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Meeting: Device APIs Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 23 November 2011
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Chair: Robin_Berjon
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Regrets: Frederick_Hirsch
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Topic: Agenda
15:05:30 [Zakim]
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15:05:33 [darobin]
15:05:33 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: it seems we don't have many people
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15:05:53 [Josh_Soref]
... Josh_Soref, thank you for the scribing again
15:05:58 [darobin]
15:06:06 [Josh_Soref]
... we need to remember that the F2F dates are being selected
15:06:24 [dom]
15:06:32 [Josh_Soref]
... please be sure you fill it out if you want to have a say about the date for the F2F
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15:06:56 [Josh_Soref]
... it seems that the current winner is Mar 13
15:07:03 [jcantera]
Present+ jcantera
15:07:04 [darobin]
15:07:11 [Josh_Soref]
... The Vibration API has been published
15:07:36 [Josh_Soref]
... hopefully as it's a short spec we can move to LC very soon
15:07:39 [darobin]
15:07:55 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Minutes Approval
15:08:06 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: I know they were sent out after the Agenda, any objections?
15:08:07 [Josh_Soref]
[ none ]
15:08:13 [Josh_Soref]
RESOLUTION: Minutes from last week are approved
15:08:17 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Web Intents TF
15:08:20 [darobin]
15:08:22 [Travis]
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15:08:40 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: It has now started, and there is a ML called public-web-intents
15:08:47 [Josh_Soref]
15:09:04 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: one thing that would be useful is to look at the current APIs we have
15:09:14 [Josh_Soref]
... and see if we can work out whether they can be worked
15:09:15 [Josh_Soref]
15:09:28 [Josh_Soref]
... into using Intents
15:09:33 [darobin]
Zakim, [Microsoft] is Travis
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15:09:54 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: my plan is to look at moving Contacts and potentially Calendar towards intents model
15:09:57 [darobin]
ack Josh_Soref
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+ +1.781.534.aadd
15:10:05 [lgombos]
Present+ Laszlo_Gombos
15:10:06 [darobin]
... I might try a hypothetical thermometer API
15:10:13 [darobin]
... Contacts is mostly lookup
15:10:18 [darobin]
q+ for writeback
15:10:35 [darobin]
... Thermometer is more about pairing — different case, different way of working
15:11:01 [darobin]
ACTION: Josh to investigate using intents for Contacts, perhaps Calendar and Thermometer
15:11:01 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-491 - Investigate using intents for Contacts, perhaps Calendar and Thermometer [on Josh Soref - due 2011-11-30].
15:11:04 [darobin]
ack me
15:11:04 [Zakim]
darobin, you wanted to discuss writeback
15:11:13 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: you mentioned Contacts being a simple lookup
15:11:24 [Josh_Soref]
... you know that initially we also had a Contacts WriteBack
15:11:24 [Dzung_Tran]
Should thermometer be part of sensors
15:11:40 [Josh_Soref]
... i think it might be useful to look into Writing/Deleting in Intents as well
15:11:54 [Josh_Soref]
... that might surface more interesting limits on the model
15:11:54 [spoussa]
+1 for contacts write and delete
15:12:18 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: would look at write and read as separate actions
15:12:32 [Travis]
Present+ Travis_Leithead
15:12:39 [darobin]
... sort of thinking of it as look up contact in one action, then range action, then way to write/modify
15:12:48 [darobin]
... on either given contact or the list
15:13:12 [darobin]
Robin: differnet actions ok, but probably same service
15:13:22 [Josh_Soref]
15:13:45 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: finding the limits of Intents early is important
15:14:06 [Josh_Soref]
... so using more complicated UCs early to shake out the kinks is important
15:14:27 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: two parts to read-only data sources
15:14:45 [Clarke]
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15:14:46 [darobin]
... on is to throw an exception, the other is to have a separte API for writing
15:14:58 [Josh_Soref]
s/on is/one is/
15:15:01 [darobin]
... exception APIs are disastrous: untested, unexpected unhandled
15:15:06 [darobin]
[+1 to that]
15:15:15 [Josh_Soref]
15:15:39 [Josh_Soref]
15:15:40 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: dropping some pointers
15:15:50 [Josh_Soref]
15:16:19 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: I've posted five parts of discussion on intents
15:16:24 [darobin]
... this is part 3 about USB hubs
15:16:34 [darobin]
... with USB, devices will often have multiple profiles
15:16:35 [Josh_Soref]
s/is/is in/
15:17:23 [darobin]
... makes sense to be able to ask for an input device (keyboard), then ask for mouse, but UA can suggest existing one
15:17:49 [darobin]
... so in contacts, you can say "already asked for lookup", upon write-back, UA says "hey, this service can do that too"
15:18:04 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: right, i see what you're getting to
15:18:06 [darobin]
15:18:08 [Dzung_Tran]
Have the WebEvents WG looks into this for Joystick API
15:18:09 [darobin]
ack jcantera
15:18:18 [Josh_Soref]
... definitely if you could look into the UC, it'd be good
15:18:26 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: I have comments on Web Intents in general
15:18:42 [Josh_Soref]
... since the TF is doing the Academic exercise that was done in the past
15:19:00 [Josh_Soref]
... the results have not been very good, creating things that implementers aren't very interested in
15:19:15 [Josh_Soref]
... I thought it was going to look at Google's input
15:19:30 [Josh_Soref]
... It would help if the Intents work would focus on already identified UCs
15:19:44 [Josh_Soref]
... And not look into things Implementers won't implement
15:19:54 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: the reason we're not looking at the Draft yet
15:20:00 [Josh_Soref]
... is that it hasn't been uploaded
15:20:17 [Josh_Soref]
... and we're working on Administration tasks
15:20:22 [Josh_Soref]
15:20:38 [Josh_Soref]
... once we have the Draft in hand, it will be easier to make comments on it
15:20:49 [Travis]
zakim, please mute Josh_Soref
15:20:49 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref should now be muted
15:20:51 [Josh_Soref]
... [ The draft has support from One, One and a half implementers ]
15:21:10 [Josh_Soref]
... Once it's available, it's important to look at Intents and see if
15:21:14 [Josh_Soref]
... it addresses the UCs
15:21:25 [Josh_Soref]
... so other groups can know if it will work for them
15:21:34 [Josh_Soref]
... does that make sense?
15:21:36 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: yes
15:21:39 [Josh_Soref]
... but if it diverges
15:21:53 [Josh_Soref]
... it may go slower than we expected
15:22:00 [Josh_Soref]
... if you have open/long discussions
15:22:11 [Josh_Soref]
... the initial `intent` is different
15:22:21 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: I invite you to take your concerns to the intents list
15:22:26 [Josh_Soref]
... i think you're on it
15:22:32 [Josh_Soref]
... i know you're working w/ the B2G people
15:22:41 [Josh_Soref]
... one thing that would be very valuable for the Intents TF
15:22:46 [Josh_Soref]
... would be for Mozilla to be more active
15:22:49 [Josh_Soref]
15:23:02 [Josh_Soref]
... I spoke to a number of Mozilla people @TPAC
15:23:08 [Josh_Soref]
... and I know they have reservations
15:23:10 [Josh_Soref]
... on Intents
15:23:16 [darobin]
15:23:27 [Josh_Soref]
... I know you're working closely with them, and I think it would help if you'd encourage them to share their feedback
15:23:41 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: My concern is that DAP/Mozilla/Intents are going along different paths
15:23:50 [Josh_Soref]
... it isn't your fault if Mozilla doesn't provide input
15:24:03 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: I'm certainly hoping that the fact that Google is submitting their Draft to the TF
15:24:07 [Josh_Soref]
... and sharing their Draft
15:24:18 [Josh_Soref]
... and Chairing the TF
15:24:19 [darobin]
ack Josh_Soref
15:24:38 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: I went to Moz's WebAPI meeting yesterday
15:24:47 [darobin]
... poked them to look at contacts via intents
15:24:56 [darobin]
... WebAPI meeting is mostly about B2G more than W3
15:25:01 [darobin]
... goal is to ship by end of year
15:25:35 [darobin]
... did try to convince them to give feedback on intents, both on contacts and similar things
15:25:44 [darobin]
... we need to push them more
15:26:02 [darobin]
ACTION: Robin to prod DavidA and Shane about feedback on Activities/Intents
15:26:02 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-492 - Prod DavidA and Shane about feedback on Activities/Intents [on Robin Berjon - due 2011-11-30].
15:26:41 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim: mute me
15:26:48 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, mute me
15:26:48 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref should now be muted
15:27:01 [Josh_Soref]
q+ to comment on "native apps needing storage apis"
15:27:13 [Josh_Soref]
s/Zakim: mute me//
15:27:26 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: I was on yesterday's call too
15:27:36 [Josh_Soref]
... but I think we need the contacts application
15:27:41 [Josh_Soref]
... to have a native api
15:27:45 [Josh_Soref]
... for storing and retrieving
15:28:13 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: I'd like to avoid spending too much time on Intents since there is a TF for it
15:28:24 [Josh_Soref]
... rather than discussing it here where we don't have the key players
15:28:32 [Josh_Soref]
... it's important to discuss it in the TF
15:28:39 [darobin]
ack Josh_Soref
15:28:41 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref, you wanted to comment on "native apps needing storage apis"
15:28:50 [Josh_Soref]
... jcantera, since you have ideas and are using it, it's important for you to send your feedback there
15:29:18 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: contacts native store is basically IDB, they don't need an API, the API is the IDB API
15:29:32 [darobin]
... then offer services to expose APIs atop that, for search, lookup, etc.
15:29:41 [darobin]
... tried to express that but seem to have failed
15:29:44 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, mute me
15:29:44 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref should now be muted
15:29:53 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Media Capture TF
15:29:58 [darobin]
15:30:00 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: ... yay, another TF
15:30:09 [Josh_Soref]
... there's a Draft Charter that I put out a couple of weeks ago
15:30:15 [Josh_Soref]
... we need it to be accepted by both groups
15:30:22 [Josh_Soref]
... any objections?
15:30:28 [Josh_Soref]
... there hasn't been much discussion about it
15:30:31 [AnssiK]
15:30:41 [Josh_Soref]
... there was a little feedback from Travis
15:30:49 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, who is making noise?
15:30:55 [Josh_Soref]
XXX: I'm in favor
15:31:01 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: darobin (60%)
15:31:06 [Josh_Soref]
... have we had any feedback from WebRTC?
15:31:19 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: hearing no objection, and some support
15:31:24 [Josh_Soref]
... resolution for accepting it?
15:31:33 [Josh_Soref]
... the Mailing List isn't up yet
15:31:38 [Travis]
15:31:39 [Josh_Soref]
... it comes after the Charter is accepted
15:31:43 [darobin]
15:31:44 [Josh_Soref]
15:31:55 [AnssiK]
15:32:01 [Josh_Soref]
RESOLUTION: Accept Media Capture TF Charter
15:32:02 [darobin]
ack AnssiK
15:32:07 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Battery API LC
15:32:12 [Josh_Soref]
AnssiK: since CfC
15:32:18 [Josh_Soref]
... the spec got reviewed by the implementer
15:32:20 [AnssiK]
15:32:31 [Josh_Soref]
... we received feedback and spotted some bugs in the spec
15:32:40 [Josh_Soref]
... we've corrected them
15:32:49 [Josh_Soref]
... the spec should be finally aligned with the implementation
15:32:54 [Josh_Soref]
... so I think we're ready to move to LC
15:32:58 [AnssiK]
15:33:05 [lgombos]
15:33:07 [dom]
15:33:08 [spoussa]
15:33:09 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: Any objections to moving battery to LC?
15:33:13 [Josh_Soref]
[ None ]
15:33:16 [dom]
15:33:19 [darobin]
ACTION: Robin to publish Battery API as LC, transition request it
15:33:20 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-493 - Publish Battery API as LC, transition request it [on Robin Berjon - due 2011-11-30].
15:33:35 [Josh_Soref]
RESOLUTION: Move Battery API to LC
15:33:40 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Sensor API
15:33:46 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: there's been discussion on the list
15:34:02 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: we've received many feedbacks
15:34:10 [Josh_Soref]
... both on the B2G list and also the DAP list
15:34:22 [Josh_Soref]
... there were some mistakes in the WebIDL syntax in the Spec
15:34:29 [Josh_Soref]
... which were pointed out on the B2G list
15:34:41 [Josh_Soref]
... there was feedback from Claes concerning the list of Find methods
15:34:51 [Josh_Soref]
... the idea is
15:35:03 [Josh_Soref]
... the group is exploring the idea of Intents as a way of doing Discovery
15:35:18 [Josh_Soref]
... one of the options is not to cover Discovery in the Sensor API
15:35:21 [darobin]
q+ next steps: keep iterating since discussions are working out; bother with process stuff later
15:35:38 [Josh_Soref]
... or only have a list method to find a way to cover local sensors on the device
15:35:41 [darobin]
q+ to talk about next steps: keep iterating since discussions are working out; bother with process stuff later
15:35:48 [Josh_Soref]
... I favor having a way to see local sensors
15:35:54 [Josh_Soref]
... and use Intents for sensor discovery
15:35:56 [Josh_Soref]
q+ to object
15:36:06 [Josh_Soref]
... there was also a discussion concerning Ranges
15:36:13 [Josh_Soref]
... and differing sensor data
15:36:22 [Josh_Soref]
... I think Sun was involved in that
15:36:55 [darobin]
15:36:57 [nwidell]
nwidell has joined #dap
15:37:02 [jcantera]
15:37:24 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: I presented a sensor plugin @TPAC
15:37:33 [Josh_Soref]
... i think it's way to get more feedback from the developer community
15:37:34 [nwidell]
Present+ Niklas_Widell
15:37:38 [Josh_Soref]
... the next step with sensors is
15:37:46 [darobin]
15:37:48 [Josh_Soref]
... collecting/addressing the feedback we've received
15:37:59 [Josh_Soref]
... and then try to publish a WD on Sensors
15:38:11 [darobin]
ack me
15:38:11 [Josh_Soref]
... and get more feedback from W3 community in general
15:38:11 [Zakim]
darobin, you wanted to talk about next steps: keep iterating since discussions are working out; bother with process stuff later
15:38:24 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: what i'm hearing/seeing in the discussions
15:38:29 [Josh_Soref]
... is there's a good level of interest
15:38:35 [Josh_Soref]
... and you have quite a lot of feedback to integrate
15:38:41 [Josh_Soref]
jcantera: yes, we need to do that in the next week
15:38:52 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: before we jump to publication, i think it would be good to integrate that feedback
15:39:05 [Josh_Soref]
... otherwise we'd publish a draft behind what we know in terms of feedback
15:39:14 [Josh_Soref]
... so next step is to update to incorporate your feedback
15:39:20 [Deep]
Zakim, unmute me
15:39:20 [Zakim]
Deepanshu_Gautam should no longer be muted
15:39:22 [Zakim]
15:39:27 [darobin]
oh oh
15:39:34 [Josh_Soref]
... and then ping the list
15:39:44 [Josh_Soref]
... Thanks for coordinating the discussion over multiple lists
15:39:53 [Zakim]
15:40:19 [Josh_Soref]
[ darobin explains his drop is due to poor provisioning ]
15:40:30 [AnssiK]
15:40:33 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: AOB
15:40:34 [AnssiK]
should we try to enforce a ML netiquette on public-device-apis similar to or
15:40:35 [darobin]
ack AnssiK
15:40:46 [dom]
q+ to mention staff contacts transition
15:41:01 [Josh_Soref]
AnssiK: I wonder if we should try to ensure proper etiquette on the ML
15:41:10 [Josh_Soref]
... I see that Josh_Soref raised this on the Web Intents ML
15:41:20 [Josh_Soref]
... should we raise this, things like "no top posting"
15:41:23 [Josh_Soref]
... we have new people
15:41:30 [dom]
(not sure about enforcing, but reminding at least?)
15:41:35 [Josh_Soref]
15:41:45 [Josh_Soref]
AnssiK: i'm asking the Chairs to remind people
15:41:55 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: I agree with dom, enforcing is hard
15:41:59 [Josh_Soref]
... but i'm happy to remind people
15:42:10 [Josh_Soref]
... and I can add a link to the wiki
15:42:21 [Josh_Soref]
AnssiK: right, Notify/Inform people
15:42:30 [Josh_Soref]
... it isn't documented in the DAP wiki
15:42:38 [Josh_Soref]
... WebApps has guidance
15:42:41 [darobin]
ACTION: Robin to email the list about email etiquette and link from the wiki to WebApp's etiquette
15:42:41 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-494 - Email the list about email etiquette and link from the wiki to WebApp's etiquette [on Robin Berjon - due 2011-11-30].
15:42:48 [Josh_Soref]
... and Josh_Soref posted his to the Intents ML
15:43:01 [Josh_Soref]
... ideally all groups would have the same netiquette for MLs
15:43:09 [Josh_Soref]
... it seems silly to have divergence
15:43:13 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: I agree with you on principle
15:43:30 [Josh_Soref]
... that said, it's likely there's a netiquette page *somewhere* on the w3c site
15:43:35 [dom] links to Mail Etiquette under "Policies"
15:43:44 [Josh_Soref]
... I encourage you to raise your concern to the new Process group
15:43:52 [Josh_Soref]
... this is something that can be raised in Charters
15:43:52 [darobin]
ack dom
15:43:52 [Zakim]
dom, you wanted to mention staff contacts transition
15:44:29 [Josh_Soref]
dom: I will be transitioning out of DAP in the coming months
15:44:37 [Josh_Soref]
... dsr will be the staff contact in my stead
15:44:41 [darobin]
RESOLUTION: Dom rocks!
15:44:47 [Josh_Soref]
... i will be taking over francois's responsibilities in WebRTC
15:44:58 [Josh_Soref]
... heads up that dsr is now in charge
15:45:06 [Josh_Soref]
... questions on the group should now be addressed to dsr
15:45:19 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: definitely a huge thanks to you dom, for the work you've done
15:45:20 [Travis]
15:45:23 [Josh_Soref]
15:45:32 [darobin]
15:45:33 [Josh_Soref]
s/+1/Josh_Soref: +1
15:45:36 [darobin]
ack Josh_Soref
15:45:37 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref, you wanted to object
15:46:02 [darobin]
Josh_Soref: Sensors... suggestion of having an API for local sensors
15:46:53 [darobin]
... shouldn't be a difference between local/remote, should be hidden, not exposed to the Web
15:46:59 [darobin]
... no fingerprinting
15:47:14 [darobin]
darobin: send it to jcantera's big pile of feedback
15:47:24 [darobin]
jcantera: not only local sensors
15:47:36 [darobin]
... one of the methods, list(), only lists local sensors
15:47:40 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, mute me
15:47:40 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref should now be muted
15:47:50 [darobin]
... but it can be the same for remote
15:47:57 [darobin]
... it's a common interface
15:48:04 [darobin]
... one I have a sensor, get connection, data
15:48:23 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: this discussion should be captured in mail
15:48:28 [dom]
q+ to ask duration of battery lc
15:48:35 [darobin]
ack dom
15:48:35 [Zakim]
dom, you wanted to ask duration of battery lc
15:48:36 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, unmute me
15:48:39 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref should no longer be muted
15:48:43 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, mute me
15:48:43 [Zakim]
Josh_Soref should now be muted
15:48:49 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: minimum is 3 weeks
15:48:54 [Josh_Soref]
... but i'm open to longer if needed
15:48:58 [Josh_Soref]
... any opinions
15:49:22 [Josh_Soref]
dom: there's a YYY of Dec 15
15:49:27 [Josh_Soref]
... 3 weeks might be short
15:49:38 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: i'm fine with making a LC that goes a bit into January
15:49:56 [Josh_Soref]
... it's not like transitioning right before Christmas does us much good
15:50:09 [Josh_Soref]
dom: let's go to Dec 16
15:50:15 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: oh you want the end of the week
15:50:18 [darobin]
15:50:26 [Josh_Soref]
s/there's a YYY of/three weeks is/
15:50:29 [Josh_Soref]
darobin: thank you very much
15:50:32 [Josh_Soref]
... see you next week
15:50:34 [Zakim]
15:50:36 [Zakim]
15:50:37 [Zakim]
15:50:37 [Zakim]
15:50:38 [Zakim]
15:50:40 [Zakim]
15:50:41 [Zakim]
15:50:42 [Josh_Soref]
Zakim, end telco
15:50:42 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'end telco', Josh_Soref
15:50:44 [Zakim]
15:50:51 [Josh_Soref]
RRSAgent, make minutes
15:50:51 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Josh_Soref
15:50:56 [Zakim]
- +1.720.934.aabb
15:50:56 [Josh_Soref]
RRSAgent, bye
15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
I see 4 open action items saved in :
15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Josh to investigate using intents for Contacts, perhaps Calendar and Thermometer [1]
15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
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15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Robin to prod DavidA and Shane about feedback on Activities/Intents [2]
15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
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15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Robin to publish Battery API as LC, transition request it [3]
15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
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15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Robin to email the list about email etiquette and link from the wiki to WebApp's etiquette [4]
15:50:56 [RRSAgent]
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15:51:06 [Zakim]