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Meeting: Games Community Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 November 2011
22:40:04 [marie]
s/Teleconference/Breakout Session
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22:41:59 [mav]
ted leung: goal to get people interested in games together. there is already a community group. today we will get games issues and get more CG participation.
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22:42:35 [mav]
ted: ian: get a scribe sand end by :25
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22:42:56 [mav]
ted: who is developing games? [few replied possibly]
22:43:15 [mav]
marku: looking at games for ETS for education
22:43:30 [mav]
ted: we develop everything from single player to massively multiplier games
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22:43:51 [marie]
22:43:57 [mav]
ted: just acquired game engine company & die for browser games
22:44:06 [marie]
W3C games CG:
22:44:16 [shepazu]
22:44:23 [mav]
ted: how many interested in games due to mobile: [some yes]
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22:44:57 [mav]
ted: a lot of interest in different approaches to game animation on web
22:45:10 [mav]
ted: unfortunate conflict with game dev conf & TPAC
22:45:21 [mav]
ted: join the games CG
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22:45:55 [marie]
22:45:57 [mav]
marie: workshop late september collocated with OnGameStart (sp?) conf
22:46:12 [mav]
marie: one outcome was games CG
22:46:51 [mav]
marie: tomorrow AM HTML5 games summit happening in SF at Zynga HQ
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22:47:49 [tedleung]
The Warsaw workshop was 1/2 day
22:47:54 [mav]
francois daoust: want to highlight a few issues from workshop
22:48:21 [mav]
francois: e.g. need joystick API, now in progress
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22:49:41 [mav]
francois: adding joystick support to DOM events and also adding mouse lock:
22:49:52 [JonathanJ]
FYI : HTML5 JavaScript Game Engines -
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22:51:07 [mav]
francois: want platform hardware detect to enable or disable WebGL graphics acceleration.
22:51:42 [mav]
francois: platform detect has fingerprinting security issue. TBD
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22:53:18 [mav]
francois: web workers (background threads) useful for games, but cannot perform pass-by-reference, which is problem for passing large amounts of data (e.g. 3D environment model)
22:54:12 [mav]
francois: could be a new item for web apps group.
22:54:37 [mav]
francois: games group needs to drive requirements into WGs
22:55:04 [mav]
francois: another example: orientation lock (w/o locking out user control)
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22:55:42 [mav]
doug s: people should review the document
22:56:45 [shepazu]
22:56:50 [mav]
ted: game developers have long list of issues to make good games
22:57:54 [mav]
ted: another issue: several ways to perform animation: not a clear model yet; lots of experimentation; probably have requirements to performance & testing groups.
22:57:59 [mhakkinen]
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22:58:31 [mav]
ted: are games developers largely focusing on canvas2d & webgl?
22:58:51 [mav]
doug: no, zynga not using canvas
23:00:32 [mav]
ted: our developers would love to do WebGL, but target is iOS devices. OpenGL not available to web apps on iOS. Also, not available on IE9.
23:01:07 [mav]
ted: even canvas 2D not targeted because lots of non-HTML5 browsers in market.
23:01:29 [mav]
francois: no one mentioned SVG
23:01:50 [mav]
marcos: problem with SVG - no tools
23:02:03 [mav]
ted: same with canvas (no tools)
23:02:27 [mav]
marcos: if Flash could output to SVG, it would be great
23:03:14 [mav]
doug: SVG WG cognizant of this: SVG new version will have better doc & performance enhancements that might get it used more.
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23:04:20 [mav]
ted: we're looking for people to get input for games
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23:05:43 [mav]
marcos: are some requirements on the web. hoping for more participation. already know the issues. same as issues with Flash in the 80s-90s (tools, ease of development, performance)
23:06:24 [mav]
marcos: audio APIs are a big problem. too much latency. chrome improving audio APIs
23:06:35 [mav]
doug: also safari nightlies
23:07:14 [mav]
marcos: personally think canvas is a bad API. Using DIVs for games is weird.
23:08:10 [mav]
marcos: All the crucial bits there, but not designed around games development production cycle
23:09:18 [mav]
marcos: canvas issues: very low level, buffer manipulation, byte arrays from JS
23:09:38 [marie]
don brutzman
23:10:36 [mav]
don: web3D consortium. Declarative 3D group is collecting use cases and interested in game use cases
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23:10:55 [mav]
ted: join the games CG
23:11:10 [vivien]
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23:11:11 [Kris]
Declarative 3D CG:
23:11:28 [mav]
doug: best outcome of CG is driving requirements into standards groups.
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23:13:19 [shepazu]
23:13:29 [mav]
mav: advice on influencing WGs: 1) Only work on gaps (2) File bugs
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23:13:46 [mav]
doug: yes and (3) write demos (4) write tests
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23:15:47 [mav]
sangwhan: It would be good to get feedback on browser bottlenecks. Recently wrote a game and uncovered lots of issues, even with browser src code access
23:16:15 [mav]
ted: does w3c have perf tests for browsers
23:16:33 [mav]
doug: not now: may come from web perf group or test group
23:17:03 [mav]
marcos: web perf group looking at high rez timers
23:17:31 [mav]
ted: is apple participating
23:17:37 [mav]
marcos: not currently
23:17:59 [mav]
marcos: need to attract more participants
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23:18:20 [mav]
marku: what about accessible game guidelines?
23:18:49 [mav]
ted: would be great for CG. Difficult for canvas.
23:19:02 [mav]
marcos: relying on DOM events which are accessible.
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23:20:35 [mhakkinen]
accessible games guidelines
23:20:39 [mav]
marcos: seen that mouse and keyboard games fail on iPad: brings up accessibility issues for all, not just those with disabilities
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23:22:15 [mav]
ted: goal of using web on iPad instead of iOS is: TTM & multiple targets (e.g. Android & Connected TVs)
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23:23:29 [mav]
Tansuke: Showing demo: am a vendor of sw for feature phones.
23:23:58 [mav]
tansuke: new W3C logo
23:24:11 [mav]
tansuke: web is best game platform
23:25:41 [mav]
Showing demo of educational platform using interpreted language and simple graphical display for kids to learn program.
23:25:47 [sangwhan]
23:26:06 [francois]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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23:26:25 [mav]
tansuke: dream for developing country to make education kit: "JavaScript + Globish"
23:26:37 [mav]
meeting ends
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