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Morning all :)
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Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 18 October 2011
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13:07:54 [HadleyBeeman]
Looking forward to seeing lots of you in Warsaw tomorrow
13:07:59 [olyerickson]
@warsaw travellers: safe travels
13:08:23 [olyerickson]
+1 to TPAC
13:08:41 [olyerickson]
13:08:54 [PhilA2]
chair: Jeanne
13:08:54 [olyerickson]
okay I see it now (was looking at wrong list)
13:09:08 [PhilA2]
Topic: TPAC
13:09:36 [PhilA2]
JH: We're trying to build momentum towards the meeting
13:09:40 [olyerickson]
W3C TPAC eov proposed agenda:
13:09:54 [PhilA2]
... Josema was telling me about the World Bank event
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13:10:16 [PhilA2]
... and now we have the Warsaw meeting
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13:10:36 [PhilA2]
... I've been working on the agenda with Joseam, Jonathan etc
13:10:54 [PhilA2]
... some frustration that enthusiasm dies down in between the big events
13:11:03 [PhilA2]
... so we want to keep the balls in the air
13:11:12 [PhilA2]
... and coordinated
13:11:24 [PhilA2]
... so TPAC will build on what we're doing in Warsaw
13:12:16 [PhilA2]
kliehm: Sounds good
13:12:19 [PhilA2]
HadleyBeeman: +1
13:12:35 [olyerickson]
olyerickson: Communicationwill be essential for it to work as Jeanne has described
13:12:44 [PhilA2]
JH: So we're thinking of the IG being the repository of resources that can be used
13:12:55 [PhilA2]
... definitions, agreements, licences etc.
13:13:18 [PhilA2]
... W3C is a long term entity, more so than some of our own websites
13:13:21 [PhilA2]
13:13:26 [Owen]
Sounds to me like what is needed is a performance plan, with roles assigned to individuals and deadlines for outputs
13:13:52 [PhilA2]
JH: Communication is tricky. We might see a lot of cross posting on the lists.
13:14:14 [PhilA2]
... I've been trying to take more of the conversation to Twitter, but that is challenging in its won way of course
13:14:23 [PhilA2]
13:15:05 [Zakim]
13:15:05 [PhilA2]
PhilA: Is there not a directory being created by GLD WG?
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13:15:14 [HadleyBeeman]
13:15:16 [PhilA2]
JH: That's one of the things we're talking about in Warsaw
13:15:21 [PhilA2]
ack PhilA2
13:15:29 [PhilA2]
13:15:41 [PhilA2]
13:15:43 [PhilA2]
13:16:08 [PhilA2]
JH: Explains the differences
13:16:13 [olyerickson]
+1 to deeper understanding of best practices w.r.t. licensing, policies, etc
13:16:27 [Zakim]
+ +1.413.652.aadd
13:16:42 [olyerickson]
+1 to Hadley's comments --- GLD is very focused
13:16:43 [Jeanne]
Need to be able to look at data that is also not 5-star data
13:16:43 [PhilA2]
HadleyBeeman: I agree with what JH jas said, but add that the GLD WG is focussed on 5 start LD, so there's plenty of scope for sharing info about data that is not 5*
13:16:58 [PhilA2]
HadleyBeeman: All for not duplicating what GLD is doing but there is more to do
13:17:01 [PhilA2]
JH: +1
13:17:21 [HadleyBeeman]
ack me
13:17:23 [PhilA2]
... on we link to sites whatever format it's in
13:17:44 [PhilA2]
... what's important is that it's official data
13:18:05 [bdhandspicker]
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13:18:19 [PhilA2]
... each catalogue that we see has slightly different criteria we notice
13:18:26 [PhilA2]
.. the first star is the hardest to get
13:18:38 [olyerickson]
The most important star is the first star
13:18:53 [PhilA2]
... if we can get people to start changing their behaviour by publishing PDF I'm happy
13:19:03 [PhilA2]
JH: The agenda is still tentative
13:19:26 [PhilA2]
... again, f2f agenda is at
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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zakim, aaee is Daniel
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13:21:33 [PhilA2]
JH: Idea is to do a quick summary of the recent events
13:21:34 [MacTed]
13:21:36 [DanielBennett]
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13:21:56 [PhilA2]
JH: HadleyBeeman has offered to chair the next session :-)
13:22:41 [olyerickson]
NOTE: If you're participating at TPAC, please add your name:
13:23:13 [PhilA2]
JH: Any ideas for other speakers/organisations?
13:23:21 [Jeanne]
Any suggestions for speakers or activities to be at the TPAC?
13:23:30 [edsu]
13:24:06 [PhilA2]
HadleyBeeman: Going back to our last conversation... it might be useful to create a wiki space for materials that we might find useful in our own work
13:24:19 [PhilA2]
JH: Sandro started a wiki and we can build off that page
13:24:53 [PhilA2]
JH: Idea is that anyone can post
13:25:06 [olyerickson]
Not sure what area of the Wiki we';re talking about...
13:25:26 [PhilA2]
action: PhilA2 to make sure he know how to grant write access to the wiki before TPAC
13:25:26 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - PhilA2
13:25:35 [HadleyBeeman]
olyerickson: I was deliberately vague… But I think we need some way to take home stories from each other, evidence or tools for our own work.
13:25:35 [PhilA2]
action: Phil Archer to make sure he know how to grant write access to the wiki before TPAC
13:25:36 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-120 - Archer to make sure he know how to grant write access to the wiki before TPAC [on Phil Archer - due 2011-10-25].
13:26:08 [PhilA2]
JH: Needs to be a permanent place
13:26:14 [PhilA2]
ack edsu
13:26:18 [olyerickson]
Where is this "on-going permanent place?"
13:26:29 [PhilA2]
edsu: Do you see the issues around Cloud Computing fitting in here?
13:27:13 [PhilA2]
edsu: We're increasingly interested in using these services because it allows us to bring services on line without investing in hardware
13:27:29 [PhilA2]
JH: Personally I do think it's part of the eGov space
13:27:46 [PhilA2]
... but we don't have an agenda item of infrastructure issues. Do you think we should?
13:27:49 [Zakim]
13:27:54 [olyerickson]
13:28:11 [DanielBennett]
Cloud computing has huge policy implications.
13:28:12 [Zakim]
13:28:17 [Zakim]
13:28:30 [PhilA2]
edsu: I think so. You could argue that it's independent of the Web and perhaps therefore W3C but doing some of this online means putting it on the Web
13:28:57 [DanielBennett]
Security, commercial control of citizen/govt resources
13:29:19 [PhilA2]
JH: Departments could be victims of their own success if they're not able to manage the traffic etc.
13:29:36 [PhilA2]
ack olyerickson
13:29:37 [Jeanne]
John +1
13:30:09 [PhilA2]
olyerickson: +1 to edsu as that class of topics is outside the GLD WG group scope but it's an issue for eGov
13:30:09 [DanielBennett]
13:30:12 [PhilA2]
13:30:13 [edsu]
PhilA2: would love to, but having trouble getting travel funding at the moment
13:30:33 [PhilA2]
... where do we talk about evangelism?
13:30:48 [PhilA2]
JH: Good stuff, yes,. Come of that is on E&O which is in our charter
13:31:17 [PhilA2]
... there are pieces that don't fall into a tech area but that are of interest to the same participants
13:31:30 [PhilA2]
... so it's about how to maintain an eGov activity
13:31:46 [PhilA2]
?? I'd be happy to lead that section of the f2f
13:32:19 [PhilA2]
13:33:02 [PhilA2]
JH: SO Hadley and John have stepped forward to lead a session - feel free to put your hand up please
13:33:47 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: On the cloud computing, an issue I think is that we may need some sort of policy on what we produce so that we don't use too much jargon (like Cloud Computing)
13:34:15 [PhilA2]
... need to make sure that when they look at things like accessibility or provenance, people can do so tech-neutrally
13:34:29 [PhilA2]
JH: People do tend to jump on a band wagon
13:34:36 [Jeanne]
Will add area to TPAC eGov agenda on Infrastructure to include policy issues
13:35:00 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: One of the great things that was done when the terms of service were re-written for a government audience cf. a tech one
13:35:21 [PhilA2]
JH: Are you coming to TPAC?
13:35:26 [Zakim]
13:35:33 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: I can't show up but I can be helpful on the phone/writing stuff
13:35:43 [Zakim]
13:35:45 [PhilA2]
edsu: I can't either but I'd be happy to work on something
13:35:59 [PhilA2]
JH: And we will have an opp for virtual participation
13:36:13 [PhilA2]
.. so maybe you can dial in for at least a portion of the meeting
13:36:16 [olyerickson]
I'd be willing to stan in front of the room and facilitate the discussion on "Policy" if needed
13:36:18 [PhilA2]
ack me
13:36:23 [PhilA2]
13:36:34 [PhilA2]
ack DanielBennett
13:36:40 [DanielBennett]
13:37:01 [Zakim]
+ +1.202.270.aaff
13:37:21 [olyerickson]
WHo just joined the call?
13:37:36 [edsu]
PhilA2: i do i have a new action item to look at the whole issue of big data, which would include big data sets and cloud computing, it's not an area that the w3c has been involved in to date, if cloud computing is your area we are looking at what the w3c might do.
13:37:59 [DanielBennett]
hi AnneW
13:38:01 [edsu]
s/i have/have/
13:38:09 [PhilA2]
zakim, aaff is AnneW
13:38:09 [Zakim]
+AnneW; got it
13:38:29 [PhilA2]
JH: So we'll include a section on infrastructure on the f2f agenda
13:39:11 [Zakim]
+ +1.509.464.aagg
13:39:15 [PhilA2]
JH: Anyone have any other suggestions?
13:40:01 [Rachel]
Rachel has joined #egov
13:40:05 [PhilA2]
olyerickson: I think we have to work on the social media one. We need to figure out some way that we can bring in somebody specifically for that. There's so much going on in the world that's of relevance to eGiv
13:40:12 [PhilA2]
13:40:24 [HadleyBeeman]
+1 to Olyerickson - there's lots to cover on social media
13:40:27 [PhilA2]
olyerickson: we should be more deliberate about how we use that time
13:40:29 [HadleyBeeman]
(and to learn from)
13:40:31 [DanielBennett]
#occupysocialmedia ?
13:41:00 [olyerickson]
+1 @DanielBennett
13:41:02 [PhilA2]
JH: Social Media is close to my heart so I'm all for that. Is there someone in the Valley who could come and talk to us I wonder?#]
13:41:16 [somnath]
somnath has left #egov
13:41:22 [PhilA2]
JH: I don't want the location to be an issue if possible
13:41:43 [olyerickson]
It would be ironic of location wqas an issue, esp for "social media" ;)
13:41:54 [DanielBennett]
13:41:54 [PhilA2]
JH: Any areas here that someone is interested in chairing/co-chairing
13:42:16 [HadleyBeeman]
Jeanne, if you have a hole I can chair or speak to Data licensing from the UK.
13:42:31 [HadleyBeeman]
(but I don't want to take up the spot if someone else wants it!)
13:42:40 [Jeanne]
Thanks Hadley.
13:42:48 [PhilA2]
PhilA: if you are going to TPAC
13:43:03 [PhilA2]
ack DanielBennett
13:43:08 [olyerickson]
"If you're going to San Fransisco..." ;)
13:43:22 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: Is there going to be a session on trying to work out ongoing projects for the group - a planning session?
13:44:02 [PhilA2]
JH: Yes. I'm trying to set up integrated activities and we'll be setting that up at the meeting, yes
13:44:32 [PhilA2]
JH: My intention is to walk away from the meeeting with a 6 month plan
13:44:49 [PhilA2]
... trying to understand what people want and what people are prepared to do
13:45:02 [PhilA2]
JH: Anything else on the TPAC meeting?
13:45:08 [PhilA2]
<nope />
13:45:09 [olyerickson]
-1 to more on #TPAC
13:45:22 [PhilA2]
Topic: Resources on the wiki
13:45:40 [PhilA2]
JH: If you have resources that you use or have then it would be good to see them on the wiki please
13:45:51 [PhilA2]
... we're doing a lot of talk in the US on FOI and privacy
13:46:08 [PhilA2]
... those are policies that aren't managed by the open data folk but they impact us
13:46:24 [PhilA2]
... I think it's going to be useful for new folks when they jump in
13:46:33 [PhilA2]
... thoughts on building that resource?
13:46:37 [Jeanne]
A singalong would be nice ;-)
13:46:38 [olyerickson]
+1 to contibuting
13:46:45 [bdhandspicker]
I'd be happy to contribute...
13:46:54 [PhilA2]
JH: I'll just keen bugging people
13:47:02 [olyerickson]
13:47:05 [PhilA2]
... a little bit from a lot of people is good
13:47:12 [olyerickson]
13:47:24 [PhilA2]
JH: Want to look at possible action items
13:48:16 [PhilA2]
AnnW: I think we should follow TimBL's 5* model for GLD
13:48:24 [bdhandspicker]
13:48:28 [PhilA2]
... if we do some sort of maturity model then we should follow along those lines
13:48:46 [bhyland]
bhyland has joined #egov
13:48:51 [DanielBennett]
13:49:01 [PhilA2]
PhilA: offers this example of adpating the 5* to a specific domain
13:49:05 [olyerickson]
13:49:29 [PhilA2]
AnneW: It doesn't have to be LOD, just a 5 level hieracrhy
13:49:40 [PhilA2]
... LOD may be unatainable for some people
13:49:58 [PhilA2]
ack bdhandspicker
13:50:02 [DanielBennett]
I think that HTML5 is going to revolutionize web data and we should have a paper that goes over the opportunities and policy implications
13:50:17 [PhilA2]
I'll be a chamption of getting people to 1 or 2 starts so that we can build on it
13:50:33 [PhilA2]
bdhandspicker: Also human-accessible data, XML schema etc
13:50:50 [DanielBennett]
with human readable data, accessibility, data friendly graphics and video/mixed media,
13:50:50 [PhilA2]
... a lot of the info needs to be exchanged between agencies
13:51:04 [PhilA2]
ack DanielBennett
13:51:19 [bdhandspicker]
indeed, I work out of Albany in the Office of Children and Family Services
13:51:40 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: I was going to say that along with LOD, Could computing and Soc media is HTML5 and its usefulness for presenting data/graphics etc.
13:51:50 [bdhandspicker]
My job is to enable interoperability between OCFS systems and Education, Health, and Justice systems
13:52:15 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: Maybe we can help with Best Practices around that area
13:52:38 [PhilA2]
JH: It might be good to have someone from the HTML5 WG to talk about it and its possible impact on gov data
13:52:50 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: Yes, but some best practices and examples
13:52:56 [olyerickson]
13:52:56 [PhilA2]
JH: That sounds like our research area
13:53:03 [bdhandspicker]
John: email me at
13:53:03 [PhilA2]
ack olyerickson
13:53:37 [PhilA2]
olyerickson: There's been a lot of discussion about technology (e.g. HTML5). I haven't heard a lot of focus on governments etc
13:53:45 [edsu]
big +1
13:54:04 [PhilA2]
olyerickson: we haven't talked about the notion of gov data per se
13:54:06 [edsu]
^- for more discussion about participatory government
13:54:10 [HadleyBeeman]
olyerickson: Participatory government could be a useful topic for us (+1 from me)
13:54:28 [PhilA2]
JH: I think the whole area around challenges and engaging the developer community
13:54:37 [PhilA2]
.. is interesting and relevant
13:54:44 [DanielBennett]
+1 participation, but perhaps to map out the ecology of what that means
13:55:18 [edsu]
DanielBennett: pull, rather than push
13:55:18 [PhilA2]
Topic: Open Mike
13:55:25 [DanielBennett]
including laws that can be cited, ways to communicate with govt, how to moderate or aggregate
13:55:56 [PhilA2]
JH: Summarises next steps (Warsaw, TPAC, wiki population)
13:56:07 [DanielBennett]
13:56:16 [PhilA2]
ack DanielBennett
13:56:41 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: Maybe we could talk about how to move forward on the subjects we've already idnetified.
13:56:51 [PhilA2]
... is it going to be HTML5, Soc Media etc.
13:57:00 [PhilA2]
... some sort of roadmap/deadline
13:57:23 [PhilA2]
JH: Yes, that's what we're going to do. As an IG we don't do recommendations, but we can do white papers etc
13:57:44 [PhilA2]
PhilA: (we call then Notes, but white paper works)
13:57:54 [PhilA2]
JH: and we can suggest things to/liaise with other W3C Groups
13:58:04 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: Yes, that's what I'm hopjng to see
13:58:06 [Jeanne]
Thanks, Phil. Notes.
13:58:43 [PhilA2]
DanielBennett: We need input from a larger audience
13:59:09 [PhilA2]
JH: Yes. And we may end up doing someething sdpecific between specific cities/govs etc.
13:59:16 [PhilA2]
... which could be an example of BP
13:59:28 [PhilA2]
... I've been reaching out to the LinkedIn group
13:59:45 [olyerickson]
+1 to LinkedIn usage...
13:59:50 [PhilA2]
JH: that's given me some good connections
13:59:57 [PhilA2]
... obviously there's a variety of commitemnt levels
14:00:18 [PhilA2]
edsu: Do we have another half an hour?
14:00:36 [PhilA2]
... I'd like to know about some of those discussions
14:01:14 [PhilA2]
JH: I've had 30-40 mails and I've connected people, asking people to tell me what their suggestions for the group are. I'll have them collated ahead of TPAC abd will try and put them out before then
14:01:29 [PhilA2]
rrsagent, make logs public
14:01:34 [olyerickson]
-1 to "Else" ;)
14:01:35 [DanielBennett]
nope. thanks
14:01:41 [HadleyBeeman]
No, this has been great
14:01:45 [PhilA2]
JH: Any more?
14:01:50 [PhilA2]
<nope />
14:01:54 [edsu]
safe travels
14:02:07 [HadleyBeeman]
See you all soon
14:02:08 [Zakim]
14:02:09 [Zakim]
14:02:09 [Zakim]
14:02:11 [Zakim]
14:02:12 [Zakim]
14:02:13 [Zakim]
- +1.509.464.aagg
14:02:15 [Zakim]
14:02:21 [Zakim]
14:02:21 [olyerickson]
olyerickson has left #egov
14:02:23 [Zakim]
14:02:28 [DanielBennett]
how do we register for virtual participation?
14:02:29 [Zakim]
14:02:33 [Zakim]
14:02:49 [Zakim]
14:02:49 [PhilA2]
There will be full instructions, DanielBennett
14:02:57 [Zakim]
T&S_EGOV()9:00AM has ended
14:02:57 [kliehm]
rrsagent, create minutes
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14:03:01 [Zakim]
Attendees were +1.843.682.aaaa, +1.818.434.aabb, kliehm, olyerickson, PhilA2, +1.440.389.aacc, HadleyBeeman, Owen, Jeanne, edsu, MacTed, +1.413.652.aadd, +1.202.684.aaee, Daniel,
14:03:06 [Zakim]
... bdhandspicker, +1.202.270.aaff, AnneW, +1.509.464.aagg
14:03:31 [kliehm]
rrsagent, set logs world-visible
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rrsagent, create minutes
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14:03:44 [PhilA2]
regrets+ Bernadette Hyland
14:03:55 [PhilA2]
rrsagent, geneate minutes
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'geneate minutes', PhilA2. Try /msg RRSAgent help
14:04:11 [kliehm]
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14:04:16 [HadleyBeeman]
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14:05:28 [kliehm]
zakim, please part
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14:05:34 [kliehm]
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14:05:35 [PhilA2]
And there's me trying to do it from memory ;-)
14:07:00 [PhilA2]
rrsagent, dismiss
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14:07:10 [PhilA2]
rrsagent, please leave
14:07:10 [RRSAgent]
I see 2 open action items saved in :
14:07:10 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: PhilA2 to make sure he know how to grant write access to the wiki before TPAC [1]
14:07:10 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
14:07:10 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Phil Archer to make sure he know how to grant write access to the wiki before TPAC [2]
14:07:10 [RRSAgent]
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