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zakim, this is hcls
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ok, michel; that matches SW_HCLS(TMO)11:00AM
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Tony, ??P15, +31.62.427.aaaa, ??P34, +
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16:08:29 [michel]
agenda 1. short report 2. use cases
16:10:27 [mscottm]
Michel: Scott and I were discussing the use of the term 'provenance' at the OpenPHACTS workshop on Monday
16:11:05 [mscottm]
Michel: Specifics about which device produced certain data isn't provenance to me.
16:11:47 [mscottm]
BobF: Sounds like a useful distinction. Regardless of where you decide to draw the line, both types of information are necessary. Don't you agree?
16:15:01 [michel]
provenance refers to the source of data and other attributes, for instance, when the data was obtained
16:15:24 [mscottm]
Joanne: In 'data science', different definitions/types of provenance can be useful.
16:16:53 [Zakim]
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16:17:24 [michel]
but it's important to distinguish this informational provenance from a description of the data and how it was generated, rather than how it was obtained
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16:18:49 [mscottm]
Bosse: Capturing domain-specific details of how data was created could be useful for many purposes.
16:20:59 [mscottm]
Scott: Michel and I agreed on Monday that it is important to settle on what we mean by the term 'provenance'. Maybe a useful conversation to have on the mailing list with participation from the Provenance WG.
16:26:05 [Zakim]
16:28:17 [michel]
matthias: future is to combine simple classification with mathematical expressions;
16:31:23 [michel]
michel: use of probabilistic description logics allow for slightly more sophisticated representation and brings us closer to prediction
16:31:43 [michel]
scott: not sure that this would fit; a bit of a can of worms
16:32:04 [michel]
matthias: still early with fuzzy logics; not sure what the future holds
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16:39:45 [mscottm]
16:39:59 [mscottm]
16:40:47 [michel]
michel: could rdf/owl be used for patient participation?
16:45:14 [matthias_samwald]
example of a genome interpretation for an individual (steve pinker in that case):
16:48:23 [mscottm]
Bosse: Would like to see the notion of feedback incorporated into the pipeline. Sometimes you start with outliers and work your way back.
16:49:22 [matthias_samwald]
another example:
16:50:25 [mscottm]
Matthias: Please add your affiliations.
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boose: alternatives to warfarin should be discussed
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