Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference

13 Oct 2011


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<trackbot> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference

<trackbot> Date: 13 October 2011

<cgueret_work> hi there

<scribe> Scribe: TinaGheen

<Gerald_> 757 is me

<Gerald_> aabb is me

<BenediktKaempgen> Hi. Benedikt Kaempgen is connected through Skype and cannot tell Zakim who he is.

<olyerickson> i'm here

Agenda from last week

George: Minutes from last week were generated

<bhyland> Go to http://www.w3.org/2009/CommonScribe/panel/?group=gld&go=Use+This+Group

<martinAlvarez> :-)

<olyerickson> I thought I did tooo

George: minutes are uploaded

PROPOSAL: Accept minutes of last meeting

<BenediktKaempgen> +1

<cgueret_work> +1

<boris> +1

<olyerickson> +1 to minutes

RESOLUTION: Minutes of last meeting accepted

<martinAlvarez> +1

New Members this week?

<olyerickson> Thx @bhyland for solving the minutes problem!

Vocabulary Summary

George: discussed how GLD can use others work for best practices (DDI folks)
... outlined 5 areas of standard vocab deliverables
... any comments?
... any updates on Actions?

<cgueret_work> Action 10 can be closed

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - 10

<cgueret_work> don't know how to do it :)

<olyerickson> RE olyerickson's Actions --- nothing to report

bhyland: updating cookbook
... encourages people to start looking at it

<bhyland> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Linked_Data_Cookbook

bhyland: have 300 accesses
... is a bit different in style than many W3 recommendations since it is a website with pragmatic advice
... borrowed language off mobile web best practices

<bhyland> STyled after the Mobile Web App Best Practices http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Linked_Data_Cookbook

<PhilA2> Mobile Web BP is at http://www.w3.org/TR/mobile-bp/ for reference

bhyland: please review and comment on it

close action-10

<trackbot> ACTION-10 Talk with Paul about provenance closed

<olyerickson> @bhyland: one way to add comments in wikis is to add in alternate colors (e.g. RED etc)

Vocabulary discussion with Phil Archer from W3 eGov on SEMIC.EU

PhilA2: hello everyone
... been around W3C for many years

<olyerickson> @bhyland: for extended comments, adding text in e.g. a box is useful

PhilA2: work on eGov currently
... and European Commission
... speak to this group as a whole today
... WG member in the future

<PhilA2> http://www.semic.eu/semic/

PhilA2: Vasilios Peristeras at DERI has taken over SEMIC
... work on core vocabs

<stasinos> Vasilios Peristeras

<stasinos> you're welcome

<PhilA2> http://www.semic.eu/semic/view/snav/network/Communities/ADMS.xhtml

PhilA2: practical point is I can help out with vocab develop with GLD

<George> Phil to work with GLD and liaise with SEMIC ! Great!

PhilA2: ADMS Effort Description metadata schema
... all part of the same project
... my task is to write a doc that explains how to find vocab, set up working group
... difference from GLD is in the final stage
... in European context, reps of european union will be endorsing
... member states of European Union will endorse the core vocab
... data will be exchanged between states, these are the terms you should use
... does not mean they are defining new terms

<Gerald_> Mute is 41# correct?

<PhilA2> http://www.semic.eu/semic/view/snav/Conformance.xhtml

PhilA2: must work on defining core person vocab
... timeline - must be done by Jan
... so help is available to GLD in this respect
... also have 2 other vocabs to work on
... his WG must decide which two they will work on
... businesses? relationships b/w people? defining a piece of land?
... immediate problem is identifying WG members w/o knowing which vocabs will be developed
... EC is paying them to develop 3 vocabs
... one will describe people, 2 more are unidentified areas at this time
... hope to work with GLD, two way street

<cgueret_work> +q

<olyerickson> Q: Given that much of the LD vocab prior art concerns describing people, wondering what the work of this new group will contribute?

cgueret_work: you will redefine or reuse vocabularies?

PhilA2: not redefining
... reusing

<olyerickson> +1 to not re-inventing FOAF

<cgueret_work> +1 too :)

?: do you have cadidates for vocabularies you will be using

PhilA2: accounts and payments, buildings, energy usage, health care inst, educational inst, contracts, procurement, transport infrastructure, vehicles
... hopes EC will say use ontologies everyone else has done
... lots of good work already there
... does not need to be reinvented

bhyland: what is the timing on outcomes and deliverables

PhilA2: list of possible candidates to do? in an advanced draft stage. Sign off by commission possibly next week

bhyland: how do we set up a members only list?

<PhilA2> action PhilA2 to request member-only list

<trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - PhilA2

<PhilA2> action Phil Archer to request member-only list

<trackbot> Created ACTION-12 - Archer to request member-only list [on Phil Archer - due 2011-10-20].

<bhyland> @PhilA2, will the list of vocab candidates be something we could fold into this? see http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Linked_Data_Cookbook#Re-use_Vocabularies_Whenever_Possible

PhilA2: cautions against using member list too often
... keep things public as much as possible

<George> @PhilA2 - and those under consideration for GLD Deliverable 2.3

bhyland: want to keep as many people involved as possible, more vibrant dialogue

<olyerickson> +1 to opening up W3G LGD WG discussions; we need more discussions on the list!

PhilA2: terms are context neutral, cross domain
... do not want to do into great detail for every aspect of gov

<George> 'core' vocab terms

PhilA2: I need to set up a WG soon. Who would you invite?
... would like to complement GLD, not duplicate
... first decision will be which core vocabs will they work on
... invitations will be coming
... want to make sure the invitations go to the right people

George: please elaborate on relationship b/w SEMIC and W3C

<cgueret_work> +q

<olyerickson> Hmmmmm

cgueret_work: do you have plans to collaborate with schema.org

PhilA2: don't have definite plans but are aware effect schema.org is having

cgueret_work: can be potential members of your WG

<cgueret_work> @olyerickson yep, close enough :)

<olyerickson> ;)

<Gerald_> nicks I believe

George: is there some sort of mandate for using terms or is it recommendations?

PhilA2: not legally binding, but this is the way you are meant to do it

George: budgets will not be tied to compliance?

<olyerickson> @PhilA2, looking forward to meeting you at TPAC

PhilA2: no
... orgs will get more value from using the terms - that is the benefit

<olyerickson> "Voluntary Consensus Standards..."

PhilA2: voluntary consensus is correct

bhyland: let's talk about how this became so important in EU

PhilA2: Political transparency was important
... in Britain

<cgueret_work> +1 for pub questions :)

<George> +1 pub questions - and forgotten answers :)

bhyland: real projects going on in US, but budgeting for egov initiatives is a problem

PhilA2: City of Manchester has seen real financial savings because data is published and they know where to find it

<cgueret_work> +q

olyerickson: evangelists on outside must meet with those inside to make decisions happen

<George> ack olyerickson.a

<cgueret_work> http://research.yahoo.com/Peter_Mika

<bhyland> Peter Mika

George; Thank you, Phil

<olyerickson> -1 to comments

<bhyland> @PhilA2, thanks, very interesting & highly relevant. I hope this can be a fruitful liaison between EU and other countries.

Facebook Open Graph Schemas

George: does anyone have any thoughts on list message from Jesse Weaver @ RPI
... is there more interest?

bhyland: have Sandro report on schema.org meeting in CA

Community Directory

<PhilA2> Just to note that Ivan Herman posted a summary of the schema.org event at http://www.w3.org/QA/2011/09/impressions_on_the_schemaorg_w.html

bhyland: have gone through start up phase
... Comm Dir can help all of us
... can show what is in production

<PhilA2> :-)

<cgueret_work> :)

<olyerickson> doh!

bhyland: please access directory, let me know if there are issues
... would like to take screenshot of statistics that show worldwide distribution
... would like to show in Warsaw

<cgueret_work> deadline to put info there?

bhyland: all data will be available in RDF
... please submit info by Tuesday


George: any other announcements or agenda items?

<olyerickson> -1 to additional agenda items at this time...

<olyerickson> +1 to great scribing

<bhyland> @TinaGheen, thank you, great job scribing :-)

George: meeting adjourned

<cgueret_work> bye bye

<BenediktKaempgen> bye

<Gerald_> I'll lurk to see the ending.

Summary of Action Items

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