RDWG Scientific Committee Paper Review Meeting

10 Nov 2011

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Giorgio, Mario, Yeliz, Markel, Shadi, Simon


Improving the review form suggestions

add a new field called "comments to editors"

which will not be shared by the authors

This comment will only be used for discussion among the authors

<markel> +1

MV: suggests to make some changes to the review form
... change the result as "accept with changes"
... This is mainly because the submitted papers are not so much related to the main topic of the seminar,

they are related to evaluation

I agree


They are more evaluation papers rather than metrics

I think since this one is the first webinar

as the starting point it would be good to have them

I agree with Giorgio

<Mario> Me too

GB: Things that can be included in the group note: ingredients (what will be used to create a metric)?

YY: I am suggesting to talk about how the metrics will be used at the end -- it's important to create a metric that can be used by consistently and systematically by different automated tools

I agree with Markel

<Mario> I agree

<Mario> And send the papers please

<markel> yes, true

<shadi> 5min x 1 papers = ~1hr

<shadi> 5min x 10 papers = ~1hr

2 hours without break


<shadi> 5min x 10 papers = ~1hr + 30min panel + 30min open floor?

<Mario> +1

+1 to Markel's idea

<Mario> +1

<shadi> 30/30 or 40/20

<Mario> +1

<shadi> 17 notification to authors

<shadi> 24 response from authors

<shadi> 28 everything online for attendees

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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