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Meeting: Web Performance Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 27 July 2011
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20:05:34 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: The WG has agreed to publish Performance Timeline and User Timing specs as FPWD.
20:07:41 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Has everyone looked at the changes?
20:07:47 [JatinderMann]
Tony: Changes look good.
20:09:20 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Should we setup a timeline to take these specs to Last Call? I would recommend taking Performance Timeline, Resource Timing and User Timing specs into Last Call on August 8, 2011. Thoughts?
20:16:11 [JatinderMann]
Tony: We were wondering whether we should hold to go into last call until we start looking at implementation.
20:18:04 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: We have started looking at implementations and haven't seen any issues yet.
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Attendees were +1.650.253.aaaa, [Microsoft], +1.650.214.aabb, +1.734.332.aacc
20:20:02 [JatinderMann]
Tony: What is the process for going to CR? Don't we need two implementations to enter CR?
20:20:33 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Yes, I believe that is the case for entering CR. I'm not sure what state the specs would be if we go to last call without two implementations.
20:21:29 [JatinderMann]
Arvind: The specs can go to last call. After last call, if there are not two implementations, they will go to call for implementations. Once two implementations are available, the specs will then move to candidate recommendation.
20:21:53 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: That makes sense. In that case, shall we go to last call?
20:21:59 [JatinderMann]
Arvind: Yes, let's do it.
20:22:08 [JatinderMann]
Tony: I'm not against.
20:23:16 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: The WG has agreed to take Performance Timeline, Resource Timing and User Timing specs into Last Call on August 8, 2011. This period will last at least until August 31, 2011. We may want to move the last call period to 6 weeks in case there are a lot of August vacations.
20:29:43 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Is there any other business we want to discuss?
20:30:23 [JatinderMann]
Tony: There was one small issue. While reading the webIDL spec, I noticed that typed arrays (T[]) might be something interesting to consider for these specs. What are your thoughts?
20:31:09 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: I'm sorry, I haven't read that portion of the WebIDL spec yet. We should probably all read the WebIDL spec and discuss futher if we want to consider typed arrays. I will open an action item to look into to typed arrays.
20:31:45 [JatinderMann]
Action Jatinder to look into updating the Timing specs to use typed arrays (T[]) from the Web IDL spec.
20:31:45 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-45 - Look into updating the Timing specs to use typed arrays (T[]) from the Web IDL spec. [on Jatinder Mann - due 2011-08-03].
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Attendees were [Microsoft]
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