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Meeting: RDF Web Applications Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 29 September 2011
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Chair: Manu
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zakim, who is on the call?
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On the phone I see Knud (muted), lindstream, gkellogg, manu1, SebastianGermesin
14:04:17 [Knud]
I could, sure
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Scribe: Knud
14:04:44 [Knud]
manu: updates to the agenda?
14:05:03 [Zakim]
14:07:28 [Knud]
…: talked with Jeni Tennison in HTML data TF
14:08:00 [Knud]
…: we believe that RDFa 1.1 fulfils what this group wants
14:09:10 [Knud]
…: Is test-suite up to date?
14:09:41 [Knud]
Greg: suite has been updated recently, should be pretty much up to date
14:09:56 [Knud]
…: there are still RDFa 1.0 tests in there - should they remain?
14:11:22 [gkellogg]
Core rdfa-test-suite updated, not my own.
14:11:34 [Steven]
14:12:22 [Knud]
steven: I'm on ODF technical committee. ODF 1.2 is about to become standard.
14:12:23 [lindstream]
14:12:30 [manu1]
ack Steven
14:12:33 [manu1]
ack lindstream
14:12:34 [Knud]
…: there will be a short quote about RDFa and XForms in it
14:13:07 [Knud]
lindstream: did anybody look closer at rNews inclusion in
14:13:31 [Knud]
manu: not in detail
14:14:26 [Knud]
lindstream: wondering if rNews will change to use MicroData instead of RDFa
14:14:47 [manu1]
ACTION: Manu to ask IPTC what status of RDFa support for rNews will be in the future.
14:14:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-95 - Ask IPTC what status of RDFa support for rNews will be in the future. [on Manu Sporny - due 2011-10-06].
14:14:53 [Knud]
manu: I'll ask Evan and others in IPTC about that
14:15:08 [manu1]
Topic: ISSUE-108: Refine/deprecate Link relations
14:15:30 [Knud]
14:16:04 [Knud]
manu: someone needs to do this - any volunteers?
14:16:33 [manu1]
Topic: ISSUE-104: link/meta in HTML5 flow content
14:16:41 [manu1]
14:17:04 [Knud]
manu: this is not something we need to address in this WG
14:17:41 [Knud]
…: some old browser versions will move link and meta statements from body to head, messing up your markup
14:17:51 [Steven]
14:18:06 [manu1]
ack Steven
14:18:07 [Steven]
Nice to see HTML5 discovering XHTML2 features
14:19:06 [Knud]
steven: it doesn't matter to us. Our rules will work anyway.
14:19:15 [gkellogg]
14:19:29 [Knud]
manu: but a JS implementation might not work in old browsers
14:19:33 [manu1]
ack gkellogg
14:20:00 [Knud]
gkellog: isn't this an issue for the HTML WG?
14:20:43 [Knud]
manu: yes, but we should make a decision and then I can raise it in the HTML WG.
14:21:18 [lindstream]
14:22:03 [manu1]
ack lindstream
14:22:18 [Knud]
gkellog: HTML WG needs to take a stand on this
14:22:42 [Knud]
lindstream: didn't Jeni already raise this with HTML WG? Shouldn't we just back her on this?
14:23:44 [Knud]
manu: based on our discussion here, I can raise this in HTML WG? Propose to have this in the HTML 5 spec, instead of just in the MicroData spec.
14:23:46 [gkellogg]
PROPOSAL: The RDFWA WG supports the use of link & meta in the body of HTML5 documents.
14:24:52 [lindstream]
14:26:23 [lindstream]
14:26:24 [gkellogg]
14:26:26 [SebastianGermesin]
14:26:26 [Steven]
14:26:28 [Knud]
14:26:29 [manu1]
-1 (but don't feel strongly about it)
14:26:44 [manu1]
RESOLVED: The RDFWA WG supports the use of link & meta in the body of HTML5 documents.
14:27:28 [lindstream]
14:27:52 [manu1]
ACTION: Manu to push issue with HTML WG on LINK/META elements in body.
14:27:52 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-96 - Push issue with HTML WG on LINK/META elements in body. [on Manu Sporny - due 2011-10-06].
14:28:13 [Knud]
lindstream: we should mention somewhere that hidden data is hard to maintain, and RDFa focusses on visible data
14:28:14 [gkellogg]
14:28:19 [manu1]
ack lindstream
14:28:38 [manu1]
ack gkellogg
14:29:57 [manu1]
Topic: ISSUE-101: RDF 1.1 and plain literals
14:30:06 [manu1]
14:30:35 [lindstream]
14:33:41 [Knud]
lindstream: we should get some more input from RDF WG on how this should be handled
14:36:11 [lindstream]
q+ :)
14:36:28 [manu1]
ack lindstream
14:36:28 [Zakim]
lindstream, you wanted to say )
14:36:49 [Knud]
lindstream: we are conflating two issues:
14:38:59 [Knud]
(which two things are conflated? the test suite and __?)
14:39:29 [gkellogg]
14:40:00 [manu1]
ack gkellogg
14:40:06 [Knud]
…: in RDFa 1.1, there is no semantic disctinction
14:40:21 [Knud]
manu: but it still breaks things like SPARQL queries
14:42:13 [manu1]
PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-101 due to a lack of concrete guidance on how the RDF WG's plain literal decision impacts RDFa 1.1
14:42:17 [Knud]
14:42:18 [gkellogg]
14:42:19 [lindstream]
14:42:20 [manu1]
14:42:20 [SebastianGermesin]
14:42:31 [Steven]
14:42:35 [manu1]
RESOLVED: Close ISSUE-101 due to a lack of concrete guidance on how the RDF WG's plain literal decision impacts RDFa 1.1
14:42:50 [manu1]
Topic: RDF API and RDFa API Work
14:44:11 [lindstream]
14:44:18 [manu1]
ack lindstream
14:44:19 [gkellogg]
14:44:38 [Knud]
manu: this work could be outsource to a community group. Any thoughts about this?
14:45:18 [Knud]
lindstream: RDF API is probably beyond our own WG's scope
14:45:20 [manu1]
14:45:54 [Knud]
gkellog: why did we change our name to WebApps WG, if not to deal with Web applications, which means to deal with APIs
14:46:34 [Knud]
(should I minute that?)
14:47:35 [Knud]
manu: it's unlikely that any browser vendors will support the APIs any time soon
14:47:51 [Knud]
…: they seem to be rather hostile towards them
14:48:21 [lindstream]
14:48:27 [manu1]
ack manu1
14:48:32 [Knud]
…: there doesn't seem to be a strong demand for it in the community currently either
14:49:00 [Knud]
lindstream: one of the reasons I was invited into this WG was my interest in such APIs
14:49:20 [Knud]
…: but yes, maybe it could take some time to incubate
14:50:13 [lindstream]
14:50:15 [Knud]
manu: this wouldn't halt the work on the APIs, instead it would give them more time. We need to standardise RDFa soon
14:50:47 [manu1]
ack lindstream
14:51:37 [Knud]
lindstream: some aspects of the API are more closely related to JSON-LD
14:52:13 [Knud]
manu: yes, and this is also the way our company is dealing with this issue - conversion to JSON-LD
14:53:22 [Knud]
people thinks it's a good idea to move this out to a community group
14:53:38 [Knud]
manu: that's all from the agenda. Any other business?
14:53:44 [Knud]
no other business.
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14:53:46 [Zakim]
14:53:48 [Zakim]
14:53:52 [Zakim]
14:53:54 [Zakim]
14:53:54 [Zakim]
SW_RDFa()10:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +3539149aaaa, Knud, lindstream, gkellogg, manu1, +68185775aabb, SebastianGermesin, Steven
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15:02:38 [Knud]
manu, you're taking care of the minutes, right?
15:02:57 [Knud]
you always do, but I always ask. :)
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