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Meeting: RDB2RDF Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 22 November 2011
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chair: Ashok
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meeting: RDB2RDF
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regrets: Michael, Nuno, Boris, Marcelo
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zakim, this will be RDB2RDF
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ok, ivan; the call is being made
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see Ashok_Malhotra, Ivan, MacTed (muted), dmcneil, juansequeda, cygri
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zakim, [IPcaller] is joerg
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17:05:50 [ericP]
scribenick: joerg
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scribenick: ericP
17:06:04 [ericP]
topic: example scribing session
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17:06:16 [ericP]
ashok: write the name followed by a ':'
17:06:27 [ericP]
... continued text prefaced by "..."
17:06:38 [joerg]
ashok: introduced joerg to scrbing
17:06:39 [ericP]
joerg: all right, i'll do it
17:06:41 [Ashok]
scribenick: Joerg
17:06:50 [ericP]
scribenick: joerg
17:06:51 [Ashok]
scribe: Joerg
17:06:57 [Zakim]
17:07:21 [Ashok]
PROPOSAL: Accept the minutes of F2F meeting
17:07:29 [MacTed]
s/F2F/the last/
17:07:32 [cygri]
17:07:37 [joerg]
ashok: any objections?
17:08:13 [ericP]
RESOLVED: Accept the minutes of F2F meeting
17:08:33 [MacTed]
s/F2F meeting/the last meeting/
17:08:40 [joerg]
17:08:58 [joerg]
topic: cr process
17:09:59 [cygri]
17:10:01 [ivan]
-> links to cr issues
17:10:26 [Ashok]
present: Eric, Ivan, Seema, Joerg, David, Juan, Ashok, Ted, Richard
17:10:44 [joerg]
s/F2F meeting/the last meeting/
17:10:55 [cygri]
17:11:10 [Ashok]
Ivan: Changes since LC must be documented
17:11:35 [Ashok]
Ivan: Resolution of LC comments must be documented
17:12:30 [joerg]
Ivan: there has to be a transition call
17:13:30 [joerg]
Ivan: sent some links around in the mail
17:13:54 [Ashok]
Ivan: There has to be a call with the Directors. The chairs and staff contact must be present. Editors may be prsent to answers questions
17:14:29 [joerg]
zakim, whos talking
17:14:29 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'whos talking', joerg
17:15:56 [cygri]
cygri: does the report on changes have to include editorial stuff, beautifying etc?
17:16:07 [cygri]
ivan: well, no one is *really* interested in that
17:16:12 [joerg]
Ivan: stresses importance of chasing last call comments
17:16:36 [cygri]
cygri: should we chase up commenters who didn't acknowledge our response?
17:16:59 [cygri]
ivan: would be good, but of course there will always be some who don't reply
17:17:50 [ivan]
Topic: datatype mapping issue
17:17:51 [joerg]
topic: data type mappings
17:18:27 [cygri]
17:18:40 [joerg]
ashok: eric and richard are both here to discuss the topic
17:18:53 [cygri]
and also:
17:20:29 [joerg]
richard: first links is the reaction to the break down of the problem
17:20:46 [joerg]
richard: canonical form is opposed beacuase of implementation cost
17:21:34 [joerg]
richard: sql recipes are not welcomed as normative definition
17:22:18 [joerg]
richard: new proposal: both canonical and not necessarily canonical form
17:23:06 [joerg]
richard: for literals-> not necessarily canoncial, resources -> canonical
17:26:16 [Ashok]
17:26:35 [joerg]
richard: r2rml leaves iri creation to implementors , sql recipies get imformative
17:27:30 [dmcneil]
17:28:05 [Ashok]
ack next
17:29:33 [joerg]
richard: dm has to be stricter
17:29:50 [joerg]
richard: canonical literals can be harder to read
17:30:11 [Ashok]
ack next
17:30:11 [ivan]
ack dmcneil
17:32:50 [cygri]
david: what happens in the case where you turn an integer column in a language-tagged literal?
17:32:55 [cygri]
... do you canonicalize there?
17:33:02 [cygri]
cygri: it's kind of the same case as with IRIs
17:33:07 [cygri]
... and there are more
17:33:17 [dmcneil]
e.g. blank node identifiers
17:35:15 [dmcneil]
17:35:30 [Ashok]
ack next
17:36:51 [cygri]
17:40:40 [cygri]
david: how do we ensure that INT 5 and BIGINT 5 are translated to the same thing?
17:40:53 [cygri]
... the spec needs to nail that down
17:42:12 [joerg]
ashok: what about the implementation costs
17:45:35 [joerg]
richard: don't bother the users to much which problems most likely not to be happening to often
17:46:08 [joerg]
richard: but reagrding to bigint 5 and int 5 problem, most importantly, the result should be conistent
17:49:21 [ericP]
joerg: do we require SQL or XSD canonicalized form?
17:51:10 [Ashok]
In R2RML you can choose not to canonicalize
17:51:15 [joerg]
richard: it is a should, so the implementer is free to stick to it.
17:52:06 [joerg]
richard: and most of the work is already done, by having examined the differences
17:52:34 [joerg]
richard: so the difference is not so big
17:53:31 [ericP]
joerg: from an implementor's perspective who tries to do as much as possible in the database, XSD could be a costly choice
17:54:02 [joerg]
richard: query execution can be done completely in sql space
17:55:02 [joerg]
ashok: can somebody sum the discussion a bit up, Richard?
17:55:30 [ericP]
+1 to 0072 plus amendments
17:55:42 [joerg]
richard: email of today seems consensual
17:56:01 [cygri]
PROPOSAL: resolve ISSUE-69 by adopting proposal at with amendment from david regarding consistent translation of different SQL types that produce same XSD type
17:57:13 [MacTed]
is david's amendment to-be-written? or can it be linked?
17:57:18 [dmcneil]
plus the amendment to say it applies to plain literals as well?
17:57:41 [dmcneil]
and words about blank node identifiers?
17:58:08 [cygri]
PROPOSAL: resolve ISSUE-69 by adopting proposal at with amendments from david regarding (i)consistent translation of different SQL types that produce same XSD type and (ii) applying the design for IRI templates wherever "natural RDF lexical form" is currently used
18:00:11 [dmcneil]
18:00:16 [MacTed]
18:00:20 [ivan]
18:00:27 [ericP]
18:00:53 [joerg]
RESOLUTION: resolve ISSUE-69 by adopting proposal at with amendments from david regarding (i)consistent translation of different SQL types that produce same XSD type and (ii) applying the design for IRI templates wherever "natural RDF lexical form" is currently used
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18:01:37 [Zakim]
18:01:42 [Ashok]
18:01:45 [Zakim]
18:01:46 [cygri]
ACTION: cygri to implement ISSUE-69 resolution
18:01:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-172 - Implement ISSUE-69 resolution [on Richard Cyganiak - due 2011-11-29].
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18:01:51 [Zakim]
18:01:59 [Zakim]
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SW_RDB2RDF()12:00PM has ended
18:02:09 [Zakim]
Attendees were Ashok_Malhotra, Ivan, MacTed, dmcneil, +575737aaaa, juansequeda, cygri, EricP, joerg, Seema
18:02:38 [cygri]
ACTION: ericP to discuss editorial approach for ISSUE-69 with Richard
18:02:39 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-173 - Discuss editorial approach for ISSUE-69 with Richard [on Eric Prud'hommeaux - due 2011-11-29].
18:03:39 [cygri]
ericP, if you have any requests/ideas/proposals for how to structure R2RML Section 10, please share
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rrsagent, make logs public
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rrsagent, make minutes
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