Ashok]
chair: Ashok
16:57:36 [Ashok]
meeting: RDB2RDF Weekly Telcon
16:57:56 [Ashok]
regrets: Ivan, Michael, Souri, Richard
16:58:53 [Ashok]
zakim, this will be RDB2RDF
16:58:53 [Zakim]
ok, Ashok; I see SW_RDB2RDF()12:00PM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
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SW_RDB2RDF()12:00PM has now started
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16:59:36 [joerg]
zakim, who is online?
16:59:36 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, joerg.
17:00:17 [joerg]
zakim, who is there?
17:00:18 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, joerg.
17:00:26 [joerg]
zakim, who is here?
17:00:26 [Zakim]
On the phone I see [IPcaller], Ashok_Malhotra
17:00:27 [Zakim]
On IRC I see joerg, RRSAgent, Zakim, Ashok, MacTed, iv_an_ru, LeeF, betehess, trackbot, ericP
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zakim, [IPcaller] is joerg
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+joerg; got it
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+ +1.636.281.aaaa
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17:04:59 [Ashok]
zakim, who is on the phone?
17:05:00 [Zakim]
On the phone I see joerg, Ashok_Malhotra, +1.636.281.aaaa, Seema
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17:06:01 [Ashok]
present: Ashok, Joerg, Seema, David. Seema, Nuno, Marcelo
17:06:20 [Zakim]
17:06:49 [nunolopes]
Zakim, cygri is temporarily me
17:06:49 [Zakim]
+nunolopes; got it
17:06:59 [Ashok]
scribenick: Seema
17:07:09 [Ashok]
scribe: Seema
17:07:34 [Ashok]
Topic: PROPOSAL: Accept the minutes of F2F meeting
17:08:03 [Seema]
RESOLUTION: Accept the minutes of F2F meeting
17:08:56 [Zakim]
17:09:30 [Ashok]
Topic: ISSUE-58: turtle-introduction
17:09:41 [Ashok]
present+: Eric
17:10:27 [Ashok]
PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-58 without change. The sections pointed out as problematic have either been removed or considerably reworded since the issue was raised.
17:10:54 [Seema]
+1 to closing Issue 58
17:11:42 [Seema]
RESOLUTION : ISSUE-58 resolved
17:12:02 [Ashok]
Topic: ISSUE-74: appendix-B2
17:15:13 [Seema]
PROPOSAL : Close ISSUE-74 without change
17:15:33 [Seema]
17:15:36 [Ashok]
Topic: ISSUE-75: tableName-sugar
17:17:08 [Seema]
David: there are still legitimate questions unanswered about Issue-75
17:18:33 [Seema]
Ashok : Leave ISSUE-75 open for now. Will discuss next week
17:19:05 [Ashok]
Topic: ISSUE-76: default-termType
17:20:25 [Ashok]
If rr:termType is not present on a template-valued object map, then rr:IRI is assumed. This is the case even if rr:datatype or rr:language are specified, which clearly indicate that the author desires literals to be created. This should perhaps be changed. This would require a different definition of “typeable term map” to avoid a circular definition.
17:20:46 [Seema]
+1 to Richard's proposal
17:21:33 [Ashok]
Topic: ISSUE-77: xsd-c14n
17:21:40 [Seema]
PROPOSAL - Resolve ISSUE-76 by making the proposed changes mentioned in issue to the document
17:21:56 [Seema]
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17:24:49 [Seema]
Ashok: Agree with Richard's proposal for resoling Issue-77
17:25:25 [ericP]
17:25:41 [Ashok]
PROPOSAL: Resolve ISSUE-77 by referencing XSD 1.1 and insert whatever magic language is needed in the Status sections to allow doing that. Action on DM an R2RML editors to work out details with Ivan and implement
17:25:50 [joerg]
17:25:58 [Seema]
17:26:41 [Ashok]
Topic: ISSUE-57: r2rml-document-syntax
17:26:52 [Ashok]
17:28:02 [Seema]
Me and Souri would like further discussion on ISSUE-57. So, we would like to keep it open for now
17:29:34 [Ashok]
17:30:02 [Seema]
Joerg: Who is the R2RML document targetted towards ?
17:31:03 [Seema]
Joerg: Would it be written by hand ? What would be the skill level of the person writing this mapping document ?
17:33:26 [Seema]
Joerg : Should I read it for correctness, ease-of-use, syntax ? Should there be an accompanying R2RML primer ?
17:36:25 [Seema]
Topic: ISSUE-67:
17:37:51 [Seema]
Eric: have not received any comments on choice of separation characters
17:38:18 [Seema]
17:38:34 [Seema]
17:40:19 [Seema]
Eric: The direct mapping document will use the %20 instead of + to represent a space character
17:40:25 [Ashok]
17:42:33 [Seema]
David: Richard was to rewrite the algorithm.We will discuss this issue later. No action taken in today's call.
17:44:07 [Seema]
Eric: should look at outreach opportunites at ESWC. Abstract is due by Dec 5th
17:44:26 [ericP]
-> ESCW 2012
17:44:41 [ericP]
[[ Abstracts have to get submitted due December 5th, 2011 and full papers due to December 12th, 2011. ]]
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- +1.636.281.aaaa
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17:46:34 [Ashok]
17:47:12 [Ashok]
rrsagent, make logs public
17:47:42 [Ashok]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate Ashok
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SW_RDB2RDF()12:00PM has ended
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Attendees were Ashok_Malhotra, joerg, +1.636.281.aaaa, Seema, nunolopes, EricP
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