Web Real-Time Communications Working Group Teleconference

31 Aug 2011


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Dan_Burnett, Francois_Daoust, Stefan_Hakansson, Neil_Stratford, Harald_Alvestrand, Narm_Gadiraju, Adam_Berkgvist, Dan_Druta, Cary_Bran, [Mozilla], Justin_Uberti, Dan_Romascanu


Stefan: anything to add to the agenda?

[none heard]

Actions from Quebec meeting

Stefan: Dan to review requirements and send comments to list

DanBurnett: Haven't done that, should be able to do so by next week.

Stefan: next one on Cullen. He sent some initial text. I think we should keep it open while we get more discussion.
... next one on editor's draft

DanBurnett: I'm sure people have noticed we have a draft now, we started from an extract from the WhatWG spec. There has been some discussion on the mailing-list since then.
... Some consensus decisions for changes.

DanBurnett: intent from editors is to propose changes to the spec based on these discussions to align the spec with the discussions we've had.
... Anant has some proposal to remove text based on implementation details.
... Once the document is where we believe the discussion is, we expect the discussion to continue on the mailing-list.
... When there is rough consensus about something, the editors will move it to the spec.
... We're trying to be roughly informal, on purpose.
... We suggest that people continue to use the mailing-list right now.
... At some point later in the process, when we get into more details, it may make sense to track things more precisely through some Tracker tool or Bugzilla instance.

Harald: seems reasonable to me.
... So idea is to check threads on the mailing-list and bring changes when you don't hear anyone against it.

DanBurnett: Right.

Stefan: schedule for updates?

DanBurnett: no schedule set yet. Many changes are likely to make it to the spec here.
... The intent is that there will be faster releases at least initially. If that's not the case, we'll need to ensure that things happen on timely basis.
... You will not see anything this week. Cullen has sent an email and will send a bunch more next week, supposedly representing the current consensus.

<burn> First email from Cullen: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webrtc/2011Aug/0132.html

DanBurnett: I'm asking people to reply to these emails if they have concerns.

Harald: OK, let's go ahead with that plan.

Francois: would keep FPWD deadline in mind, was to be end of September.

DanBurnett: right, updated spec that represents the current consensus of the group could be a good FPWD.
... I'm optimistic we can put it forward for end of September.

Requirements document

Stefan: Published requirements document, a couple of comments, waiting for comments from Dan.
... Not ideal to have different documents for use cases and requirements, as they may come out of sync.

-> http://dev.w3.org/2011/webrtc/editor/webrtc_reqs.html WebRTC requirements

Stefan: don't know how to deal with this, perhaps stick to one document that has use cases and requirements, which could be the IETF one.
... Would anyone object to reverting to only one document?

Justin: As soon as we have common use cases, having just one document sounds like the right thing to me.

<burn> I believe Justin said one document for use cases, but he didn't mention requirements

<juberti> I am OK with a single set of requirements too

Stefan: for ease of editing, proposal is to keep everything together.

DanBurnett: so suggestion is to stick to one use cases and requirements doc right now for ease of editing, and resolve later if we split them to have a W3C doc.

Stefan: right.

DanBurnett: Are you planning to publish an update?

Stefan: I should be able to publish an update to the IETF doc tomorrow.

DanBurnett: Just make sure to forward an announcement to public-webrtc when you publish a new draft as that does not happen automatically

Stefan: yes, good point.


Stefan: reasonable to have a phone call between now and next F2F in TPAC?

DanBurnett: I think it makes sense to have one call by TPAC.

[discussion on room at TPAC, reserved on Monday/Tuesday]

Stefan: how long is F2F meeting?

Francois: room is reserved for 2 days, there's an AC meeting starting on Tuesday afternoon, we may adjourn earlier. Up to us!

Stefan: ok, we'll want to go into details about how we're going to use that time.
... Should review spec into details.

Harald: Now you should go back to the mailing-list and reply to Cullen.
... or raise other topics.

[Call adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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