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Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 November 2011
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Hi all..
14:59:52 [sandro]
zakim, this is gld
14:59:55 [gatemezi]
Zakim, wo is here?
14:59:57 [Zakim]
ok, sandro; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
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sorry, gatemezi, I do not understand your question
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zakim, code?
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sandro has changed the topic to: Government Linked Data (GLD) WG -- -- Agenda:
15:00:24 [boris]
michael the code
15:00:24 [boris]
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the conference code is 45394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, PhilA2
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Zakim, I am cygri
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ok, mhausenblas, I now associate you with cygri
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zakim, who is on the call?
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David is bhyland
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bhyland is BernHyland
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zakim, David is really BernHyland
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chair: BernHyland
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zakim, who is here?
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zakim, aaaa is DanG
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sorry, BernHyland, I do not recognize a party named 'aaaa'
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* benedikt is fine also, thanks boris
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zakim, aaaa is DanG
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sorry, PhilA2, I do not recognize a party named 'aaaa'
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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15:09:52 [PhilA2]
Topic: Scribing
15:09:52 [Zakim]
+ +
15:10:07 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Asks for people to take scribing seriously and offer to do it :-)
15:10:38 [PhilA2]
zakim, aaff is DipLav
15:10:38 [Zakim]
+DipLav; got it
15:11:09 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Wants to record regrets too
15:11:22 [PhilA2]
... so that should be added to he checklist for each meeting
15:11:28 [PhilA2]
Topic: Last week's minutes
15:11:55 [Yigal]
Today's agenda is
15:11:57 [PhilA2]
15:12:05 [PhilA2]
15:12:05 [BenediktKaempgen]
+1 to minutes
15:12:10 [HadleyBeeman]
Cheers, Yigal and PhilA2! Much appreciated
15:12:18 [boris]
last telecon minutes
15:12:26 [Yigal]
+1 minutes
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15:12:50 [PhilA2]
resolution: minutes accepted
15:13:04 [PhilA2]
Topic: Current Action Items
15:13:16 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Please don't be too shy of taking action items
15:13:22 [PhilA2]
... everyone is busy
15:13:23 [LyleBurgoon]
zakim, aaee is LyleBurgoon
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+LyleBurgoon; got it
15:13:30 [PhilA2]
... but we need to show progress
15:13:42 [PhilA2]
action-8 not discussed today as needs George
15:14:11 [boris]
15:14:11 [trackbot]
Sorry, bad ACTION syntax
15:14:31 [PhilA2]
Can't handle action 9 as John E not here
15:15:30 [PhilA2]
action-11 pending
15:15:52 [PhilA2]
action-13 pending
15:16:13 [PhilA2]
DanG:We're working on a content model, registration model and catalogue model ??
15:16:19 [PhilA2]
... getting close to consensus
15:16:36 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Do you want comments from this group?
15:16:54 [PhilA2]
DanG: Yes, but I have to get it out of the committee by Thursday
15:17:09 [BernHyland]
@PhilA2, we're going thru actions now & will hit each of the main deliverables categories next.
15:17:15 [PhilA2]
... work is under Dev, need to make sure with them that it's OK with them to put out to wider review
15:17:40 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: Notes that's the same situation I'm in with EU stuff
15:17:51 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: The sooner you can bring it to us the more we can help
15:17:55 [Cory]
+1 on wider review
15:18:02 [PhilA2]
DanG: I'll see if I can post it in the nexct couple of days
15:18:13 [PhilA2]
action-15 pending
15:18:24 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: George nad I have discussed it. We took a poll of 27 people
15:18:44 [PhilA2]
... lots of people can make it to the f2f
15:19:02 [PhilA2]
... lots of people said that they could travel to Galway but yeses came with caveats
15:19:17 [PhilA2]
... 2ndary location. Most people firmly said yes (of those that said yes)
15:19:24 [PhilA2]
... boils down to a 50-50 split
15:19:38 [PhilA2]
.. I cannot make it to Galway which I'd v much like to
15:20:02 [PhilA2]
... would like to honour US/EU split but can't at the moment. George also not sure that he can travel
15:20:17 [PhilA2]
... puts us in an awkward situation sadly
15:20:25 [PhilA2]
Sandro does have permission to travel
15:20:35 [Cory]
Lets decide we will do it in both locations
15:20:39 [sandro]
survey results:
15:20:44 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: What are people's feelings of having it in 2 locations?
15:20:54 [Cory]
I think screen sharing is more important than video
15:20:58 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Note that there is no video conferenceing available at DERI
15:21:16 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Going to be via dinky cameras on people's laptops
15:21:34 [PhilA2]
sandro: It may not be that bad. I've had reasonable luck using a separate camera
15:21:47 [BernHyland]
15:21:48 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: I'm really disappointed but it seems unavoidable
15:21:50 [Cory]
W3c could charter a jet for us : )
15:22:00 [BartvanLeeuwen]
15:22:06 [HadleyBeeman]
I am a bit concerned that the time zones will be hard if we are in two separate places.
15:22:29 [Yigal]
15:22:43 [DanG]
15:22:50 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: +1 to Hadley
15:23:00 [PhilA2]
... RDF WG started at 7am in Boston
15:23:16 [Biplav]
Since the economic situation is similar for other WGs, how are they handling it? I am wondering if this will be typical for future meetings.
15:23:46 [PhilA2]
sandro: the agenda for the RDF WG we started at 07:00 ending at 15:00. Then we ended up talking among oursleves for a couple of hours befiore early dinner
15:23:57 [PhilA2]
15:24:01 [Biplav]
Dagstuhl is a very good idea
15:24:11 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: I can get to a venue for a 07:00 start
15:24:39 [PhilA2]
??: it becomes a US breakout session in the afertnoon
15:24:47 [sandro]
15:24:48 [PhilA2]
15:25:04 [Yigal]
15:25:10 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Dan suggested that his org can provide a location in DC
15:25:15 [GeraldSteeman]
15:25:29 [GeraldSteeman]
15:25:37 [PhilA2]
... and {??} can provide one for June
15:25:45 [sandro]
15:25:48 [PhilA2]
{??} is NITRD
15:26:07 [GeraldSteeman]
Dan at BLS?
15:26:07 [PhilA2]
close action-15
15:26:08 [trackbot]
ACTION-15 Work on co-location tools and logistics closed
15:26:10 [sandro]
F2F1 was at
15:26:28 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: will work on dual location for 25-26 Jan 2012
15:26:47 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: George and I will work with DanG
15:27:07 [PhilA2]
DanG: I need to know how many people to expect so I can get the right sized room, internet connections etc
15:27:12 [BernHyland]
Yes, Dan is at Bureau of Labor Statistics in DC, across from Union Station, easy access from Metro
15:27:25 [PhilA2]
DanG: we're right across the street from Union Station
15:27:32 [PhilA2]
sandro: I'd plan for 15
15:27:36 [Yigal]
If we're in DC I'll go there instead of Galway.
15:27:39 [PhilA2]
DanG: 20 isn't a problem
15:28:05 [PhilA2]
Proposed Resolution: That we will hold teh January face to face meeting in 2 locations
15:28:06 [HadleyBeeman]
+1 to not seeing an alternative
15:28:10 [mhausenblas]
15:28:25 [PhilA2]
Resolution: That we will hold the January face to face meeting in 2 locations
15:28:45 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: I see no alternative
15:28:45 [sandro]
+1 yeah I'm not happy about it, but I don't see an alternative. let's make it work. :-)
15:29:10 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: To be honest, we'll have a lot to look at on a screen anyway so I'm not too depressed about it in terms of it working
15:29:27 [PhilA2]
... I don't think we have the same level of difficulty that the RDF WG had
15:29:39 [PhilA2]
q+ to ask about microphones etc.
15:30:28 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: Can you reflect on the experience of the TPAC meeting
15:30:44 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: For one thing we in the GLD will all know each other better
15:30:58 [PhilA2]
... since we're better acquainted, we should be more productive
15:31:10 [PhilA2]
... many of our working relationships transcend the GLD
15:31:33 [PhilA2]
... hopefully if people have signed up then they're well focussed on the work
15:32:43 [BernHyland]
PhilA2: Suggested that having skype calls if we only have one polycom … to be determined when we know more about the site.
15:33:17 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: Both locations can offer multiple microphones on their Polycoms
15:33:37 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: I think community building is important, shared meals etc.
15:33:56 [PhilA2]
... I'm keen to have the next f2f in May or June in DERI
15:34:08 [PhilA2]
... travel budgets should be a little easier then we hope
15:34:29 [PhilA2]
sandro: The other logistics thing there is to plan to arrange the tables so that they sit closest to the microphones
15:34:37 [gatemezi]
+1 to building a strong gld community
15:34:48 [PhilA2]
sandro: plan tables for audio
15:35:01 [PhilA2]
Topic: Task Force Updates
15:35:09 [BernHyland]
15:35:13 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Start with the community directory
15:35:24 [BernHyland]
Beta version available
15:35:29 [PhilA2]
... we're in a beta phase with the dir now. We have the beta available now
15:36:19 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: this went up about 2 weeks ago.
15:36:30 [PhilA2]
... people have been sending requests for login
15:36:33 [Zakim]
+ +1.218.296.aagg
15:36:42 [rreck]
zakim, +1.218.296.aagg is me
15:36:42 [Zakim]
+rreck; got it
15:36:43 [PhilA2]
... we have 35 organisations that have filled out the details
15:36:47 [rreck]
i am muted
15:36:57 [rreck]
zakim, mute me
15:36:57 [Zakim]
rreck should now be muted
15:37:08 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: getting some nice feedback
15:37:37 [PhilA2]
... Gannon mailed a lot of people and made noise in public
15:38:00 [PhilA2]
... can we keep it to the GLD WG, not others just yet (like LOD and eGov)
15:38:23 [PhilA2]
.. most feedback has been +ve
15:38:30 [PhilA2]
... any thoughts
15:38:32 [mhausenblas]
Michael: looks great, congrats!
15:39:07 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: if your company isn't represented on the directory, please let me know (get a login and add yourself)
15:39:15 [PhilA2]
Topic: best practices
15:39:19 [mhausenblas]
15:39:32 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: This wiki page is where people are making contributions
15:39:41 [PhilA2]
... I'm working to get stuff from the wiki
15:39:50 [mhausenblas]
15:40:15 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: if you look at the wiki page you see a lot of people there but not all the pages are at the same stage
15:40:59 [PhilA2]
boris: I was working on the BP for vocab selection and URI construction
15:41:14 [boris]
15:41:19 [PhilA2]
... I wanted to proposed a Gov LD life cycle based on what Bern and Michael have said
15:41:31 [PhilA2]
... and from UPN
15:41:36 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: taht makes a lot of sense
15:41:37 [gatemezi]
I suggest to have a small meeting for this task
15:42:03 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: I don't think we need to consolidate these life cycles . It's OK to say here are 3 diff approaches and you can see what works for you
15:42:18 [PhilA2]
... I;m more concerned with procurement and stability
15:42:27 [PhilA2]
15:42:43 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: do we keep it or drop it. If keeping it, it needs to be done
15:43:05 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: John Sheridan and M Pendleton offered to work on this but he needs to get past the blank page
15:43:32 [PhilA2]
action: BernHyland to contact Mike Pendleton and John Sheridan to help them start on the procurement section of the BP
15:43:32 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - BernHyland
15:43:45 [PhilA2]
action: Bernadette Hyland to contact Mike Pendleton and John Sheridan to help them start on the procurement section of the BP
15:43:46 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-21 - Hyland to contact Mike Pendleton and John Sheridan to help them start on the procurement section of the BP [on Bernadette Hyland - due 2011-11-24].
15:44:00 [rreck]
i might have gone to that had i known
15:44:32 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: if there's someone in your professional network who can contribute then please have the discussion and bring that to the this group
15:45:01 [PhilA2]
... the procurement process is very important. Often more important than the how to do it
15:45:20 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: Much appreciated. I was hoping you'd offer to do that BernHyland
15:45:39 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: I don't care what format it's in, I can add it to the wiki
15:45:55 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: It's always easier to look at something and commetn than to start from scratch
15:46:25 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: I've got some experience now from work in the EPA on what the requirements might be
15:46:39 [PhilA2]
... lots of governments copy from each other
15:46:57 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: versioning... a couple of people signed up for that but I don't see a lot there
15:47:08 [rreck]
zakim, unmute me
15:47:08 [Zakim]
rreck should no longer be muted
15:47:09 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: rreck do you have anything to add on this?
15:47:35 [PhilA2]
rreck: I was talking to Anne about this yesterday. Very rough and not recordable now
15:48:03 [PhilA2]
q+ to make a comment on and make a request stability issue
15:48:31 [PhilA2]
action Ronald Reck to make a contribution to section 2.5 on stability
15:48:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-22 - Reck to make a contribution to section 2.5 on stability [on Ronald Reck - due 2011-11-24].
15:49:50 [PhilA2]
action Bernadette Hyland to contact Top Quadrant (David Price)
15:49:51 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-23 - Hyland to contact Top Quadrant (David Price) [on Bernadette Hyland - due 2011-11-24].
15:50:08 [rreck]
I can ask Bob if you want.
15:50:39 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Remember that readership will not be experts in LD!
15:51:00 [PhilA2]
... need to describe more, explain more. Explain what all these tools are and who they're run by (and perhaps why)
15:51:26 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: On the LD Cookbook - maybe we can resolve issue 1 as it might become part of the directory?
15:51:48 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: We wanted to keep it as a wiki that could evolve rather than it be a (static) Rec
15:52:36 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: One piece of data that the directory could have is events. Lots of people asking for that. But advice from the cookbook doesn't feel right in the directory
15:52:50 [PhilA2]
... but let's discuss it on the wiki
15:53:12 [PhilA2]
mhausenblas: I have to run to the next meeting. Thanks. I will solve all world problems before we meet again
15:53:27 [mhausenblas]
Michael: I have to leave now, sorry - see you in two weeks time
15:53:51 [PhilA2]
15:57:09 [Zakim]
- +49.133.6.aabb
15:57:32 [PhilA2]
PhilA2: described situation with ADMS and work in the SEMIC.EU project generally
15:57:54 [PhilA2]
... Some people wary of putting things in the public domain for a variety of reasons
15:58:03 [PhilA2]
Core: There's a UML profile of ?? in progress
15:58:09 [PhilA2]
15:58:31 [PhilA2]
Cory: one of the things I'd like to explore is an RDRF mapping of that and an XML schema form
15:58:41 [PhilA2]
15:58:42 [Cory]
15:58:52 [BernHyland]
@PhilA2, @Cory please update the general vocab discussion wiki page with what you described today.
15:58:57 [Cory]
This URL is the initial NEIM-UML submission:
16:00:02 [PhilA2]
Cory: idea here is to get a UML representation here and then see if there's interest in supporting an RDF mapping in that
16:00:26 [PhilA2]
Cory: there's so much domain work i this area. These could be used as reference for multiple vocabs
16:01:10 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: This is a big job. Volunteers won't be able to do this since iut isn't readily broken up into chunks
16:01:31 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: This is a separate conversation, but this isn't a small project nad how do we get funding for it
16:02:08 [Biplav]
Biplav has joined #gld
16:02:18 [PhilA2]
Cory: true, But the mapping to XML is understood and then the RDF on top of that is no more than months work, not years
16:02:32 [HadleyBeeman]
16:02:41 [PhilA2]
Cory: I guess the question is how we handle vocabs that are not in RDF nad how we might handle those
16:02:47 [PhilA2]
ack HadleyBeeman
16:02:52 [PhilA2]
16:03:03 [PhilA2]
HadleyBeeman: What about the international perspective?
16:03:09 [PhilA2]
ack me
16:03:41 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: the terms we use are generic enough that they can be used anywhere. NIEM is more US-centric
16:03:50 [PhilA2]
Cory: I'm not sure I'd agree with that BernHyland
16:04:28 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: There's no participation, HadleyBeeman, that is bringing in international perspectives. Lots of hair balls already
16:05:12 [Biplav]
I need to disconnect. For action item #19, I need a location where I can add the use-cases. I understood from last meeting that a separate page was needed, and I would be pointed to it. Will check with BernHyland and add.
16:05:16 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: We're having a hard time just getting people to add to a wiki
16:05:47 [PhilA2]
HadleyBeeman: I understand that. I'm also on the HTML vocab TF and it would be good to connect those
16:05:51 [Zakim]
16:06:09 [PhilA2]
s/HTML vocab/HTML Data/
16:06:21 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: WE don't have the nadwisth to look at non-RDF vocabs
16:06:37 [HadleyBeeman]
HTML data task force:
16:06:51 [PhilA2]
Cory: No, but we should recognise that they exist and talk about how to brign them together
16:07:47 [Zakim]
16:08:01 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Wrapping up meeting
16:08:15 [rreck]
oh that is during semtech
16:08:31 [rreck]
great, three weeks
16:08:31 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: Next meeting in 3 weeks due to obscure US-only holidays
16:08:36 [BartvanLeeuwen]
16:08:40 [Zakim]
16:08:41 [Zakim]
16:08:41 [rreck]
16:08:42 [Yigal]
Thanks Bernadette for leading us!
16:08:43 [Zakim]
16:08:44 [Zakim]
16:08:45 [Zakim]
16:08:45 [Zakim]
16:08:45 [Zakim]
16:08:48 [Yigal]
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16:08:48 [Zakim]
16:08:51 [Zakim]
16:09:11 [BenediktKaempgen]
Thanks Bernadette
16:09:33 [HadleyBeeman]
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16:09:34 [gatemezi]
thanks all !! bye
16:09:35 [Zakim]
16:09:45 [BernHyland]
good bye all.
16:10:03 [Zakim]
16:10:08 [Zakim]
16:10:26 [BernHyland]
@PhilA2, you have the end of meeting stuff well in hand, right?
16:11:41 [PhilA2]
BernHyland: yes. taking care of it now
16:11:55 [PhilA2]
zakim, list participants
16:11:55 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been +1.202.691.aaaa, +49.133.6.aabb, sandro, cygri, BenediktKaempgen, PhilA2, +1.440.389.aacc, HadleyBeeman, Yigal, +1.757.604.aadd,
16:11:58 [Zakim]
... GeraldSteeman, Cory, +1.919.541.aaee, BernHyland, DanG, BartvanLeeuwen, +, DipLav, LyleBurgoon, rreck
16:35:01 [Zakim]
disconnecting the lone participant, sandro, in T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
16:35:04 [Zakim]
T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has ended
16:35:08 [Zakim]
Attendees were +1.202.691.aaaa, +49.133.6.aabb, sandro, cygri, BenediktKaempgen, PhilA2, +1.440.389.aacc, HadleyBeeman, Yigal, +1.757.604.aadd, GeraldSteeman, Cory,
16:35:10 [Zakim]
... +1.919.541.aaee, BernHyland, DanG, BartvanLeeuwen, +, DipLav, LyleBurgoon, rreck
16:36:38 [PhilA2]
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